Jan 27, 2015

PDTR would like to thank Rob Eisentraut, RC Custom Design, for his dedication and photos for the past several years. Rob provided quality photos for our website, promotional needs and for the fans and drivers to purchase. He was always there to help us in any way he could to improve PDTR. His wisdom and insight will truly be

We now welcome Frank Motorsports as the new track photographer. We are confident they will provide the same quality photographs you are accustomed to. Melody Frank is the driving force behind the new PDTR Pit Crew Kids Club. Check out for what they have to offer.

Dec 11,2014

PDTR Is Gearing Up For Transponder Scoring in 2015

Attention Drivers and Owners:

PDTR will be upgrading to a transponder scoring system in 2015. We are in the process of purchasing the necessary equipment to install in the spring. All cars will need to be equipped with a transponder; either wireless or hard wired. Wireless transponders will be available to rent for $8.00 on race nights or you can purchase your own unit and not have to deal with the hassles on race night of paying to rent and getting the unit attached to your car. Anyone renting on a weekly basis will be required to purchase their own protective mounting pouch and attach it to their car.You can purchase a hard wired transponder for $200. Wireless units, which include rechargeable transponder, charging unit, and Pro Mounting Pouch, sell for $250.

We will be taking orders for both types until Feb. 1st. If the number of orders are large enough the cost of each could be less. The supplier offers discounts when ordering in larger quantities.

In order to be prepared for the start of the season on May 2nd we ask that all drivers contact us and tell us whether you already have a transponder, will purchase from another vendor, will purchase from us, or will rent on a weekly basis. Contact us at or phone 920-893-5751.

Please share this information with your fellow racers so we all can be prepared for opening night.

For more information about transponders visit






Kids 15 and under


Membership includes:
  • Free Kids club T-shirt
  • Driver Trading Cards
  • Racing coloring and activity book
  • Membership card
  • Membership lanyard with badge
  • Free activities through-out the season
  • Free special members only activities
  • and much more

    $10 annual membership fee



for more information and updates

Favorite Driving Coloring Contest

Submit a drawing of your favorite driver and his/her car. Tell us why you like the driver

Submit by 10/31/2014

Entries will be posted and judged on Facebook

Send to: PDTR Kids Club - 1210 Humboldt Ave - Sheboygan, I 53081


PDTR Honors Firefighters. 
Free grandstand admission to all firemen wearing their dept. insignia or with fire dept ID card. Other specials will be announced that evening.
PDTR has had a good season so far because of its dedicated drivers and would like to thank them by increasing the purse  on the following nights:

July  19  Johnsonville Sausage Late Models
      $1,200 to win, $190 to start the A Main, $150 all non transfers
July 26   Outlaw Compacts     $115 to win,  $30 to start A Main, $25 all non transfers
August 2   Aldag Honold Sprints     $1050 to win,  $225 to start A Main,  $190 all non transfers
August 9     Feldmann Sales & Service Grand Nationals     $500 to win,  $125 to start A main,  $110 all non transfers

We will be thanking the fans on FAN Appreciation Night, August 9th with a $5 adult admission to the Grandstand. Kids $3.

Sport Mod Payout for June 28th special
1 $325.00        
3 $130.00   $50.00    
4 $120.00        
5 $110.00        
6 $100.00        
7 $90.00        
8 $85.00        
9 $85.00        
10 $75.00        
11 $75.00        
12 $75.00        
13 $75.00        
14 $75.00        
15 $75.00        
16 $75.00        
17 $75.00        
18 $75.00        
19 $75.00        
20 $75.00        

It Is highly recommended that drivers register prior to June 28th so that the data can be entered into PDTR's program. Driver information sheets can be downloaded here Driver Information sheets can be emailed to or faxed to 920-892-2399.

April 28, 2014

Plymouth TV making a call out to any team that uses a GoPro (or other action cam) during the season. I am the producer of the weekly race video that airs on Cable & Internet. Your camera shot could be included!

How it works?
1. Your team signs up
2. I assign you a personal, secure portal to cloud storage space

3. You Upload your clips B4 Sunday noon (you do not have to participate every week)

4. Receive free race downloads all year

All clips will remain secure and confidential...there is no guarantee any clip will be used in the actual show.
This is a great chance for you to showcase your team, and BTW it's also a great sponsor decal spot (free TV advertising). To get started email:
April 8, 2014

PDTR invites wanna be racers to participate in their Spectator Races. There will be four nights to try your racing skills with the top two finishers from each night earning their way to race in the championship race during the Eve of Destruction Show on Saturday Aug. 30th at the Sheboygan County Fair. Qualifying races will be held on May 17th, June 28th, July 26th and August 9th. during the PDTR weekly programs. If you are interested in racing your way around the oval with your street legal vehicle, you can register with the fair office or 920-893-5751. Contact the office with any questions.
MARCH 23, 2014

PDTR welcomes back the Corn Belt Clash Late Models Series on Aug 23, 2014, with a $3000 to win purse. Gate and pit prices will stay the same as PDTR weekly shows, no special pricing.
MARCH 5 2014

Attention Sport Mod Drivers and Fans:  Save the Date, Saturday June 28th 2014
PDTR invites all area Sport Mods to their first ever appearance on our newly configured clay oval. The Sport Mods will race in addition to the 360 Sprints, Late Models, Grand Nationals and Outlaw Compacts. We look forward to a "FAN" tastic show at the fair park. See you all there!
SEPT. 20, 2013

PDTR is holding an informational meeting on Sunday, Sept. 29 to discuss the possibility of adding a new division, "Open Wheel Modified" for the 2014 season. PDTR needs a commitment from those who are interested in racing in this division before we can proceed to add the division.  If not enough interest is shown, we will not add it. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Tentative Rules are available  in PDF format to download here.

May 7, 2013

Sadoff Iron & Metal of Sheboygan and Fond du Lac has established a point fund for the Late Model Division. Sadoff is contributing $2650.00 to the fund. At the end of the season, this will be paid out equally to the top five drivers in points who have competed in at least 75% of the PDTR Late Model shows. A big thanks to Sadoff Iron & Metal for starting this fund.
March 3, 2013


PDTR is offering you/your business the opportunity to have sole naming rights to one of our four weekly Saturday night divisions. Your name will become part of that division name in all media whenever the division you select is mentioned, for example "Joe's Business Late Models". There are other advantages as well to be coming a division sponsor.

Another opportunity is to be a sponsor of one of the Sprint Car Challenge Nights. The challenge night will be special nights featuring a Fast Dash, extended feature, and potential increase  in the A Main purse.

For more information on either opportunity contact Warren Luedke  at  920-946-9993
June 30, 2012
Thanks to Hagar's Half Pounder Cookies for awarding $100 to the Sprint A Main winner on Saturday June 30., 2012 and  $100 to another A Main finisher selected at random. This from a man who loves the sport of racing and wants to support the local racers and tracks.
June 11, 2012
Attention Outlaw Compacts: You have been invited to race with the IRA on June 30. This will NOT be a PDTR point show for your division. There will be an increased purse and a minimum of ten cars will be required. Please let us know by Saturday June 16 if you would like to run that night.
OUTLAW COMPACTS  1- $65.00, 2- $50.00, 3- $40.00, 4- $35.00, 5- $30.00, 6- $25.00, 7- $20.00, 8- $15.00, 9- $10.00, 10- $5.00
April 26, 2012
Grand National Drivers: Bead Locks will be allowed on all wheels
New Beaver Dam-Oshkosh Grand National Cross-over Rule
Nov. 25, 2011
PDTR is unable to make any tire fund payouts because we have not received all of the money from Randy Sippel. Randy is still waiting for payment from some drivers who purchased tires during the 2011 season. When Randy receives the money he is owed from these drivers he can pay PDTR. We can then pay EWSC their share and pay our drivers what is owed them.
Aug 3, 2011
This week Jim Schmidt will become the first driver to race 100 nights with PDTR. 
Next most in the Late Model class is Bill Rezutek with 83, Rick Scheffler 81 and  Russ Scheffler 80.
In the Grand National division,  Luke Scholten has 95 nights, Brad Lubach 83 (he raced a Late Model one year) and Matt Yancey 82.
Sprint class is led by Shane Wenninger with 95 nights (he has never missed a night)  Doug Wondra has 94, TJ Luedke 93, Ken Jay Fiedler 90.
In the Outlaw division, Travis Arenz has 54 nights which is most among active OC drivers and ties Pagel for the most all-time. Jay Riemer ran 53 nights,
July 23, 2011
Attention Grand National Drivers. Outlaw Race Parts will be recognizing drivers at the end of the season and will be giving something back to some of those that have supported them throughout the year. Champion will receive $250, 2nd place $150, 3rd place $50, and most improved driver $50. A big Thank You to Outlaw Race Parts.
June 20, 2011
Rick Hed while winning his first Grand National Feature with PDTR on Saturday June 18th, established a new track record in the process.Hed completed the 25-laps in 6 minutes and 52 seconds which improved the previous mark set during the 2007 season by Mark Scholten by 5 seconds.
June 19, 2011
Purse for Outlaw Compacts on June 25
will be as follows:    1st: $65,  2nd: $45,  3rd: $30,  4th: $25,  5th: $20,  6th: $15  7th-12th: $10
June 7, 2011
Mother Nature has finally cooperated and has given us a few days of dry weather and the opportunity to pick rocks on the track. After digging up the track on Monday, a crew of 8 people picked rocks on Tuesday. The track was tilled again and the crew made a second trip around the dirt oval. We will continue to do this as needed as weather allows it.
May 16,2011
PDTR needs all current seal numbers on file. Please remove hoods when arriving in pits on Saturday so that PDTR inspectors may record the seal numbers on your
May 2, 2011
PDTR has scheduled a practice for Wed. May 4, 2011. Pit gate will open at 3:30, practice will be from 4-8 p.m. Due to the shortened practice time,  pit passes will be $10. There will be no inspecting, just practice.
April 24, 2011
   A lot of questions are being asked. Why can’t we practice? Why did you postpone opening night? Why aren’t you working on the track? Why isn’t the wall up? Why? Why? Why?
   We will try to explain. Last fall track work started. New clay was added and mixed in with the old. The basic track configuration remains the same except the back stretch coming out of turn two was widened. Because of the banking on the track, this now makes the drop off on the back stretch even higher. For safety reasons, the insurance company is requesting concrete barriers with fencing on top, be placed on the racing surface before any racing may take place. This will be very similar to the wall on the front stretch. However, the additional fill added to the back stretch needed to settle properly over the winter months before the concrete barriers could be set on top.
   Because of the cold and wet spring we have not been able to get on the track to do anything. We are not the only track facing this dilemma, even the farmers are anxiously waiting to get on their fields. Mother Nature hasn’t been cooperating with any of us.
   We need warm, dry weather to complete our work. We also need time. It will take one day to move the concrete barriers, which weigh 10,000 pounds each, not easily dragged through the mud. The fencing company then needs four days to erect the fence.
   Saturday practice has been cancelled. If time and conditions allow, we may have a midweek practice. We want to have a practice session as much as drivers do. Just as drivers want to again get the feel for their car and make minor adjustments, we too want to get a feel for our track conditions and make adjustments after cars have been on it. Everyone wants opening night to be safe and successful.
   Check back for further announcements.
   We will try our best to keep you updated with photos and announcements as work progresses. Thank you for your understanding PDTR Staff
April 20, 2011

PDTR Postpones Opening Night Until Sat. May 7
As of this posting Mother Nature has left 4” of snow and slush on the track and is predicting rain five out of the next seven days. PDTR needs a few days of dry and warm weather to complete the projects that were started last fall. The concrete barriers and fence need to be installed on the back stretch before any races can be held. We would like to give everyone an opportunity to get some laps on a practice day. By moving opening night one week later we feel the track and grounds will be ready to provide an exciting opener for drivers and fans. Moving the start date will then enable us to have a practice on Sat. April 30, if Mother Nature cooperates.


Sept 12, 2010

A big THANK YOU to Larry Dietz the General Manager of Professional Plating, Inc.  Brillion, WI for giving away on Sept 11, gift cards to ten lucky fans and gift certificates to the winners of the A Mains in all four divisions and the the first non-transfers in three divisions.

August 25, 2010

PDTR would like to thank Mike Davis and the Local Lap for it's support of PDTR and the local racers. On Sat. Aug. 21 the winner of the Sprint A Main and Late Model A Main both received a right rear tire. The Hard Charger in both of these divisions received a cash award. The A Main winner in the Grand National and Outlaw Compact divisions both received a cash award. All this, thanks to the Local Lap.

Wed, Dec. 2, 2009

The American Racer Tire Fund money has been received and divided proportionately between EWSC and PDTR. PDTR received $4364.00 which was divided between the 27 drivers who raced 75% of the shows. Checks for $161.00 each have been mailed to the eligible drivers.

Sunday Aug. 30, 2009

Attention Sprint and Grand National Drivers and Owners:

    PDTR has had a good year and feels that they can pass something on to the Sprint and Grand National divisions. We can not increase the purse at this time, but as we are coming to the end of the season we feel financially we can do something. We will reward those drivers who have been with us on a regular basis.
    We chose to make this payment to the Sprint cars and the Grand Nationals, the two divisions with the largest car count and the divisions we feel are next in line for an increase. This will not be based on points, but rather on participation. Any one who has raced in 50% of our shows will be eligible. The amount, which has not yet been determined, will be awarded for each night you raced. Someone who has raced every night will receive more than the person who missed 2 or 3 nights.
   This bonus will be in addition to the tire fund money which is paid in these two divisions for the drivers who compete in 75% of our shows.
   We also encourage drivers and owners from all divisions to mail or email ( suggestions to rule or procedural changes for next year to the fair office.

Aug. 15, 2009

Bill Behling and Behling Racing will be honoring the Rookie of the Year in the Grand National, Sprint and Late Model divisions
again this year by giving each rookie a helmet. Thank you Behling Racing.
Nov. 13, 2008
PDTR has received the $4.00 per tire rebate from Hoosier Tire. This will be divided between the 22 cars that raced
75 percent of the 2008 season.

Nov. 3 2008

American Racer Tire Payout

PDTR's percentage of the tire sales from American Racer amounted to $2,839.15. This will be divided between the 31 Sprint cars that raced
75 percent of of the races beginning July 1, 2008. Each driver/owner will be receiving a check for $92.00.

Oct. 5 2008

Sprint Car Tire Payout

When the switch in tires was made in July, American Racer agreed to give eighteen free tires, two new racing wheels,
and $10 for every rear tire sold.
The switch to the American Racer tire was a joint venture between PDTR and EWSC . Nine free tires and one racing wheel went to each.
 PDTR and EWSC have worked out a formula to divide the money from each tire sold. The money will be divided based on the number of cars raced
at each track regardless of where the tire was purchased.
The names of those who competed in at least 75% of PDTR shows since July 1st were put in a hat and a drawing was held,
the night of PDTR’s awards presentation, for the racing wheel. The 51M car was the lucky winner.
The nine free tires were sold during the 2008 race season and that money went into the tire payout fund along with PDTR’s
portion of the proceeds from tire sales.
When the money is received from American Racer for the rear tires sold, it will be distributed to those who competed in at least 75%
of PDTR shows since July 1st.

May 19, 2008

            TIRE DEAL
  PDTR and EWSC contacted Hoosier and American Racer Tire Companies asking for a tire proposal for their respective tracks. It was
explained to the tire companies that any offers made would be good at both EWSC and PDTR.  This is important because many drivers
would be racing at both tracks and having the same tire requirement would save the drivers money. After many lengthy phone calls
both companies sent proposals.
After reviewing the options the PDTR and EWSC boards were aware of the importance in choosing a tire that would not burden the racer
witha huge increase in cost. After lengthy deliberations and contacting several drivers for there input the two boards came to the same
tire conclusion;the tire of choice would be the American Racer.Effective July 1, 2008, a new American Racer Right Rear tire and a Left Rear tire
will be allowed at PDTR and EWSC. 
The cost of the new right is $175 and the left is $160. Ten dollars per rear tire will be paid back to the tracks. There is also an option on
a front tire at $129. Sippel Racing will be selling the American Racer tires. The current Goodyear tires will be allowed for the entire
2008 season or as long as the supply lasts.
PDTR will put the money into the end of the year payout for the Sprint car division. Anyone racing 75% of the season
will be eligible for this payout. Free tires are also part of the new deal, however PDTR does not know what will be
done with them at this time. We want you to know that anything done with these free tires will benefit the drivers not the track.

March 30, 2008

 Hello Grand National Driver,

                 I hope you are all as tired of winter as we are here at the racetrack.  Every day we check on the amount of snow still in the infield.  We have begun
                 to service our grader and tractor so they will be ready to go to work soon.  The reason for this note is to give you some good news. 
                       There is money available from a tire deal that was secured many years ago with the Hoosier Company.   We just recently found out about the
                deal and have been aggressively pursuing Mr. Genal for compensation.  We were told by his superiors that there was money paid out for the tire
                sales and that we needed to contact him for payment. 
                      We were only allowed to go back one year.  We realize it is not a large amount but we hope to build on that.  As we stated when we went into
                racing any monies secured from tire deals would go entirely to the drivers.  We received a check in the amount of $320.  We have paid the ten
                top finishers of the  2007 season each $32.  Mr. Genal representing the Hoosier Company indicated he had a difficult time determining how many
                tires were purchased from racers at the Plymouth track as he has several tracks on this same tire promotion.
                      In the upcoming year we hope you will help us get the entire tire money the Grand National division has coming.  It would help if when you
                purchase tires you could let us know from whom and when you made your purchase.  We will then be able to have an accurate number of total
                tires purchased.  Hopefully this will increase the amount of money we receive.  Good Luck in the 2008-racing season.
                       Plymouth Dirt Track Racing

April 18, 2007
If you are age 12 through 17 and will be entering the pits, for either practice or during the race season, you need to have a Waiver of Liability
Form signed by both parents or guardians. These forms are available at the Fair office. Please call the fair office for more
 info and the availability of the forms. 920-893-5751
Feb. 09, 2005


For several years the Fair Board has been the sounding board for fans and racers. Some of those racers have left because the rules at Plymouth were not compatible with similar divisions that run in the area. These racers noted that with the ever increasing cost of maintaining and operating a race car, one night a week racing is almost unaffordable. After much consideration and several fact finding missions the Fair Board made a decision to promote the racing at the Fair Park and allow all the current participants to continue to race. The Fair Board has hired a Race Director, George Baumann, to oversee the entire racing operation. Mr Baumann contacted several surrounding area tracks and discussed their track rules and under his direction rules for each division were made. These rules will allow racers from the Plymouth Dirt Track to race on other nights at other tracks when they are not racing at Plymouth. NO ONE has been "ousted " from the racing program, all divisions can race at the Plymouth track just as they have for many years. YES, there is a big change in the payout structuring ; YES there will be a Sprint Car Division added to the program; YES there are some minor changes for the Late Models and Grand Nationals, BUT NO ONE IS EXCLUDED FROM THE NEW PROGRAM

The Fair Board believes the changes which are incorporated into the 2005 racing season will be a huge benefit to all racers who chose to participate and to all the fans who have been asking for changes. "We expect to see many racers who have left Plymouth return and bring their fans with them to enjoy a great racing program."