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Rivest, Sorce, Goeden and Schmidt Win at PDTR
7-25-2015 Plymouth, WI
Amy Juech

Cellcom Outlaw Compacts were first out this evening and had driver introductions. Ryan Mueller and Chris Maas were on the front row to set the pace for this 15 lap feature. Ryan Mueller spun himself out in front of the field, corrects his car and continues with no caution. Chris Maas pulled out to lead lap one with Brody Rivest tight behind. Rivest gained control of the field after some bumper taps between the two and a friendly reminder from the flagman shaking the black flag at both drivers. Rivest was lapping traffic of Charles Raabe by lap 5. Donnie Welch and Norb Rivest compete for fourth place. Rivest has a front stretch lead over second place Chris Maas. Chris Maas taps and takes out lapped car of Ryan Mueller sending both drivers to the rear for the first and only caution. Rivest remained in control on the restart with Scott Schlafke in tow. When the checkers flew it was Brody Rivest (Sheboygan) crossing first followed by Scott Schlafke (Cleveland), Donnie Welch (Saukville), Norb Rivest (Sheboygan) and Chris Maas (Oakfield). Hard Charger was Scott Schlafke passing 6.
Heat Winner: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan)

Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals rolled trackside with Steven Weber and Matt Yancey setting the pace. Matt Yancey controlled the field immediately with Steven Weber and Brian Cesar right behind. Tyler Kulow looked to the inside and outside of Steven Weber eventually passing for second until Steven Weber regained second. Matt Loehr spun coming out of turn 4 and came to rest on the infield tires bringing out our first caution. Brian Cesar went to the pits for mechanical reasons. On the restart Jeff Lammers had unfortunate luck spinning in turn 2, sending Melissa Singer and Jonathon Singer both to the pits. New leader Don Sorce Jr. maneuvered past Steven Weber and Tyler Kulow on the restart. Kevin Lubach, Steven Weber and Brian Gilles battle three wide for fifth. Lap 13 Sorce had company of Matt Yancey on the inside looking to lead a lap. Caution waved for water on the track from a possible radiator. Don Sorce controlled the restart and a few brake checks sent both Melissa Singer and Jimmie Evans to the infield for the evening. Tim Simon and Kevin Lubach swap fifth as Matt Loehr and Justin Erickson swap tenth. Tyler Kulow was inside Don Sorce with Brad Lubach ready to advance. Don Sorce had enough of these close calls and puts the pedal down gaining a car length or more lead over second the next few laps, eventually a front stretch lead over second. Final caution waves on lap 22 for Matt Loehr, Brian Cesar, James Pagel and Justin Erickson collecting each other. Don Sorce did not want a restart; Brad Lubach was touching bumpers with Sorce as they went into turns 1 and 2. Mark Fieber and Richard Hed battle for ninth. Double checkers wave for Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Brad Lubach (Kiel), Tyler Kulow (New Holstein) and in order Tim Simon (Fond du Lac), Matt Yancey (Sheboygan) and Brian Gilles (Plymouth) as they cross the checkers three wide. Hard Charger passing 11 was Roger Lee (Wind Lake).
B-Main Results: James Pagel (St. Cloud), Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvary), Roger Lee (Wind Lake), Brad Weiss (Cascade), Michael Gilson and Chris Gilson (both Elkhart Lake)
Heat Winners: Jeff Lammers (Plymouth), Steven Weber (Plymouth), Brian Cesar (Sheboygan)

Ken Jay Fiedler and Justin Miller set the pace for the Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprints 25 lap feature event. Justin Miller wasted no time gaining control of the field. Jim Melis and Kevin Karnitz battle for second and are soon joined by Mitchell Yurmanovich and Brandon McMullen. Justin Miller is driving an exceptional race and came up to lap traffic on lap 10. Mitchell Yurmanovich and lapped car of Tony Wondra touch sending Yurmanovich onto his side bring out a red; manages to get his car back out for the restart. Jim Melis had an amazing restart now second to Justin Miller. Brandon McMullen and Kevin Karnitz swap tenth. Randy Walter and Mitchell Yurmanovich battle for fifteenth. Randy Sippel got a little too high and grazed the turn 2 wall sending sparks flying. Jim Melis passed Justin Miller for the lead; Miller takes the lead back on the back stretch. Jim Melis rallies back and regains control of the field and is unable to pull away from Justin Miller. Donny Goeden just passed Kevin Karnitz and has his sights set on Brandon McMullen. Lapped car of Josh Teunissen spun in turn 1 and Jim Melis has nowhere to go clipping the front of Josh Teunissen resulting in a broken front end. Jim Melis retired to the pits for the evening after having an outstanding race. Donny Goeden maneuvered passed Justin Miller and Brandon McMullen to lead. As the checkers waved it was Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) over Justin Miller (Plymouth), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth), Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum) and Kevin Karnitz (West Bend). Hard Charger passing 10 cars was Donny Goeden.
B-Main Results: Kirt Boers (Belleville), Douglas Pietz (Milwaukee), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Randy Walter (Cascade), Josh Teunissen (Waldo) and Garrett Timothy (Brownsville)
Heat Winners: Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Mitchel Yurmanovich (Cascade), Kevin Karnitz (West Bend)

Johnsonville Sausage Late Models and WDLMA Lucky Seven serious rolled trackside last but not least this evening. Fans witnessed 21 late models start this race and had no clue how it would end 40 laps later. Jim Schmidt and Rick Scheffler led the field to the green, followed by Tim Buhler and Justin Ritchie. Rick Scheffler wasted no time gaining control of the field. TJ Dolhun, Kyle Odekirk and Justin Schmidt battle for seventh. Rick Scheffler is continually trying to hold off Jim Schmidt. Tim Buhler and Justin Ritchie swap third. Rick Scheffler came up to lap traffic on lap 12. Kyle Odekirk left the racing surface to the attention of his crew for mechanical reasons. Taylor Scheffler and Justin Ritchie continually swap fourth. Rick Scheffler is setting a very quick pace for fellow drivers. Jim Letezia and Joel Bennett swap eleventh. Taylor Scheffler and Mitch McGrath battle over fifth. Brad Mueller goes to the inside of TJ Dolhun for seventh. Jim Schmidt is closing in on the Rick Scheffler with the help of lap traffic. Billy Rezutek manages to graze the outside wall a few times scattering his spoiler outside the racing groove. Jim Schmidt passes Rick Scheffler to lead for four laps. Rick Scheffler passed Jim Schimdt back for two laps. As the checkers wave Jim Schmidt (Cleveland) cleared Rick Scheffler (Waukesha) on the low side in turn four to cross the finish line first followed by Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah), Justin Ritchie (New London) and Mitch McGrath (Waukesha). Jim Schmidt also set a new track record for the 40 lap event 10 minutes and 57 seconds. Hard Charger passing 9 was Brad Mueller (Random Lake).
Heat Winners: Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah), Jim Schmidt (Cleveland), Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha)

Schlafke, Lubach, Mueller and Goeden win at PDTR
7-11-2015 Plymouth, WI
By: Amy Juech

Jon Hittsman and Ryan Mueller made up the front row of the Cellcom Outlaw Compacts. Ryan Mueller took control of the field early with Scott Schlafke in second. Lonny Schlafke eventually passed Donnie Welch for fourth. Scott Schlafke has company; Chris Maas worked for two laps until taking control of second. Scott Schlafke rallies back and takes over second and puts his sights on Ryan Mueller. Lap 9 Ryan Mueller is passed by Scott Schlafke and Chris Maas. Scott Schlafke comes up to lapped traffic on lap 14. Checkers fly for another caution free Cellcom Outlaw Compact feature, Scott Schlafke (Cleveland) crossed first followed by Chris Maas (Oakfield), Ryan Mueller (Sheboygan), Brody Rivest (Sheboygan) and Lonny Schlafke (Sheboygan). Hard chargers passing 5 cars each were Scott Schlafke and Chris Maas.
Heat Winner: Brody Rivest

Brad Lubach and Roger Lee brought the Feldman Sales and Service Grand Nationals to the green flag. Brad Lubach wasted no time taking over the field with Johnathon Singer settled into second. Brian Cesar, Matt Loehr and Roger Lee battled over third place as they ran three wide. Melissa Singer brought out the first caution when she got turned around in turn 3. Tim Simon and Roger Lee were not pleased with each other, continually tapping each other. Brian Cesar finally passed Johnathon Singer to take over second. Matt Loehr passed Brian Cesar three laps later for second. Brad Weiss pulled into the infield with mechanical issues. Brad Lubach was running into lapped traffic on lap 16 until a caution flew for tires on the racing surface in turn 1. Don Sorce Jr. quietly worked his way towards the front, now competing with Matt Loehr for second. Steven Weber and Roger Lee battled for sixth place, as Tim Simon and Mark Fieber battled over eighth. Double checkers waved for Brad Lubach (Kiel) trailed by Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvary), Brian Cesar (Sheboygan) and Roger Lee (Wind Lake). Hard charger passing 9 cars was Don Sorce Jr.
Heat Winners: Matt Loehr and Brian Cesar

Johnsonville Sausage Late Models rolled trackside next with Brad Mueller and Turk Letizia making up the front row. Brad Mueller wasted no time gaining control of the field. Immediately a caution waved for a collision in turn 1 including Rick Scheffler, Jim Letezia, Erik Michaels and Ted Dolhun. Rick Scheffler was unable to return with a broken drive shaft. Brad Mueller pulled away on the restart with Taylor Scheffler settled in behind. Eric Michaels and Ted Dolhun both pulled off to the attention of their crews. Brad Mueller had a five car length lead over Taylor Scheffler. TJ Dolhun, Tim Buhler and Craig Schueffner driving for Jim Schimdt battle over fifth place. Buhler slowed on the back stretch and made it to turn 4 until he stopped and a caution waved. Justin Schmidt and Craig Schueffner raced side by side for third. Brad Mueller (Random Lake) crosses the checkers first followed by Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha), Craig Schueffner, Justin Schmidt (Cleveland) and Tony Peterson (Big Bend). Hard chargers passing 8 cars each were Tony Peterson and Craig Schueffner
Heat Winners: Turk Letizia (Milwaukee) and Taylor Scheffler

Last out this evening were the Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprint Cars. All Sprint Car drivers participated in driver introductions and tossed up autographed freebies. After a four wide salute to fans drivers tightened their belts one last time as Jason Johnson and Paul Pokorski set the pace. Paul Pokorski pulled out to an early lead over Jason Johnson, eventually creating a half a lap lead over second. Tim Melis stayed back a consistent distance from the leaders but on a mission in third place as Donny Goeden was trying to close in. Jim Melis and Tony Wondra battle for seventh place. Paul Pokorski came up on lapped traffic on lap 8. Lapped traffic allows for Tim Melis and Donny Goeden to pass Jason Johnson on their search of the leader. Quietly Justin Miller has worked his way through traffic and is battling Shane Wennigner for fourteenth. Mitchel Yurmanovich, Kurt Davis and Tony Wondra struggled to settle into twelfth place. Donny Goeden used lapped traffic to sneak past Tim Melis for second, short lived when Tim passed him back on the inside using lapped traffic. Red flag flies for Tim Melis lying on his side in turn 3 after his rear axle broke sending him tumbling. Less than five laps to go all lapped cars are pulled out of the lineup and sent to the rear. Donny Goeden passes Paul Pokorski on the restart and doesn’t look back. When the checkers fly it was Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) for his fifth feature win followed by Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Jason Johnson (Campbellsport) and Brandon McMullen (Plymouth). Hard charger passing 10 cars was Justin Miller (Plymouth).
B-Main results: Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Kevin Karnitz (West Bend), Nich Melis (Plymouth), Tim Haddy (Waupun), Douglas Pietz (Milwaukee) and Andrew Westphal (Fond du Lac)
Heat Winners: Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls), Paul Pokorski (West Bend) and Wayne Modjeski (Oak Creek)

Thank you to Haagers Half Pound Cookies for being the evening’s trophy sponsor, and donating extra money to all division winners.


PDTR Midseason Winners Rivest, Fahl, Lee, Haddy and McGrath
7-4-2015 Plymouth, WI
By: Amy Juech

Midseason night at PDTR with extended features, added 5 laps to each feature event.
Cellcom Outlaw Compacts were first out with Brody Rivest and Scott Schlafke setting the pace. Scott Schlafke pulled out to an early lead, with Brody Rivest and Cody Pankow in tow. Jon Hitsman and James Rautmann both left to the attention of their crew for unknown mechanical issues. Norb Rivest pulled into the infield after his hood folded back blocking his view. Scott Schlafke had company with Brody Rivest wheel to wheel with him for two laps, eventually losing the battle. Cody Pankow developed mechanical issues trying to smoke out the competition with just three laps to go. Checkers fly in this caution free race with Brody Rivest (Sheboygan) winning and a clean sweep for the evening, followed by Scott Schlafke (Cleveland), Cody Pankow (Lomira), Chris Maas (Oakfield) and Ryan Mueller (Sheboygan). Hard Charger passing 4 cars was Chris Maas (Oakfield).
Heat Winner: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan)

Super Mods were up next with Bucthie Hafemann and Dennis Klumb setting the pace of this 20 lap event. Dennis Klumb quickly grabed the lead with Butchie Hafemann behind. Bob Brion and LeRoy Ostrowski left the track with mechanical issues. Johnny Fahl wasted no time closing in on Buthie Hafemann and passed him for second. Lap 15 Johnny Fahl was gaining on Dennis Klumb and ran side by side until Johnny Fahl took over the lead. Dennis Klumb had another misfortune this week blowing a radiator hose and laying large amount of fluid down coming out of turn two, bringing out our first caution. Butchie Hafemann ran the high side lap after lap to pass Johnny Fahl to regain the lead. Johnny Fahl fights back on the outside to take the white flag. Caution waves for Randy Ostermann who spun. Since white was out race is complete making Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer) our winner with a clean sweep for the evening followed by Butchie Hafemann (Campbellsport), Roger Borth (Howards Grove), Randy Ostermann (Howards Grove) and Dennis Klumb (Adell) rounding out the top five. Hard chargers each passing 2 cars were Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer) and LeRoy Ostrowski (Milwaukee)
Heat Winner: Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer)

Tyler Kulow and Don Sorce Jr. lead the Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals to the green flag. Don Sorce controlled the field immediately with Tyler Kulow and Kevin Lubach in tow. Richard Hed was black flagged mechanical for a flat tire. By lap 10 Sorce had a straight away lead on the field. Roger Lee and Matt Loehr battled for fourth position. Brad Weiss and Brad Lubach pulled into the infield with mechanical issues. Lap 13 Don Sorce was lapping traffic, with Roger Lee and Mark Fieber closing in on Kevin Lubach. Lapped traffic was making it difficult for fellow drivers to catch Don Sorce. Justin Erickson received a mechanical black flag for a tire issue. Don Sorce was running a half a track ahead of second place. Steve Weber, Gary Glander and Matt Loehr also pulled off with mechanical issues. Roger Lee, Tyler Kulow and Kevin Lubach run three wide a few times as they battled for second. Tyler Kulow ends up running through the infield losing many spots. Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) wins this caution free race also a clean sweep for the evening with Roger Lee (Wind Lake), Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake), Mark Fieber (Cascade) and Jeff Lammers (Plymouth) following. Hard charger was Roger Lee (Wind Lake) passing 9.
Heat Winners: Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake) and Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis)

Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprints pushed off next, Wayne Modjeski and Kevin Karnitz lead the field to the green flag. Tim Haddy wasted no time taking over the lead by lap one after starting fourth. Haddy was extremely competitive last week near the end of the race. Shane Wenninger got a little high a few times as he tries to maneuver towards the front. Dannon Tessmer brings out our first caution as he spun in turns 3 and 4. Tim Haddy was running a high line and had a ten car length lead over Wayne Modjeski by lap 10. Tim Haddy lapping traffic of Kirt Boers, Randy Walters, Dannon Tessmer, Brandon Thone, Spyder Akright and Nich Melis on lap 11. Kevin Karnitz and Justin Miller battle for eighth place, Shane Wennigner and Donny Goeden are swapping twelfth. Quietly Kurt Davis and Tim Melis have worked their way through traffic to be running second and third after starting ninth and thirteenth. Justin Miller caught a rut almost sending him over and stalling his car in turn 2; Jim Melis has nowhere to go bump starting Justin Millers car. Jim’s car came to a rest resulting in an unfortunate caution for Jim Melis. Tim Haddy has a pretty awesome restart with four lapped cars separating himself from second place of Kurt Davis. Tim Haddy gained a front stretch lead over Kurt Davis within three laps. Dave Deicher waved the double checkers for Tim Haddy (Waupun) followed by Kurt Davis (West Allis), Tim Melis (Milwaukee), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport) and Wayne Modjeski (Oak Creek). Tim Melis (Milwaukee) was hard charger passing 10.
B-Main results: Donny Goeden (Kewaskum), Mitchel Yurmanovich (Cascade), Brandon Thone (Plymouth), Dannon Tessmer (Allenton) and Spyder Akright (Sheboygan Falls)
Heat Winners: Randy Walter (Cascade), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth)

Last out were the 800hp Johnsonville Sausage Late Models with a father/son front row of Jim and Justin Schmidt. Justin jumped out to an early lead as Jim Schmidt gets sideways and was corrected by fellow drivers. Tim Buhler settled into second with Mitch McGrath behind. Justin Hirt pressured Tim Buhler and Mitch McGrath, eventually passing both to be in second. First and only caution waved for Turk Letizia spinning in turns 3 & 4. Justin Hirt bounced off turn 4 wall on restart, creating a mechanical issue resulting in him leaving the racing surface. Brad Mueller and Charlie Schmidt battle for fifth. Joel Bennett and Jim Letizia compete for tenth place. Justin Schmidt is leading with a ten car length lead over Mitch McGrath. Taylor Scheffler and Charlie Schmidt swap sixth place. Mitch McGrath closed in and was waiting to take control if Justin Schmidt made a mistake. Turk Letizia is following dad Jim Letizia lap after lap. Mitch McGrath finally slides past Justin Schmidt for the lead and doesn’t look back. When the checkers fly it is Mitch McGrath (Waukesha) over Justin Schmidt (Cleveland), Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah), Brad Mueller (Random Lake) and Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha). Hard charger was Mitch McGrath (Waukesha) passing 7 cars.
Heat Winners: Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah), Justin Hirt (Tigerton)
Maas, Arenz, Sancinati, Scheffler and Wenninger win at PDTR
6-27-2015 Plymouth, WI
Amy Juech

Cellcom Outlaw Compacts were first this evening with Scott Schlafke and Shaun Bangart setting the pace. Schlafke took control with Chris Maas settled in behind. Schlafke set a very quick pace; Brody Rivest was passing on the high and low side in pursuit of the leader. Lap 7 brought Schlafke to the lapped traffic of Manthie driving for Jon Hitsman. Leader Schlafke was being contested by Maas and Pankow until Pankow broke going into the white flag lap. Schlafke then brakes after taking the white flag allowing for Maas and Rivest to get by. Rivest (Sheboygan) has Maas out of turn three until driving a little too hard and Maas (Oakfield) was able to sneak past and capture the win in this caution free race. Schlafke (Cleveland) manages to limp his car around to finish third, followed by Lonny Schlafke (Sheboygan) and Tara Springstroh (Kaukauna). Hard Charger passing eight cars was Brody Rivest.
Heat Winners: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan), Scott Schlafke (Cleveland)
Sport Mods joined us this evening with Tom Schnicke and Michael Plate setting the pace for this 20 lap feature. First green flag waved off after a very rough start, drivers realign and try again. Schnicke led lap one unit Plate passed him to lead lap 2. Cody Eickberg settled into second with Travis Arenz on his back bumper. Both of these drivers have many laps on PDTR surface before this evening. Gary Glander and Schnicke run door to door for sixth place. Arenz successfully passes Plate after working high and low for two laps. Lap 13 Arenz has a straight away lead over the field, eventually coming up to lap traffic of Brandon Knepprath. A four way battle still continues for second place between Plate, Eickberg, Rick Kretschmann and Brandon Berth. Checkers fly for Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) in a clean sweep for the evening, trailed by Plate, Knepprath (Kewaskum), Berth (Plymouth) and Eickberg (Plymouth) rounding out the top five. Arenz was our hard charger passing eight.
Heat Winner: Travis Arenz (Sheboygan)
Charlie Sancinati and Melissa Singer bring the Feldman Sales and Service Grand Nationals to the green flag. Sancinati pulls out to lead with Roger Lee tucked in behind. Kevin Lubach is trying to look past his hood interference, seems not all his hood pins were in. First yellow flies for Matt Yancey and Brad Lubach tangling on the backstretch. Roger Lee wastes no time to take over the lead, trailed by Sancinati, Singer, Steven Weber and Tyler Kulow. Four wide doesn’t work coming to the line as Luke Scholten skimmed the front stretch wall but able to continue. Another caution flies for Yancy and Mark Fieber spinning in turn 2. Lee managed to hold the lead for a lap on the restart until Sancinati regained control. Kulow and Weber swap positions with Singer in attempt to catch the leader. Brad Lubach, Jeff Lammers and James Pagel battle out seventh place. Lee attempts the outside until another caution waved for Sorce Jr., Barry Maas and Scholten collecting each other in turn 4. Sancinati continues to lead the field, while Lammers, Ben Konen, Tim Simon try and settle into ninth place. Final caution waves for Maas coming to a stop in turn 1 with a flat tire. Green, White, Checkered restart determines this evenings winner Sancinati over Lee (Wind Lake), followed by Kulow (New Holstein), Brad Lubach (Kiel) and Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake). Hard Chargers were Tyler Kulow and James Pagel each passing eight cars. Charlie Sancinati rounds out his three night winning streak (141 Speedway, Manitowoc Speedway and PDTR).
Heat Winners: Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Tim Simon (Fond du Lac), Brad Lubach (Kiel)
Johnsonville Sausage Late Models rolled trackside next with Eric Michaels and TJ Dolhun making up the front row. Green flag is short lived as Michaels spins in turn 2. TJ Dolhun steps out to take over the lead closely contested by Kyle Odekirk and Russ Scheffler. Taylor Scheffler and Brad Mueller battle for sixth place. Dolhun and Odekirk are door to door a few laps until Odekirk prevails. Tim Buhler enjoyed the door to door battle allowing him to pass Russ Scheffler for third. Buhler manages to pass Odekirk for the lead. Buhler and Russ Scheffler run first and second until a high side pass by Scheffler to take over the lead. Scheffler becomes unstoppable with over a half second lead. Brad Mueller running fifth is over five seconds back. Justin Schmidt works his way around Buhler for second. Scheffler encountered lap traffic of Charlie Schmidt. When the checkers flew it was Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) over Schmidt (Cleveland), Buhler (Glenbeulah), Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha) and Brad Mueller (Random Lake). Hard Charger passing 8 was Justin Schmidt.
Heat Winners: Justin Schmidt (Cleveland), Rick Scheffler (Waukesha)
Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprints push off last this evening, with Shane Wenninger and Randy Sippel setting the pace. Wenninger checked out immediately to lead lap one with Jim Melis trailing. Dannon Tessmer and Justin Miller compete for twelfth place with Yurmanovich looking to join. Wenninger was just lapping traffic when a caution waved for a lapped car of Derek Siegel spinning in turn 3. Wenninger had competition with Donny Goeden and Tim Haddy right behind for the restart. Wenninger wasted no time finding his groove back on the high side with Goeden settled in behind. Haddy found his line and was battling Goeden for second, eventually swapping spots. Lap 13 Wenninger was back in lapped traffic of Josh Teunissen and Douglas Pietz. Wenninger hit all the right spots to keep Goeden from gaining ground as he continued to lap traffic. Jason Johnson maneuvered his way through traffic to battle Melis and put his sights on Haddy. As the laps wound down Wenninger was having a harder and harder time with more lapped traffic to contend with as Goeden was moving in. Goeden eventually passed Wenninger being held up by lap traffic for a short time. Wenninger battled back using lapped traffic to regain the lead; Goeden ran high enough to rub the outside wall. When the checkers flew it was Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum) winning his first Feature, second was Goeden (Kewaskum) followed by Jason Johnson (Campbellsport), Tim Haddy (Waupun) and Jim Melis (Glenbeulah). Hard Chargers were Donny Goeden and Mitchel Yurmanovich both passing 5 cars.
B-Main Results: Mitchel Yurmanovich (Cascade), Spyder Akright (Sheboygan Falls), Kirt Boers (Belleville), Josh Teunissen (Waldo), Douglas Pietz (Milwaukee) and Derek Siegel (Milwaukee).
Heat Winners: Jason Johnson (Campbellsport), Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport)
Drivers and Fans Chance the Weather
Plymouth,WI 6-20-2015
By: Amy Juech
First out this evening were the Cellcom Outlaw Compacts with Chris Maas and Lonny Schlafke starting on the front row. Brody Rivest made quick work to pass three cars to take over the lead by lap 1. Chris Maas and Lonny Schlafke settled in behind. Scott Schlafke maneuvered past both to take over second on lap 5. Rivest set a quick pace as remaining drivers settled in place. As the checkers flew it was Brody Rivest (Sheboygan) with a new track record of 4:26, next Scott Schlafke (Cleveland), Chris Maas (Oakfield), Lonny Schlafke (Sheboygan) and Ryan Mueller (Sheboygan). Hard charger went to Scott Schlafke passing 5.
Heat Winner: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan)

Johnny Fahl and Butchie Hafemann set the pace for the Super Mods. Leroy Ostrowski snuck past both to lead lap 1, until Fahl slid past to lead the next few laps. Ostrowski battles back to regain lead on lap 5. Fahl and Hafemann settle into second and third. Ostrowski incurs lapped traffic on lap 11. Checkers fly for Leroy Ostrowski (Milwaukee) with a new track record of 4:03, next Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer), Butchie Hafemann (Campbellsport), Roy Stern (Hustisford) and Bob Brion (Plymouth). Hard charger passing 3 was Bob Brion.
Heat Winner: Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer)

Tyler Kulow and Melissa Singer set the pace for this 25 lap Feldmann Sales and Service Grand National feature. Kulow pulls out to an early lead; Singer follows with Don Sorce Jr. right behind. Brad Lubach is already ten after starting seventeenth until a caution flies for Brad Yancey. Kulow regains the lead after the restart with Sorce Jr. tucked in behind, followed closely by Brian Gilles. Kulow got a little squirrely allowing Gilles to pass. Fifth position is being worked out amongst Kevin Lubach, Roger Lee, Melissa Singer and Barry Maas. Another caution waved for Steven Weber turned around and bouncing off the front stretch wall and coming to rest under the flag stand, Matt Yancey retired to the pits with mechanical issues. Gilles remains with the lead with Don Source Jr. tight behind after the final restart. As the checkers flew it was Brian Gilles (Plymouth) crossing first, followed by Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Roger Lee (Wind Lake), Tyler Kulow (New Holstein) and Brad Lubach (Kiel). Hard charger was Brad Lubach (Elkhart Lake) passing 12.
Heat Winners: Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake), Brian Gilles (Plymouth) and Brian Cesar (Sheboygan)

Aldag Honald Mechanical 360 Sprints are next with Mitchell Yurmanovich and Brandon McMullen setting the pace as the green flag waves. Yurmanovich went high on the start to jump out to an early lead but spun in turn 2 bringing out a quick caution. McMullen gained the lead after the restart with Jim Melis tucked in behind. McMullen came up to lapped traffic of Nick Melis having mechanical issues. Another unfortunate event occurred for Yurmanovich having a second unassisted spin retiring him to the pits for the evening. McMullen quickly jumped out to the lead again over Melis with Randy Sippel in third. Shane Wenninger now tenth was weaving his way through traffic after transferring in from the B-Main. Kirt Boers would be the second car to be lapped by McMullen. Each lapped car put a little more space between McMullen and Melis. Two more quick cautions waved for Randy Sippel and Dannon Tessmer each retiring to the pits for the remainder of the race. When the double checkers flew it was Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) winning followed by Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Tim Melis (Milwaukee) and Kevin Karnitz (West Bend). Hard charger was Shane Wenninger passing 14.
B-Main Results: Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Spyder Akright (Sheboygan Falls), Kirt Boers (Belleville), Randy Walter (Plymouth), Dannon Tessmer (Allenton), and Samantha Portschy (Oostburg) all transferring to the feature event.
Heat Winners: Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Lance Fassbender (driving for Donny Goeden) and Brandon McMullen (Plymouth)

Justin Schmidt sets the pace of the Johnsonville Sausage Late Model feature with dad Jim Schmidt on the outside. Jim Schmidt goes to the outside to gain the lead. Rick Scheffler and Kyle Odekirk battle over fourth. Jim Schmidt encounters lapped traffic of Billy Rezutek on lap 11. Only caution waved for Dave Thomas spinning. Charlie Schmidt left to the attention of his crew. Jim Schmidt regained control of the field on the restart. Justin Schmidt slid to the inside of dad and battled for the lead three consecutive laps. Brad Mueller was in hot pursuit of a better finish, with a few wins under his belt this year. Taylor Scheffler and Tim Buhler swap ninth place. Father knows best this Father’s Day weekend as Jim Schmidt (Cleveland) crosses the checkers with son Justin Schmidt (Cleveland) second, followed by Russ Scheffler (Waukesha), Turk Letizia (Milwaukee), and Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth). Hard chargers passing 4 cars each were Brad Mueller and T.J. Dolhun.
Heat Winners: Russ Scheffler and Rick Scheffler (both from Waukesha)
Maas, Schlafke, Hafemann, Goeden and Mueller win at PDTR
Plymouth, WI 6-6-2015
By: Amy Juech

Feldman Sales and Service Grand Nationals were first this evening with Barry Maas and Mark Feiber setting the pace. Don Sorce Jr. and Kevin Lubach made up the next row. Maas seized the lead immediately followed by Sorce until a caution waved for Dave Holm spinning in turns 3 & 4. Kevin Lubach spins Brian Giles into the infield resulting in a black flag for Lubach. Second caution was for Matt Loehr spinning. Maas continues to lead with Sorce trailing and Roger Lee looking in. Giles is slowly making his way back towards the front using the inside groove after spinning earlier. Lee passed Sorce and Brad Lubach was knocking on the door too. Giles just passed a hard charging Mark Fieber for tenth. Loehr brought out his second caution for stalling on the front stretch. Sorce, Jeff Lammers and Matt Yancey ran the cushion in their search of the leaders. Maas continued to lead the field through all these restarts with a very quick pack. Unfortunate luck for Brad Lubach after rubbing the backstretch wall retired to the pits with mechanical issues. Double checkers flew for Maas (Cascade), Sorce (West Allis), Lee (Windlake), Lammers (Plymouth) and Giles (Plymouth). Hard Charger Steven Weber passing 9.
Heat Winners: Barry Maas (Cascade), Mark Fieber (Cascade) and Tim Simon (Fond du Lac)

Cellcom Outlaw Compacts started with Mike Zitzer and Scott Schlafke leading the field. Kids Club member Sadie Cleveland waved the green flag. Schlafke sprung into first on the drop of the green with Cody Pankow tucked in behind. Brody Rivest started fifth and after two laps was only third, since Schlafke had checked out. Drivers were running the high side on the front and back stretch to grab as much bite as possible before going into the corners. Lonny Schlafke passed Pankow for fourth. After a caution free race the checkers waved for Scott Schlafke (Cleveland), Brody Rivest (Sheboygan), Chris Maas (Oakfield), Lonny Schlafke (Sheboygan) and Cody Pankow (Lomira). Chris Maas was hard charger passing 6.
Heat Winner: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan)

Johnny Fahl and Bob Brion make up the front row of the Super Mod feature. Last week winner Butchie Hafemann and Roy Stern make up the second row. When the green flag waved Fahl jumped out to the lead running mid to high on the track, closely contested by Bob Brion. Positions stay consistent till a caution waved for Ronald Fellers car stalled in turn 3 after coming in contact with the back stretch wall. On the restart Hafemann slid right around Fahl and Brion to gain the lead. Could Hafemann win his second feature in two weeks since his last was back in 1981? Dan Kruschke battles Brion for third. When the checkers flew it was Hafemann (Campbellsport) for a second week, followed by Fahl (Brown Deer), Brion (Plymouth), Stern (Hustisford) and Randy Ostermann (Howard Grove). Hard Charger s were Hafemann and Roger Borth passing 2.
Heat Winner: Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer)

Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprints pushed off next with Jim Melis and Kurt Davis on the front row. Melis pulled out to lead and Davis almost lost it in turn 2 getting all out of sorts after hitting the cushion. Davis straightens out and gets back into second with Tony Wondra in third. Goeden is quickly maneuvering his way through traffic. Melis is coming up on lapped traffic just as a caution waved for Robbie Pribnow hitting the turn two wall and folding over an axel. Melis runs high on the restart allowing Goeden by on the inside with Kurt Davis in tow. Tim Haddy stayed consistent and now battling Goeden for the lead. Goeden started to lap traffic on lap 20. Final caution waves for Kurt Davis and lapped car of Nich Melis colliding and hitting the turn 3 and 4 wall. They were both unable to finish the evening. The green, white, checkers restart really changed the final few laps with a few drivers having their best finish of the year. Double checkers few for Goeden (Kewaskum), Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Haddy (Waupun), Chris Clayton (Waldo) and Jason Johnson (Campbellsport). Hard Chargers were Chris Clayton and Justin Miller passing 11 each.
B-Main results with these drivers moving onto the feature event: Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Brandon Thone (Plymouth), Justin Miller (Plymouth), Doug Wondra (Oakfield), Scott Conger (Eagle) and Mitchel Yurmanovich
Heat Winners: Kurt Davis (West Allis), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Paul Pokorski (West Bend).

Johnsonville Sausage Late Models were the final feature of the evening with Billy Rezitek and Brad Mueller setting the pace. Green flag start was waved off after a few cars got bunched up on the start. Restart was more impressive as Mueller pulled out to an early lead on the high side with Rezitek tucked in behind. Kyle Odekirch found himself surrounded by Schefflers while running fifth. T.J. Dolhun tucked inside Mueller a few times to try and get passed. We had two father/son battles occurring as well; Jim and Justin Schmidt for twelfth, Taylor and Rick Scheffler for fourth. Tim Buhler caught the turn 2 wall with minor damage to spoiler. Mueller was running more and more of the middle line trying to hold off T.J. Dolhun. Mueller caught lapped traffic and passes them on the inside on lap 20. Rezitek attempted to pass Dolhun on the closing laps. Checkers flew for Brad Mueller (Random Lake) on his 100th night of racing at PDTR, T.J. Dolhun (Milwaukee), Billy Rezitek (Big Bend), Taylor and Rick Scheffler (Waukesha).
Heat Winners: Taylor Scheffler and Tim Buhler

Thank you to the evening Trophy Sponsor J-Machine who also donated an extra $25 to each A-Main 7th place finisher.

Goeden, Simon, Hafemann, Maas & Mueller win during Memorial Day Weekend at PDTR
Plymouth, WI 5-23-2015
By: Amy Juech

Beautiful weather generated a large crowd to witness 93 cars compete. Military members acknowledged for their services and ultimate sacrifices.

Pushed off first this evening was the Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprints with Nick Melis and Robbie Pribnow leading the field to the green. Pribnow pulled out with the lead and Todd King tucked in behind, Melis and Doug Wondra followed. AJ Modjeski and Mitchell Yurmanovich swap for eighth place. Wondra snuck past King for second, only to be passed back one lap later; didn’t stop there, Wondra passed back and wasn’t looking back this time. Pribnow came up on lapped traffic, cautious not to repeat an accident like last week. Nick Melis worked his way back into third, short lived as Donny Goeden passed him. Pribnow manages to put a few more cars between himself and fellow drives, unaware that Wondra and Goeden clear lapped traffic just as well. Wondra pulled alongside the outside of Pribnow only to be passed back by an intense slide job by Pribnow. Goeden motors passed Wondra in his search for Pribnow. Red flag flies for Justin Millers collision with the back stretch wall and flipping over. Goeden got the restart he needed to pass Pribnow. Goeden (Kewaskum) crossed the checkers first pursed by Pribnow (Knowles), Wondra (Oakfield), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) and Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum). Hard Charger passing 10 was Donny Goeden.
Heat Winners: Justin Miller (Plymouth), Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) and Doug Wondra (Oakfield).

Feldman Sales and Service Grand Nationals were next with Richard Hed and Mark Fieber setting the pace. Tyler Kulow snuck past to lead lap 1. Jeff Lammers and Roger Lee continue to work together in search of the leaders. Matt Loehr, Don Sorce Jr. and Steven Weber challenge each other for seventh position. Tim Simon works his way past Fieber and put the pressure on Kulow for first place; two laps later Simon takes control. Simon came up on lapped traffic of Chris Gilson by lap 12. Brad Lubach is happy to see lapped traffic as he reals in the leader. Hard charging Sorce Jr. is tightly trailing Lubach until taking over second place on lap 20. Simon is not missing a beat as he continues to lead the field in the closing laps. Simon is maneuvering around lap traffic like a pro; Sorce Jr. (West Allis) is unable to catch Simon (Fond du Lac) as the checkers waved. Lubach (Kiel), Fieber (Cascade) and Loehr (Mt. Calvary) round out the top five. Caution free race was finished by all but three drivers who left due to mechanical issues. Hard Charger Melissa Singer passing 9.
Heat Winners: Steven Weber (Cascade), Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvary) and Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis).

Johnny Fahl and Leroy Ostrowski set the pace for the Super Mods. Ostrowski led lap one with Fahl close behind. Dan Kruschke, Butchie Hafemann and Dennis Klumb contend for sixth place. Roger Borth pulled into the infield with mechanical issues. Ostrowski continued to motor around the track with Bob Brion second over Fahl. Borth pulled back on to the track. Hafemann went to the outside and was flying, lap after lap passing a car or two in his search for Ostrowski. Hafemann catches Ostrowski on lap 13 and coming to lap 14 Hafemann made a high side pass off turn 4 to take over the lead. Hafemann (Campbellsport) crossed the double checkers first with a new track record of 4:32, followed by Ostrowski, Fahl (Brown Deer), Brion (Plymouth) and Kruschke. Dennis Klumbs car died at the start finish line.
Hard Charger passing 6 was Butchie Hafemann
Heat Winner: Leroy Ostrowski

Cellcom Outlaw Compacts rolled trackside with Tim Tiedt and Donnie Welch setting the pace. Immediate caution for Brody Rivest dragging tires onto the racing surface and sending him to the rear. Cody Pankow sprang into the lead by lap one with Chris Maas in tow. Ryan Mueller spun between turns 3 and 4. Maas had control of the field on the restart; Pankow was second with Scott Schlafke knocking on his door. Caution for Tiedt after his steering wheel came loose in turn 4. Maas regained control of the field with Schlafke attempting to take the lead going three wide on the front stretch. Mueller spins again sending him to pits for the evening. Rivest leaves to the attention of his crew for mechanical issues. Officials call for a green, white and checkered finish do to number of cautions. When the checkers flew it was Maas (Oakfield) over Schlafke (Cleveland), followed closely by Pankow (Lomira), Welch (Saukville) and Jon Hitsmann. Hard charger Scott Schlafke passing 6
Heat Winner: Scott Schlafke (Cleveland)

Johnsonville Sausage Late Models race with a few new drivers for the evenings Lucky 7 Series part of Wisconsin Dirt Late Model Association. Rick Scheffler and Brad Mueller lead the field to the green for this 40 lap feature event. Mueller pulled out to lead over Rick Scheffler; Russ Scheffler pursed in third. Russ took control of the field from Mueller to lead a few laps until Rick Scheffler gained the lead back only to come up on slower traffic causing him to spin bringing out a caution. Russ was now leading on the restart contested by Tim Buhler. Justin Schmidt and Turk Letizia swap ninth place. Just after the halfway point Russ came up to lapped traffic and pulls away significantly from hard charging Brad Mueller. Tom Naeyaert and Justin Ritchie compete for seventh place. Rick Scheffler has worked his way through the pack after being sent to the rear, currently sitting eleventh. Final caution waved for Justin Schmidt spinning after starting tenth and working his way into third. Mueller received the restart he needed; this was his chance to pass Russ Scheffler. Russ knew Mueller was there and wasn’t going to give up the lead easily. Mueller went to the outside of Russ for two laps until capturing the top spot. Brad Mueller (Brad Mueller) crossed the finish line first; Russ Scheffler (Waukesha), Buhler (Glenbeulah), Naeyaert (Shawano) and Rick Scheffler (Waukesha) round of the top five. Hard Charger went to three drivers Justin Ritchie, Justin Hirt and Dave Thomas each passing 8.
Heat Winners: Eric Michaels, Russ Scheffler and Jim Schmidt

Thanks to Scotts Excavating for being evening trophy sponsor and Van Der Vaart Concrete for being night sponsor.
Fog Controls Sprint Feature at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Spectators were in for an eventful evening at Plymouth Dirt Track. No clue they were about to witness extremely fast and tacky track, broken track records, unusual Sprint B-Main and a feature won by Fog.

Rumble of Johnsonville Sausage Late Models rolled trackside for the first feature event. Tony Peterson and Billy Rezutek led the field to the green flag; short lived as drivers were three wide at the cone causing a restart. Peterson wasted no time pulling ahead of the field with Rezutek in tow, followed by Ron Stroika. Drivers scattered around trying different lines until a caution unfortunately waved for Taylor Scheffler hooking and dragging turn 2 tires onto the racing surface. Russ Scheffler tried outside groove to attempt a pass on Peterson along the backstretch. After two laps of Russ Scheffler working Peterson he finally succeeded taking control of the field. Mitch McGrath and Jim Schmidt touched sending McGrath into the infield and coming to a stop with his driver’s door facing oncoming traffic resulting in a second caution. Another quick caution waved for Jim Letizia, Eric Michaels and Ted Dolhun Sr. spinning. Rezutek, Peterson and Tim Buhler battled for second until Brad Mueller invaded. Russ Scheffler’s pace was quickening as the laps wound down. Double checkers flew for Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) followed by Tony Peterson (Big Bend), Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah), and Brad Mueller (Random Lake). After running the high side Billy Rezutek (Big Bend) finishes fifth. Hard charger passing 7 cars was Brad Mueller.
Heat Winners: Turk Letizia (Milwaukee) and Rick Scheffler (Waukesha) with new Track Record 2:17

Up next the Feldman Sales and Service Grand Nationals with Tyler Kulow and Mark Fieber setting the pace. Fieber jumped out to lead with Tyler Kulow trailing. Jeff Lammers and Steve Weber Fieber contest third place for a few laps. Fieber came upon lapped traffic on lap 9. First and only caution waved for Jonathon Otte spinning coming out of turn 3 after hitting water on the track from a fellow racer. Roger Lee started sixth and ran the high side around traffic in his search for the leader. Lee and James Pagel touched coming out of turn 4 but stay straight. Richard Hed scuffed the back stretch wall causing a lightshow made of sparks. Dan Sorce and Don Sorce Jr. touched coming out of turn 4 and again on the front stretch in their quest towards the front. Double checkers waved for Roger Lee (Windlake) with a clean sweep for the evening. Second went to Mark Fieber (Cascade) followed by Tyler Kulow (New Holstein), Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) and Steven Weber (Plymouth).
Heat Winners: Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Roger Lee (Wind Lake) and Steven Weber (Plymouth) with New Track Record of 2:38.

Aldog Honald Mechanical Sprints pushed off next; drivers made a few extra parade laps determining driver’s safety as the fog really rolled in. Robbie Pribnow jumped out to an early lead with John Krebsbach tucked in right behind. Pribnow maneuvered quickly around the track coming upon lapped traffic on lap 6. Lap traffic allows other drivers to gain on the leaders until a caution waved for the leaders. Pribnow had contact with a lapped car cutting his tire down and spinning out in front of the field collecting Krebsbach. Pribnow rejoined the field after changing his tire. Fog is becomes a little thicker on the restart; Donny Goeden gained the lead from the unfortunate events that just took place. Todd King has too much bit causing him to do two wheels on the backstretch on the restart. Flagman Dave Deicher waves the yellow as he is no longer able to see drivers safely. Race is called due to fog and with over half the race complete we have a winner and hard charger Donny Goeden; passed 8 cars to win his second feature of the year and a clean sweep for the evening. Second went to Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) followed by Brandon McMullen (Plymouth), Tim Haddy (Waupun) and Tim Melis (Milwaukee).
B-Main not completed after three attempts at lap 1 all result in red flags; first Randy Walter, next Craig Scheffner driving Spyder Akrights car and finally Josh Teunissen all flipping in separate events. B-Main Feature Results: Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Mitchel Yurmanovich (Cascade), Chris Clayton (Waldo), Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls) and Anthony Knierim (Franksville).
Heat winners: Tim Melis (Milwaukee), Justin Miller (Plymouth), Todd King (Sheboygan Falls) and Donny Goeden (Kewaskum).

Cellcom Outlaw Compacts were unable to run their feature event with the dense fog. Drivers received equal pay and points for the evening.
Heat Winners: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan), Scott Schlafke (Cleveland)

Thank you to the evening Trophy Sponsor Pit Stop Pizza. Make sure to join us next week for Memorial Day Weekend festivities including free admission for Military members, and Lucky 7 Series joining us for a 40 lap Late Model Feature.


Breezy Night with Tight Racing
By: Amy Juech

Fans braved the chilly east breeze but were not disappointed in the talent the drivers portrayed in the evenings racing program.

Ben Konen didn’t make the call after transferring in from B-Main, allowing alternate Johnathon Singer in. James Pagel and Richard Hed led the field to the green for the start of the Feldmann Sales and Service Grand National Feature. Hed took control of the lead until Pagel passed back on lap 3 and was going strong until the only caution flew for Kevin Lubach spinning in turn 3. Matt Yancey and Mark Fieber took their cars to the attention of there crews. On the restart Brian Cesar led with Brad Lubach and Pagel in tow. Lap 10 & 11 Steven Weber and Brad Weiss both retired with mechanical issues. While Cesar relaxed with his lead growing, back in the pack Roger Lee joined the battle between Don Sorce Jr., Dan Sorce and Barry Maas. Don Sorce Jr. slid past Tyler Kulow on lap 17 in his hunt for the leader. While there were not many changing positions, drivers were running two and three wide attempting an even higher groove. A last lap pass by Don Sorce Jr. put him into second to the winner Brian Cesar as the checkers flew. Third went to Brad Lubach, followed by Tyler Kulow and Richard Hed. Hard Charger passing 10 cars was Don Sorce.
B-Main Results: Jeff Lammers (Plymouth), Ben Konen (Richfield), Brad Weiss (Cascade), Johnatton Otte (Cedar Grove) and Alternate Johnathon Singer (Random Lake).
Heat Winners: Dan Sorce (Franklin), Mark Fieber (Cascade) and Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) with a new track record of 2:41 for 10 laps.

360 Sprints pushed off for the 25 lap feature event with Ken Jay Fiedler back after motor issues last week and John Krebsbach setting the pace. Krebsbach pulled out to an early lead over Tim Haddy tight behind while Fiedler slowly fell back. Many drivers were flying on the high side merely missing the turn 4 wall. Krebsbach continued to put the petal down catching lapped traffic on lap 8. Kurt Davis was attempting to pass Haddy when a yellow flew for leader Krebsbach catching the outside wall coming out of turn 4. Causing him to slow and was passed by many and eventually came to a stop between turns 1 and 2. Haddy regained control of the field with Davis in his shadow. Rusty Egan’s car didn’t turn coming out of turn 2 from a brake issue that resulted in a red for a fire that broke out below his fuel tank. Davis and Jim Melis passed Haddy on the restart, Donnie Goeden and Robbie Pribnow followed closely behind. Many battles go two and even three wide with the high racing grove. Tim Melis and Chris Clayton attempt to battle Brandon McMullen for sixth. When the double checkers flew it was Kurt Davis and his car “Barney” crossing first in the Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprint Feature. Fans really excited to see Davis back after last weeks crash. Second went to Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) followed by Donny Goeden (Kewaskum), Tim Haddy (Waupun) and Robbie Pribnow (Knowles). Hard Charger passing 11 cars was Scott Conger (Eagle).
B-Main Results: Doug Wondra (Oakfield), Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake), Kirt Boers (Belleville), Justin Miller (Plymouth), Nich Melis (Plymouth), Scott Conger (Eagle) and Alternate Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake).
Heat Winners: Robbie Pribnow (Knowles), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) and Jim Melis (Glenbeulah)

Johnsonville Sausage Late Models roll trackside next with Tim Buhler and Turk Letizia setting the pace. Randy Markwardt didn’t make the call with mechanical issues. Buhler pulled out to lead lap one with Brad Mueller tucked in closely behind. Off turn 2 on lap 2 Mueller passed Buhler to control the field. Russ Scheffler was attempting to gain on Mueller until Mueller placed the lapped cars of Erik Michaels, Kyle Odekirk and both Turk and Jim Letizia behind him. Lap 18 Charlie Schmidt was Mueller’s last victim being lapped. Taylor Scheffler attempts to hold Rick Scheffler back, until being passed on lap 21. Very clean driving made for caution free feature. When the double checkers flew it was Brad Mueller (Random Lake) winning shadowed by Russ Scheffler (Waukesha), Jim Schimdt (Cleveland), Mitch McGrath (Waukesha) and Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah).
Hard Charger was Rick Scheffler passing 4 cars.
Heat Winners: Rick Scheffler (Waukesha) and Jim Schmidt (Cleveland)

Cellcom Outlaw Compacts were up next with Jasper Drengler and Chris Maas leading the field to the green. Maas pulled out to an early lead until Brody Rivest passed him one lap later. Rivest continued to lead with Maas, Cody Pankow and Scott Schlafke settled in behind until Rivest started to lose ground with mechanical problems. Maas had control of the field and started to lap cars of James Rautmann and Timothy Tiedt. As the checkers fly it was Schlafke (Cleveland) over Maas (Oakfield) followed by Pankow (Lomira), Drengler (Shawno) and Justin Erickson (Plymouth) rounding out the top five.
Hard Charger passing 4 cars was Jon Hitsman.
Heat Winner: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan)

Dan Kruschke and Billy Schmitz set the pace to take the green flag in the Super Mods for the final feature of the evening. Schmitz pulled out to lead over Kruschke with Johnny Fahl close behind. Fahl maneuvered past them to eventually take the lead. Bob Brion was not going to lay back in the weeds as he slowly picked off car by car. First of two cautions waved for Roy Stern and Randy Ostermann Jr. tangling. Fahl retook the lead, as Butchie Hafemann and Kruschke touch but able to keep their cars under control. Second caution waved for Stern spinning again. Kruschke took his car to the attention of his crew. Checkers waved for Fahl (Brown Deer) trailed by Brion (Plymouth), Schmitz (Mukwonago), Hafemann (Campbellsport) and Keith Anderson (Sheboygan).
Heat Winner: Dan Kruschke

Opening Night at Plymouth Dirt Track Racing
By: Amy Juech

Best night of weather on opening night at Plymouth Dirt Track Racing in over 10 years. Rookie and veteran drivers were amongst the 80 cars that signed into the pits.

Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprints pushed off first, front row consisted of Jason Johnson and AJ Modjeski. Sprints went four wide as a salute to fans before taking the green from guest flagman Ben Schmidt. Johnson pulled out to an early lead over Danny Schlafer until a caution waved for Rusty Egan and Drew Ludwig spinning in turns 3 and 4. Schlafer passed Johnson after the restart, now the only car that separated him from the charging Donny Goeden. A slick black track proved challenging for drivers to pass until a second groove on the high side developed at the halfway point. Lap 14 Schlafer started to lap traffic, which allowed for Goeden to pass Johnson for second. Another caution waved for Todd King and Rusty Egan spinning. Goeden passed Schlafer on the restart to take control. Brandon McMullen slid into second but hard charging Robbie Pribnow crept through traffic after starting 19. Schlafer pulled his car into the infield with mechanical issues. White flag waved for Donny Goeden and a sudden red flew for Tim Melis, Kevin Karnitz and Kurt Davis as they tangled and came to rest on the turn one wall. Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) won followed by Brandon McMullen (Plymouth), Robbie Pribnow (Knowels), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) and Paul Pokorski (West Bend).
B-Main Results: Tim Melis (Plymouth), Chris Clayton (Waldo), Kurt Davis (West Allis), Robbie Pribnow (Knowels) and Todd King (Sheboygan Falls).
Sprint Heat Winners: Jason Johnson (Campbellsport), Nich Melis (Plymouth), Kevin Karnitz (West Bend) and Justin Miller (Plymouth).

Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals rolled trackside with Don Sorce Jr. setting the pace. As the green flag waved drivers quickly tried to settle in. Roger Lee was going to retire but decided that he wasn’t quite ready, built a brand new car and was with us Saturday. Brian Cesar, Barry Maas, Matt Loehr and Brad Lubach were not settling for seventh they continued to race three wide for 2 laps. Dick Hed, Tim Simon and Mark Fieber competed for sixth place for two complete laps going three wide. Lap 9 brought a whole new challenge; Don Sorce was over a half a lap ahead of second place Kevin Lubach. Barry Maas discovered the high groove on lap 10. Jonathon Singer and Tim Simon pulled off to the attention of their crew. Brandon Frank’s right rear brakes were glowing brighter and brighter until he bounced off of turn 4 wall on lap 17 sending him to the attention of his crew. Mark Fieber and Jeff Lammers were touching as they battled for ninth, until Fieber went around and Lammers was docked two spots for rough driving. Sorce ran into lapped traffic on his mission to win the first Grand National race of the year. When the checkers flew it was Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) who crossed first followed by Brian Cesar (Sheboygan), Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvaqry), Roger Lee (Windlake) and Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake).
Grand National Heat Winners: Dick Hed (Plymouth), Tyler Kulow (New Holstein) and Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis)

Johnsonville Sausage Late Models rumbled out next with Ted Dolhun Sr. and Rick Scheffler setting the pace as the field took the green flag. Rick Scheffler pulled out to the lead right away as son Taylor Scheffler settled in behind. Mitch McGrath spun bringing out the first caution. Brad Mueller trailed behind the leaders as Tim Buhler quietly crept towards the front. Kyle Odekirk and Justin Schmidt stayed patient behind the leaders. Taylor Scheffler tried to pass dad Rick a few times putting on their own little battle for a few laps. Ron Stroika retired to the pits for mechanical reasons. Eric Michaels and Randy Markwardt were the first cars to be lapped. Rick Scheffler started to put cars between himself and son Taylor as the race continued. Billy Rezitek, Charles Schmidt and Turk Letezia were the next victims of Rick Scheffler. Father and son Schefflers (Waukesha) crossed the checkers followed by Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah) after passing seven cars, next were Brad Mueller (Random Lake) and Ted Dolhun Sr. (Franklin) rounding out the top five.
Late Model Heat Winners: Ted Dolhun Sr. (Franklin) and Rick Scheffler (Waukesha).

Cellcom Outlaw Compacts took to the track last with Tim Tiedt and James Rautmann who lead the field to the green. Brody Rivest led lap one after starting eighth. Cody Pankow crept into second on lap 2 followed closely by Rautmann. Chris Maas pulled off to the attention of his crew for mechanical issues. Pankow and Rivst battled intensely swapping the lead and till Rivest took control again. Rautmann also retired to the pits for the evening. Pankow didn’t settle for second and regained control and even put Tim Tiedt down a lap. Justin Erickson was now third and wasn’t settling, passing Rivst. Rivst didn’t agree spinning Erickson in turn 3, regaining second until being black flagged as a result of rough driving. Pankow continued to lead the field of only eight cars. Cody Pankow (Lomira) crossed the checkers first followed closely by Scott Schlafke (Cleveland), Justin Erickson (Plymouth), Tim Tiedt (Fond du Lac) and Chris Maas (Oakfield) rounding out the top five.
Outlaw Compact Heat Winner: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan)