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Memorial Races Close Out 2014 Season

By: Amy Juech


 Both feature events totaled 55 laps honoring Brian Portschy included a 28 lap 360 feature and IRA Filskov Memorial 27 lap feature in which was also the car number he ran in the IRA.

Ken Jay Fiedler and Rusty Egan made up the front row of our Aldog-Honald Mechanical Sprints for our feature. On the drop of the green Champion Donny Goeden jumped into second behind Fielder. Leader Fielder continued to battle a charging Goeden who was running the high side lap after lap, eventually Fiedler lost his lead to Goeden who passed him upon coming up on lapped traffic. Goeden continued to place lapped cars of Chris Clayton, Nick Melis, and Randy Sippel between himself and Fielder. Our first caution came out on lap 23 for Rusty Egan spinning between turns one and two, caution did not wave early enough for our leader to avoid him. Goeden clipped Egan’s car sending him to the pits for some new tread, resulting in starting at the back of pack. Realigning the field for the restart Lee Schroeder got squished on the back stretch hitting the wall and flipping over bringing out our first red. Third attempt at a restart did not go as planned with Jim Melis breaking on the front stretch. Danny Schlafer took control of the field after the final restart with Kurt Davis tucked in tight behind. White flag waved for Schlafer and upon crossing the checkers the red was waved for a final time as Donny Goeden and Shane Wenninger tangling in turn four causing Goeden to go up and almost over. Crossing the checkers first was Danny Schlafer (Sussex) followed by Kurt Davis (West Allis), Ken Jay Fielder (Sheboygan Falls), Paul Pokorski (West Bend) and Doug Wondra (Oakfield). Hard Charger was Brandon McMullen passing 11 cars.

B-Main Results and Transfer cars were: Travis Luedke (Plymouth), John Krebsbach (Cascade), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Nick Melis (Plymouth) and Chris Clayton (Waldo).

Heat Winners: Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) and Rusty Egan (Crystal Heights, IL)

“Neitzel has started on the pole of the 27-lap A-main contest. The unique distance, a tribute, to match Filskov’s number which he ran in IRA competition.

After a false start racing began in earnest with Neitzel gaining the upper hand on Modjeski who had been positioned outside the front row. Reinke was able to power his way into the third spot ahead of Ben Schmidt. Schmidt, who has several titles to his credit in 360 sprint action at Plymouth, gave the partisan fan base plenty to cheer about this evening having earlier become the first of four drivers who were able to eclipse the track record in qualifying.

The first caution flew on lap four as multiple incidents took place. Phillip Mock making his return to action after having expired his engine a couple months ago, again suffered mechanical ills with his powerplant while running just outside the top five. Mock lost speed quickly and was clipped by Bill Rose.

Rose’s perfect season of starting every A-main, and finishing every lap came to an abrupt end as he pulled into the infield with steering issues. Rose, had some satisfaction this evening however, as the Plainfield, Indiana native earned the fastest qualifying time establishing a new track record of 11.888 seconds. It was the first time in his career that Rose had set a new qualifying standard in winged sprint car action.

At the same time 2013 Rookie of the Year Jeremy Schultz went for a spin in turn two drawing the caution. He would return to action, while Mock, and Rose retired from the contest.

When the race restarted, Neitzel went back to the lead, while Reinke gave Modjeski all he could handle while attempting to garner the second spot. After several laps of side by side action, Reinke used the high line on the track to secure the runner-up spot at Modjeski’s expense.

Neitzel had pulled out to a solid lead by lap ten as the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic. A caution on lap 12 for rookie contender Scotty Thiel drew the second yellow flag of the race. Thiel who had been running in the 10th spot had suffered a flat tire coming to a halt in turn four.

Once the race resumed, the final 15 circuits went uninterrupted. Neitzel again gained the upper hand as starter Jim Barr’s green flag waved in the air, but Reinke immediately began to supply the pressure. Behind the lead duo Modjeski held fast to the inside line in third, challenged by Schmidt.

Testing the high line around the track Reinke soon was able to reel in Neitzel. Reinke’s line was especially effective coming off turn two, and that is where he made his move for the lead on Neitzel on lap 20. With a sweeping pass Reinke was able to nab the top spot, and he quickly scrambled away as lapped traffic began to thicken.

Over the closing circuits, Reinke was able to extend his lead to eight car lengths by the time the checkered flag fell. Neitzel settled for runner-up honors and was well aware of the challenge of trying to hold off Reinke.

Reinke indicated he knew it would take using the high line as a means to achieve victory. “The way everybody was tonight, everyone was on the bottom. I knew I could trust him (Neitzel) where I was at. If I was going to pass a car, and win the race I was going to have to figure out how to make the top work. We had a car to win and we finally got it done”, said Reinke obviously pleased with the efforts of his crew.

Modjeski had spent the last half of the feature repelling the challenges of Schmidt who tried one last time on the final circuit to reach the final podium spot. Modjeski’s efforts had proved successful edging Schmidt by less than a car length. Schmidt had to settle for the fourth spot.

In earlier action, Vandervere outran Meyer for the victory in the B-main. Ken Jay Fiedler, Blake Nimee, Darrell Dodd, Brian Kristan and Byron Walters earned transfer spots.

Heat race victories were captured by Wirth, and Mock, and the wins for both drivers negated a bit of bad luck as both have had several misfortunes this season. Brandon Thone captured the final heat race after a wheel to wheel duel with Reinke. The victory for Thone was his first heat race win of the season, and it happened in dramatic fashion.”

Wisconsin Illinois Mini Sprints Feature Results were Mark Heinert, Nick Petska and Nick Daywalt

Heat Winners: Nick Petska and Mike Neau.


Champions Crowned at Plymouth Dirt Track
By: Amy Juech

Excitement and determination filled the atmosphere in the pits as championship night was among us. Remarkable weather, large crowd and fast track created some outstanding races.

Aldog-Honald Mechanical Sprints rolled trackside first with Brandon McMullen and Al Schlafer setting the pace. With one to go till the green Kyle Marten took a hard right that led him to the attention of his crew not allowing him to rejoin the pack as he didn’t take the initial green flag. McMullen maintained control of the field with Schlaffer and Melis brothers of Tim and Jim right behind. Doug Wondra retired to the pits unexpectedly. McMullen continued to maneuver his sprint car around the 1/3 mile semi bank track pointing his car at the exact right moment. Our first caution waved for Scott Conger, Shane Wenninger and Danny Schlaffer coming to rest between turn 2 and the backstretch. Field realigned and McMullen’s lead was gone, Jim Melis crept his way into second, meanwhile T. J. Luedke picked a car off each lap. Randy Walters and Nick Melis got together causing Walters to tip over bring out a red. McMullen now had his hands full as track champion Donny Goeden lined up second row outside. McMullens car was a bullet but could he beat Goeden? McMullen pulled out over the field with Goeden a few car lengths behind. Goeden was running a different line but was unable to catch McMullen (Plymouth) for the checkers. Second went to Goeden (Kewaskum) followed by Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), T.J. Luedke (Plymouth) and Josh Walters (Plymouth). Donny Goeden, Danny Schlafer and Randy Sippel all tied passing eight cars each for hard charger.
B-Main winner was Justin Miller (Plymouth) and the following were transfer cars to the main event Doug Wondra (Oakfield), Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake), Rusty Egan (Round Lakes Heights, IL), Mitchell Yurmanovich (Cascade), Randy Walter (Cascade) and alternate was Kevin Seidler (Kendal).
Heat Winners: Donny Goeden (Kewaskum), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) and Josh Walter (Plymouth)

Feldman Sales and Service Grand Nationals were next with Pat Marcott leading the field to the green when he spun collecting quite a few drivers. Marcott was unable to return, other drivers able to race with damaged cars. Mark Fieber now controlled the field with Roger Lee closing in. A caution on lap 5 for Aaron Stolp spinning brought out our next and final caution. Fieber got a jump on second Brad Lubach during the restart with Don Sorce Jr. snuggled in right behind. Kevin Lubach tried high and low to pass Roger Lee for fourth until eventually taking Lee around and being disqualified for rough driving. Luke Scholten was on a mission to find the leader after transferring in from the B-Main was up to eighth. Barry Maas had some trouble getting his car to advance, trying many grooves of the track. Tim Thompson had his hands full trying to get past Dick Hed, eventually passing him sixteen laps later. Brad Lubach (Kiel) crossed the checkers first followed by Mark Fieber (Cascade), Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Luke Scholten and Tim Thompson (Campbellsport).
Hard charger passing fourteen cars was Luke Scholten.
B-Main winner was Brian Gilles followed by transfer cars of Luke Scholten, James Pagel (St. Cloud), Matt Yancey (Sheboygan) and alternate Josh Pierce (Fredonia).
Heat Winners: Tyler Kulow (New Holstein), Aaron Stolp (Milwaukee) and Brad Lubach (Kiel)

Jim Schmidt was in Craig Schueffners # 70 in the pole position with Kyle Odekirk to the outside when the green flag waved of the Johnsonville Sausage Late Model Feature. Jim Schmidt pulled out to lead with Odekirk tight behind. Aaron Holiday and Ted Dolhun Sr. battled each other for seventh position. Brad Mueller pulled alongside and then passed Odekirk for second. Schmidt was amongst lapped traffic trying to hold off a hard charging Brad Mueller who was back after a bad break two weeks ago. Point leader Mitch McGrath was running fourth until a motor issue caused him to leave the track in a hurry. Randy Markwardt was also back after a nasty ride destroyed his car a few weeks ago along the front stretch wall, but pulled off to the attention of his crew. Mueller continued to gain ground on Schmidt at the halfway point. Tim Buhler who had car troubles early in the night was being lapped. Lap 16 Mueller skillfully passed Schmidt to control the lead. Justin Hirt slowly passed cars now in third place. With on lap to go Mueller passed a few lapped cars to open the gap between him and second place. After a caution free race checkers waved for Brad Mueller with an evening clean sweep followed by Jim Schmidt (Cleveland), Justin Hirt, Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth) and Justin Schmidt (Cleveland). Tim Buhler was our hard charger passing seven.
Heat Winners: Brad Mueller (Random Lake), Mitch McGrath (Waukesha) and Justin Schmidt (Cleveland)

Jonathon Otte and Tim Tiedt made up the front row leading the field to the green. An immediate red flag came out for Tim Tiedt losing a tire and flipping coming into turn 4. Brody Rivest slid past Scott Schlafke for the lead until two cars tangled sending Schlafke flipping viscously in turn 4. Unnamed late arrival in the number 18 took control of the field, eventually lapping traffic on lap nine. Brian Chimminatti and Justin Erickson continue to swap seventh position. A controversial black flag for the 18 being disqualified for rough driving as he was involved with Brody Rivest being turned on the final lap. Winner Brody Rivest (Sheboygan) didn’t know he won. Chris Pankow (Lomira) was second, followed by Jacob Bank, Chris Maas (Oakfield) and Jonathon Otte (Cedar Grove). Passing thirteen cars for hard charger was Jacob Bank.
Heat Winners: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan), Chris Maas (Oakfield)

Point leader Johnny Fahl and Butchie Hafemann made up the front row on the start of the 15 lap Super Mod feature event. Hafemann gained the lead from the start to only be passed on lap 2 by Johnny Fahl. Dennis Klumb started seventh and currently second in points worked his way into third. Fahl came up on lapped traffic on lap 9. Leroy Ostrowski took control of the field from Johnny Fahl with Klumb in hot persuit until a caution waved for Keith Anderson. Another caution waved on the restart for Dennis Klumb spinning in turn 2. Fahl went on to win followed by Ostrowski, Dan Krushke, Bill Lemkuil and Butchie Hafemann.
Heat Winners: Johnny Fahl and Butchie Hafemann (Campbellsport)

Evening closed with a short awards ceremony behind the grandstands for all drivers recognizing all the champions, rookie of the years, most improved drivers and dedication to dirt award.
Our Aldog Honald Mechanical 360 Sprints do have one points night left next week with the IRA 410 Series but our track champion already was determined to be Donny Goeden wrapping up his title tonight. Rookie of the Year was Nick Melis and Most Improved was Chris Clayton
Johnsonville Sausage Late Models: Champion Mitch McGrath and Most Improved was Dave Thomas
Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals: Champion Don Sorce Jr., Rookie of the Year Aaron Stolp
Outlaw Compacts: Champion Justin Erickson, Rookie of the Year was Tyler Fischer, Most Improved was Chris Maas
Super Mods: Champion Johnny Fahl and Rookie of the Year was Erv Helm
Dedication to Dirt Award went to Dan Mayer from Mayer Automotive on his 40 years of dedication to the sport by either owning or sponsoring multiple Sprints, and helping other drivers along the way.

Special thanks to Booz In of Random Lake for being the evening Trophy Sponsor. Scheffner Racing for the Kids Bus Sponsorship and Kim’s Five Corners for donating a kids bike each and every week. Please join us next week for our last night of 360 Sprints and IRA 410 Series.


North Pole Nightmare Bill Balog and Paul Pokorski win at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

IRA 410 Series & Aldag–Honald Mechanical Sprints were at Sheboygan County Fair Friday Night. About 60 drivers participated between the two events in which the crowd witnessed some impressive racing. A few drivers also tried their hand at pulling off double duty between the divisions.
“28 cars had presented for competition this evening, and with the field trimmed to 22 cars as the A-main event rolled trackside.
There was a festival like atmosphere, thanks to the running of the fair. The fair’s midway in the background made for a perfect backdrop as the field roared to life under starter Jim Barr’s green flag.
Local favorites Thiel, and multi-time Plymouth Dirt Track 360 sprint champion Ben Schmidt made up the front row, and the supporting crowd cheered their local racers who had turned many laps at the facility before moving on to IRA competition. Both drivers, contending for rookie of the year honors, gave those fans plenty to cheer about with Schmidt powering to the lead, and Thiel holding down the second slot.
Balog meanwhile had his hands full with Reinke in a battle for third. Reinke had established a new track record earlier in the program blistering the track with an orbit of 12.085 seconds. The former mark stood at 12.137 when Brian Kristan established the standard as the record book was rewritten when the track configuration was changed this season.
Out front Schmidt was rim riding his way around the track moving out to a slight lead on Thiel, and Balog. By the eighth lap the leaders had caught the tail of the field, and the lead trio began to slice through back markers.
Schmidt’s reign at the front came to an end on the backstretch on lap ten when he tagged the wall, slowing briefly. That allowed Thiel to take advantage of the opportunity, and dart into the lead. Balog also took advantage of the situation, scrambling to second by passing Schmidt.
Thiel’s time as the front proved to be brief, as on the next lap he slid wide in turn four, allowing Balog to drop to the bottom of the track and steal the lead. At the same time Reinke replaced Schmidt in the third spot.
The leaders were working heavy lapped traffic when they caught a break in the form of a caution created when Scott Biertzer performed a 360 spin in turn two on lap 18. The caution was the first slowdown in lRA main events the past two shows as the Seymour race had ran non-stop.
Racing quickly resumed with Balog holding a slim lead over Thiel, who in turn had a small advantage on Reinke. The trio again caught back markers with six laps to go in the event. Balog was briefly caught in traffic allowing Thiel to reel in the leader, but a bold move between two cars allowed Balog squirt out front.
Behind the lead trio Schmidt had been running solidly in the fourth spot then he suddenly left the racing surface with only a few laps remaining.
Thiel was able to follow Balog closely in the closing laps though he was unable to find a way by the high-flying Balog who accepted the checkered flag for the second straight event. Thiel earned his third runner-up performance of the year. Reinke’s third place effort was his third straight podium finish. Reinke has finished in the top four, six out of the last eight races showing remarkable consistency.
Two-time series champ, Scotty Neitzel, had elevated himself to the fourth spot when Schmidt had dropped from the contest holding the position to the finish. Kristan making a rare IRA start this season was able to earn his first top five effort of the season in fifth.”

Aldag-Honald Mechanical Sprints rolled out next with Ken Jay Fiedler and Josh Walters on the front row. At the drop of the green flag Walters was out front of Fiedler until Pokorski took over second a lap later. Tenth place was being battled out by Jason Johnson and Donny Goeden. Meanwhile Shane Wenninger was trying to pass Randy Walter for eighth. Walters was not able to pull away from a hard charging Pokorski. Pokorski got Walters at the line to lead lap 7. Lap traffic of Nick Melis did not possess any issues having a comfortable lead over Walters. Danny Schlafer was now up to fourth and part of a father son battle with Al Schlafer in third. Shane Wenninger spun in turn two bringing out our first caution on lap 14. Restart was not smooth with Justin Miller tipping over between turns three and four bringing out our only red. Miller returned with damaged wings and no laps down. Pokorski still maintained the lead over Walters after the second restart. Lap 18 brought out our final caution for wing debris of Justin Miller littering the backstretch. Danny Schlafer passed Walter on the restart to control second. Pokorski did not seem bothered by who was swapping positions behind as his car was on cruise control. As the checkers waved for Paul Pokorski (West Bend), second went to Al Schlafer and Danny Schlafer (both Sussex) got Josh Walters (Plymouth) between turns three and four, followed by Donny Goeden (Kewaskum).

Hard Chargers were Tim Melis and Donny Goeden both passing 11 cars.

B-Main Results: Rusty Egan (Round Lake Heights, IL.), Justin Miller (Plymouth), Doug Wondra (Oakfield), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Tim Melis (Plymouth) and alternate Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake).

Heat Race Winners: Brandon McMullen (Plymouth), John Krebsbach (Cascade), Danny Schlafer (Sussex) and Kurt Davis (West Allis).

Special thank you to Mayer Automotive for being the evening Trophy Sponsor. Please join us next week for full PDTR program with Super Modifieds. Season Championship for all divisions except 360 Sprints with an awards ceremony following the night’s program.
Marten and Utter Beat Curfew at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Plymouth Dirt Track worked vigorously on track preparation with all the resent rain. Vietnam War Era American Huey Air Ambulance landed in the infield during opening ceremonies. As a result of a generous donation from PDTR, 12 children from local Boys & Girls Clubs and Big Brothers & Big Sisters had the opportunity to ride aboard the Helicopter. Johnsonville Sausage Late Models and Corn Belt Series combined for this evening’s late model program.

Jason Johnson and Lance Fassbender made up the front row as the Aldog-Honald Mechanical Sprints took the green flag.
Johnson jumped out to the lead with Fassbender, Danny Schlafer and Justin Miller succeeding. Johnson remained in control as he encountered lapped traffic on lap 5 on this extremely fast track. Lap 6 Danny Schlafer caught the infield tires causing him to break and retire to the pits for the evening during the only caution. Justin Miller and Kyle Marten passed Lance Fassbender on the restart. Lap 12 Johnson amongst lapped traffic again and Kyle Marten was closing in. Eighth and ninth place drivers Jim Melis and Donny Goeden were battling their way through traffic. Marten slid past Johnson to take control of the field, only lasted three laps until Johnson got him back. Marten regained control of the field with Johnson and Shane Wenninger close behind. Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) maneuvering around more lapped traffic helped separate him from fellow drivers as he crossed the checkers first followed by Jason Johnson (Campbellsport), Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Justin Miller (Plymouth) and John Krebsbach (Casacade).
B-Main Winner was Tim Melis (Plymouth) and remaining transfer cars were Scott Conger (Eagle), Nick Melis (Plymouth), Al Schlaefer (Sussex), Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Robbie Pribnow (Knowles) and alternate Samantha Portschy (Plymouth). Four drivers tied for hard charger passing seven cars each: Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) and Al Schlafer (Sussex).
Heat Winners: John Krebsbach (Cascasde), Danny Schlafer (Sussex) and Justin Miller (Plymouth)

This evening’s main feature was the Corn Belt Clash Late Model race where the winner took home $3,000. Front row consisted of Jake Redetzke and Spenser Diercks leading the field to the green. Diercks jumped out to an early lead over Jason Utter. Caution on lap 3 for Random Lakes Brad Mueller after lift bar damage causing him to retire to the pits earlier than expected. Lap 4 was caution stricken with three separate cautions resulting in four drivers seeking the attention of their crews including Billy Rezitek and Tim Buhler. Restart results in Diercks still in control of the field until a three way battle occurred sending Diercks back to third place. Mitch McGrath and Jason Rauen stick to their goal of winning slowly picking off cars every few laps on their search for the leaders. New leader Utter was closely shadowed by Chris Simpson. Lap 14 Simpson and Utter touch as they battle for the lead sending Simpson to spin bringing out another caution. On the restart Mark Rose got a little sideways shooting through the infield corner hopping the tires and getting stuck in the mud. Utter controlled the field on the restart and continued with the lead for a few laps until Chad Simpson notified Utter that he was there touching and almost swapping positions. Utter motored back and kept the field under his control, catching lapped traffic as well. Jason Utter (Columbus Junction, IA) crosses the double checkers first trailed by Chad Simpson (Mt. Verna, IA), Jake Redetzke (Eau Claire, WI), Spenser Diercks (Davenport, IA) and Lance Matthees (Winona, MN).
Corn Belt Clash Late Models raced two B-Mains and a six lap/six car dash to determine the field for the feature. Dash was won by Spencer Diercks just eighteen years old (Davenport, IA). B-Main 1 winner: Dave Eckrich (Oxford, IA) and transfer cars were: Paul Parker and Mike Fryer (Freeport, IL). B-Main 2 winner: Bobby Smith and transfer cars were Turk Letizia (Milwaukee) and Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah).
Heat Winners: Jason Utter (Columbus Junction, IA), Spenser Diercks (Davenport, IA), Jake Redetske (Eau Claire, WI) and Chris Simpson (Oxford, IA).

Running extremely close to curfew, Mark Fieber and Tim Simon led the Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals to the green flag. Lap one brought out an immediate caution for a car spinning, a restart resulted in another caution. PDTR determined that curfew was met and equal pay and points went to all feature participating drivers.
Heat Winners: Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Matt Yancey (Sheboygan), and James Pagel (St. Cloud)

Outlaw Compacts were unable to race this evening with curfew met. Equal pay and points were given to drivers.
Heat Winners: Ben Meyerhofer (Menasha), Chris Maas (Oakfield)

Special thanks to evening sponsor Van Der Vaart Concrete Products and evening trophy sponsor Collins State Bank.
Please join us next Friday for the IRA show during the Sheboygan County Fair.
Mother Nature Rains Out Features at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Hot weather greeted fans then a storm blew in bringing torrential downpours, creating an unsalvageable track for our feature events.

Aldog-Honald Mechanical Sprint Heats were first with your winners being Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Kurt Davis (West Allis) and Steve Meyer. B-Main Feature was won by Danny Schlaefer (Sussex).

Heat winners for the Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals were Aaron Stolp (Milwaukee), Jeff Lammers (Plymouth) and Matt Yancey (Sheboygan). B-Main Feature winner was Mark Fieber (Cascade).

Brad Mueller (Random Lake) and Billy Rezutek (Big Bend) won the Johnsonville Sausage Late Models Heats.

Outlaw Compacts Heat winners were Mark Kufuss (Sheboygan) and Brody Rivst (Sheboygan).

Big thanks to John Crane Bearing for being our Trophy Sponsor for a second week. Please join us next week for Corn Belt Clash along with Super Late Model Series and a full PDTR program. Huey Air Ambulance (Helicopter) will also be landing at the track.
Maas, Davis, Buhler and Rivst win at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Grandstands filled in for Fan Appreciation Night at PDTR, fans witnessed some amazing racing. Some drivers did meet and greets, autographed apparel, others threw up T-shits, Frisbees and some handed out treats in the pits.

First out this evening were the Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals for their extended feature and 50% purse increase. Dick Hed and James Pagel led the field to the green, Hed pulled out to lead lap one until Pagel passed a lap later. Brad Lubach slowly fell to the back, passed by Steven Weber with Mark Fieber close behind. Barry Maas steadily gained ground on Hed eventually passing him for second. Deep in the pack were unexpected cars of Dan Sorce and Kodiak Wirtz swapping eighteenth position. Hed motored past Maas to gain second place back, then managed to pass Pagel to lead for a lap. Pagel passed Hed back, leading two laps until a caution came out for tires that were continually getting hit between turns one and two eventually coming to rest in the racing groove. Brad Lubach was penalized two spots for continually hitting infield tires. Race resumed with Maas in control of the field with Pagel and Luke Scholton chasing him down. Drivers were swapping positions by going three and even four wide on the front and back stretch attempting to gain ground before the finish. As the checkers waved on lap 30 “Hollywood” Barry Maas (Cascade) crossed the checkers first, followed by Luke Scholton, James Pagel (St. Cloud), Dick Hed (Plymouth) and Tim Simon (Fond du Lac). Hard Charger passing 17 cars was Luke Scholton driving for Scott Houpt.
Top four B-Main drivers transferring on to the feature were Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Kodiak Wirtz (Menomonee Falls), Luke Scholton, Dan Sorce (Franklin) and alternate Pat Marcott.
Heat Winners: Dick Hed (Plymouth), James Pagel (St. Cloud), Barry Maas (Cascade) and Matt Yancey (Sheboygan)

Randy Sippel and Kyle Marten side by side at the cone brought the Aldag-Honald Mechanical Sprint Feature to a start. Marten slid past Sippel to control the lead. Brandon McMullen settled into third with Justin Miller in tow. A spin by Chris Clayton brought out the yellow which did not end well. Ken Jay Fiedler slid into him flipping over creating a red flag situation. Marten regained control with McMullen close behind, two laps later McMullen passed Marten on the high side. Jason Johnson and Paul Pokorski were in their own battle mid pack. Another unfortunate caution results in a red situation as Chris Clayton spins and Josh Walter flips in turn 4. Final restart with McMullen in control and Marten close behind had additional company of Kurt Davis. Davis drove on the outside to pass Marten, in search for McMullen. Donny Goeden drew closer to Marten in his quest for the front. McMullen approached lapped traffic allowing Davis and Goeden to gain ground. McMullen was not able to maneuver through lapped traffic as well as Davis. An astonished crowd watched Davis slide past McMullen for the lead with just three laps to go. When the checkers flew it was Davis (West Allis) over McMullen (Plymouth) followed by Goeden (Kewaskum), Marten (Sheboygan Falls) and Jim Melis (Glenbeulah). Crowd pleaser Davis completes his win with a significant amount of victory donuts, coming to a rest in front of the crowd. Hard Chargers each passing 7 cars were Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Travis Luedke (Plymouth) and Jim Melis (Glenbeulah).
B-Main Finish: Danny Schlafer (Sussex), Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls), Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Dennis Wessner (Sheboygan Falls) and Josh Walter (Plymouth)
Heat Winners: Donny Goeden (Kewaskum), Kurt Davis (West Allis), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls)

Johnsonville Sausage Late Models were out next with Ted Dolhun Sr. and Rick Scheffler setting the pace. An immediate caution came out for Brad Mueller spinning by himself, Jim Schmidt and Eric Michaels tangled trying to avoid Mueller. Schleffler went on to lead after the restart. Buhler passed Dolhun Sr. for second in his hunt for Scheffler. Randy Markwardt and Billy Reutek struggled to resolve eighth position. Mitch McGrath was now part of the three way battle for the lead with Scheffler and Buhler. Lap 14 brought lapped traffic into the picture for leader Scheffler. Randy Markwardt out for the first time this year with a brand new car drove into the infield in turn four and over corrected sending himself towards the front stretch wall. Disastrous end for Markwardt as the wall sucked him in and sent his car flying into the catch fence and moving the flag stand. Markwardt was shaken; car was destroyed as a tandem tow was needed to remove his card from the track. A slight delay as track workers and fair board members replaced a section of the fence. On the restart McGrath and Buhler got passed Scheffler to take over the lead. McGrath was steadily trying to hold off Buhler, causing him to lose control and jump the cushion. Checkers waved for Buhler winning another feature followed by Mitch McGrath (Waukesha), Rick Scheffler (Waukesha), Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) and Ted Dolhun Sr. (Franklin). Hard Charger passing 7 cars was Russ Scheffler (Waukesha).
Heat Winners: Mitch McGrath (Waukesha), Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth)

Final feature for the evening were the outlaw compacts with Brody Rivst and Justin Erickson setting the pace. Rivst jumped out to an early lead followed by Erickson. Lapped car of Tyler Fischer did not bother leaders. Mechanical issues for Jon Hitsman caused him to lose some power and become the next lapped car. Jonathon Otte and Scott Schlafke battle to resolve fourth position. Erickson managed to pass Rivst only for a lap. Coming to the checkers Rivst tangled with Erickson causing Rivst (Sheboygan) to go completely sideways, but straightened out just as he crossed the checkers followed by of Erickson (Plymouth), Schlafke (Cleveland), Maas (Oakfield) and Otte (Cedar Grove). Rivest tied track record at 4:37. Hard Charger passing 6 cars was Scott Schlafke (Cleveland).
Heat Winner: Brody Rivst (Sheboygan)

Our one and only “Benito” Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) won the Spectator Races with his Monte Carlo.

Big thanks to John Crane Bearing for being our Trophy Sponsor for the evening. Thanks to all who supported Brandon McMullen’s Charity Project Angel Hugs donating over $1,500. Thanks to Warren Luedke Auctioneering for sponsoring the Kid’s Bus Rides prior to the race program.
Past Champions and Clean Sweeps at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Vintage stock cars were parked behind the grandstands for spectator’s enjoyment and PDTR recognized past champions during intermission. Clean Sweep is when a driver wins his heat and A-Main event.

Johnsonville Sausage Late Models rumbled out first with Russ Scheffler and Tim Buhler setting the pace for 25 laps. Scheffler shot out into the lead over Buhler while Brad Mueller was trying to hold off Mitch McGrath for third. Buhler was passed a few laps in by Mueller on the outside. Eric Michaels left to the attention of his pit crew and was unable to return. Mueller then put his sights on Scheffler for the lead and passed him on the outside on lap 13. McGrath caught Scheffler and looked to his inside before Scheffler charged back into second. Lap 20 Mueller is working his way past lapped traffic allowing McGrath to slide past Scheffler for second. Crossing the checkers first with a clean sweep for the evening was Brad Mueller, few car lengths back was Mitch McGrath (Waukesha), Russ Scheffler (Waukesha), Jim Schmidt (Cleveland) and Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah). Hard charger passing 4 cars was Jim Schmidt. (Misfortunes in the late model class from the previous night, plus two scratches from earlier evening activities resulted in lower division count this evening.)
Heat Winners: Brad Mueller (Random Lake) and Brian Gilles

Leading the field to the green were Dan Sorce and Roger Lee for the Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals.
Dan Sorce managed to hold off Lee and led lap 1 followed by his brother Don Sorce Jr. James Pagel lost his battle over eighth position to Kevin Lubach. Jonathon Singer left to the attention of his crew unable to return. Dan Sorce continued to pull away from the field and at the halfway point he had a front stretch lead. Caution for Tim Simon and Aaron Stolp realigned the field for a final restart. A rocket fast Dan Sorce held onto the lead over brother Don, while Roger Lee had his hands full trying to hold off Luke Scholten driving for Scott Houpt. Tyler Kulow left to the attention of his crew for a flat tire. Kevin Lubach slid past Steven Weber to take over sixth. Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) fell second to brother Dan Sorce (Franklin) as the double checkers waved followed by Roger Lee (Windlake), Luke Scholten and Jeff Lammers (Plymouth). Hard Charger passing 9 cars was Jeff Lammers.
B-Main: Dick Hed (Plymouth), Brad Lubach (Kiel), Brian Cesar (Sheboygan) and Mark Kufuss (Sheboygan)
Heat Winners: Dan Sorce (Franklin), Tim Simon (Fond du Lac) and James Pagel (St. Cloud)

Aldog-Honald Mechanical Sprints were pushed off next competing for an increased purse. Front row consisted of Paul Pokorski and Jim Melis. Great seeing Jim Melis back after his wild ride last week. On the green flag Todd King got a little crossed up hopping the infield tires and cutting through the infield between turns 1 & 2. Pokorski controlled the field for lap one of thirty with Shane Wenninger behind. Brandon McMullen worked his way around Kyle Martin. Pokorski guided the field until the only caution waved for Rusty Egan having trouble on the backstretch and retiring to the pits for the evening. Wenninger took control of the field on lap thirteen and Goeden was in hot pursuit. Lap 20 Goeden caught Wenninger and were side by side until Goeden skillfully passed on the outside for the lead. Kurt Davis finally managed to sneak past Josh Walters for sixth position. Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) crossed the checkers first making it two in a row followed by Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Travis Luedke (Plymouth) and Tim Haddy (Waupun). Hard Chargers both passing 7 cars were Donny Goeden and Randy Sippel.
B-Main: Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls), Doug Wondra (Oakfield), Rusty Egan (Round Lake Heights, IL), Tim Melis (Plymouth), Todd King and Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake)
Heat Winners: Al Schlafer (Sussex), Travis Luedke (Plymouth), Tim Haddy (Waupan) and Donny Goeden (Kewaskum)

Outaw Compacts rolled trackside next with Donny Welch and Brody Rivst leading the field to the green. Brody was back in his car this week, not missing a beat jumping out into the lead early. Scott Schlafke battled with Rivst until passing to take over the lead. Mark Kufuss driving for Jonathon Otte passed James Rautmann for fifth place. Cody Pankow retired to the pits with mechanical issues. Schlafke reeled in lapped traffic trying to keep Rivst at bay. Coming to the white flag lap Brody broke his back tire off and continued on. Crossing the checkers first was Scott Schlafke (Cleveland) finishing second was Chris Maas (Oakfield) followed by 3 wheeling Brody Rivst (Sheboygan), Justin Erickson (Plymouth) and Mark Kufuss (Sheboygan). Hard Charger passing 5 cars was Randy Ostermann.
Heat Winners: Scott Schlafke (Cleveland) and Chris Maas (Oakfield)

Leroy Ostrowski and Butchie Hafemann lead the Super Mods to the green flag. Ostrowski’s lead was short lived when Hafemann passed him to lead lap 2, Ostrowski rallied back to take control and lead lap 3. Johnny Fahl motored past Hafemann for second with Dennis Klumb in tow. As the checkers flew it was Leroy Ostrowski crossing first followed by Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer), Dennis Klumb (Adell), Butchie Hafemann (Campbellsport), Bill Lemkuil (Waldo) and Roy Stern (Hustisford).
Heat Winner: Butchie Hafemann (Campbellsport)

Trophy sponsorship for the evening was Surkhe Insurance. Please join us next week for a full PDTR program and extra purse for Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals. For more information please check out our website at
Buhler, Goeden, Rivest and Lee Win at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Weathers cooperation and track workers determination provided drivers and fans a tacky, smooth and fast track with multiple grooves for optimum racing. Acknowledgement was given to active and retired area firefighters with free admission and a short ceremony during the national anthem.

Ron Stroika and Dave Thomas set the pace for the Johnsonville Sausage Late Models feature event. Green flag waved by guest flagman Firefighter Captain Joe Lisrecki (Waldo/Greenbush). Thomas led lap one until Tim Buhler passed on lap 2 and by lap 5 had a front stretch lead on the field. Russ Scheffler and Kyle Odekirk continued to exchange sixth position. Swap for second occurred between Thomas and Stroika. A three car pile-up in the back of the pack brought out our first caution on lap 11. On the restart coming out of turn four a driver got squirrely causing a multiple car caution under the flag stand involving father and son Dolhuns, requiring both of them to retire to the pits. On the second attempt at the restart, drivers were three wide on the backstretch. Buhler was getting impatient with two more quick cautions realigning the field. Odekirk was now holding off Letizia for second. Checkers flew for Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah) with his second feature win for the year, followed by point leader Mitch McGrath (Waukesha), Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth), Jim Letizia (Milwaukee) and Russ Scheffler (Waukesha). Hard Charger passing 8 cars was Mitch McGrath.
Heat Winners: Justin Schmidt (Cleveland), TJ Dolhun (Milwaukee).

Aldag-Honald Mechanical Sprint Cars rolled trackside next with the front row consisting of Danny Schlafer and Josh Walter. Schlafer jumped out in the lead with Donny Goeden in tow. Dannon Tessmer and Randy Sippel touch folding their front ends and both retiring to their trailers for the evening. Schlafer continued to hold Goeden and Walter at bay. Scott Conger, Doug Wondra and Shane Wenninger trade tenth position. Goeden slid past Schlafer for the lead on lap 10. Lap 13 Goeden was in lapped traffic, Jim Melis was closing. Melis bumped tires of a lapped car sending him into turn 1 catch fence and flipping back on to the racing surface. Melis was transported as a safety precaution and is home resting. Nick Melis retired to the pits under the yellow with a brake issue. Travis Luedke was disqualified for going into the pits under a red. Two more quick cautions resulted in Brandon McMullen working his way to third place. Goeden continued to lead over Schlafer as the drivers settled into position for the finish. Goeden (Kewaskum) won his fourth feature this year over Danny Schlafer (Sussex), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth), Josh Walter (Plymouth) and Doug Wondra (Oakfield). Hard Chargers passing 9 cars each were Al Schlafer, Rusty Egan and Kevin Karnitz.
B-Main Finish: Jason Johnson (Campbellsport), Al Schlafer (Sussex), Rusty Egan(Round Lake, IL), Kevin Seidler (Kendall), Nick Melis (Plymouth), Kevin Karnitz (West Bend) and alternate Matt Van Wyk (Waldo).
Heat Winners: Randy Walter (Plymouth), Chris Clayton (Waldo), Scott Conger (Eagle) and Brandon McMullen (Plymouth)

Cody Pankow and Brian Chiminatti set the pace in the Outlaw Compacts starting their extended twenty lap feature. Chimminatti took control of the field until Pankow passed him back followed by Chirs Maas. Chiminatti, Jonathon Otte, Donnie Welch and Patric Ciske all involved in a crash on the front stretch sending three of them to the attention of their crew. Rivest gained control of the field after the restart and coming to the lap 3 he was completely sideways but managed to get his car back under control to lead the lap. Remainder of drivers settled in behind a flying Rivest as he began to lap traffic. Checkers waved for Brody Rivest (Sheboygan), followed by Scott Schlafke (Cleveland), Chris Maas (Oakfield), Justin Erickson (Plymouth) and Cody Pankow (Lomira). Hard Charger passing 6 cars was Brody Rivest.
Heat Winners: Chirs Maas (Oakfield), Scott Schlafke (Cleveland)

Feldmann Sales & Service Grand Nationals rolled trackside last with Steven Weber and Brandon Frank setting the pace to the green. Weber jumped out over Frank. Roger Lee wasted no time invading Weber’s space. Aaron Hauck and Melissa Singer battle out eighth position. Lap 7 brought out our first of four cautions when two cars tangled and spun facing oncoming traffic. Lee regained control of the field with Don SorceJ Jr. working his way through traffic after being the alternate. Two separate cautions in lap 17 rearranging the field significantly when 6 different drivers would restart in the back of the pack. Realigning the field we notice Don Sorce Jr. moved into fourth. Second place Aaron Stolp got a little crossed up causing him to lose a few positions. Final caution results in Tim Simon being penalized two spots for previously jumping the restart. Roger Lee (Windlake) managed to cross the checkers first with Dan Sorce (Franklin) second followed by Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Mark Fieber (Plymouth) and Aaron Stolp (Milwaukee). Hard Charger passing 17 cars was Donny Sorce Jr.
B-Main Finish: Ben Konen (Richfield), Mark Fieber (Plymouth), Patt Marcott, Tyler Kulow (New Holstein)and alternate Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis).
Heat Winners: Brad Lubach (Kiel), Brandon Frank (Sheboygan) and Dan Sorce (Franklin)

Spectator Eliminators made up of eight drivers with single elimination were the last attraction for the evening with the winner Bill Singer (Random Lake) in his 2005 Mitsubishi advancing on to the final held during the Sheboygan County Fair.

Trophy sponsorship for the evening was Recognition Specialists, Inc. Please join us next week for a full PDTR program and extra purse for Aldag-Honald Mechanical Sprints. F
Enthusiastic Winners at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

An eventful night at PDTR including: driver introductions, extended features and a larger Late Model Purse.

Nick Melis and Travis Luedke led the Aldog-Honald Mechanical Sprint field to the green. Coming to lap 1 Luedke clipped a tire ending his night and Doug Wondra slid past Melis for the lead. Randy Sippel and Brandon McMullen battled over fourth place. Wondra silently slipped farther and farther from second place Melis. Paul Pokorski and Jason Johnson fought to settle 8 place. First caution was Mitchell Yurmanovich who spun in turn 2. Sippel passed McMullen on the restart, then Justin Miller on the high side a lap later. A caution for Jason Johnson and Ken Jay Fiedler waved. Wondra had company, Sippel was on the outside. Sippel fought high and low to pass Wondra. Wondra drove with meaning not allowing himself to mess-up. When the double checkers flew it was Sippel (Elkhart Lake) second to an overly excited first time feature winner Doug Wondra (Oakfield). Third went to Justin Miller (Plymouth) followed by Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) and Brandon McMullen (Plymouth). Hard charger passing 15 cars was Jim Melis.
Heat Winners: Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Scott Conger (Eagle) and Josh Walter (Plymouth)

Johnsonville Sausage Late Model feature rolled trackside next, Justin Schmidt and Russ Scheffler made up the front row. Schmidt jumped out to lead over Scheffler, by lap 2 Brad Mueller was closing in. Schmidt drove almost perfect laps making it very difficult for Mueller to successfully pass. Dave Thomas, Billy Resutek and Tim Buhler scuffle amongst themselves for eighth position. Lap 12 Mueller slid past Schmidt and put the hammer down. Lap 13 Mueller was maneuvering around lapped traffic. Schmidt had some work to do to keep Scheffler and Mitch McGrath behind. Mueller was continually gaining ground on the field placing more and more lapped cars between himself and new second place driver Scheffler. Checkers waved after a caution free race for Mueller (Random Lake) with a straightaway lead over second Scheffler (Waukesha), followed by McGrath (Waukesha), Justin Schmidt (Cleveland) and Rick Scheffler (Waukesha). Brad Mueller set a new 30 lap track record of 7:48. Hard charger was Jim Schmidt passing 7 cars.
Heat Winners: Jim Letizia (Milwaukee), Mitch McGrath (Waukesha) and Mark Rose (Elcho)

Feldman Sales and Service Grand Nationals were up next with Scott Houpt and Don Sorce Jr. guiding the field to the green. Sorce controlled the field on lap 1 with Houpt close behind. Sorce was lapping traffic on lap 8 already and had a front stretch lead. Matt Loehr black flagged mechanical. Halfway through Aaron Stolp lost second to Barry Maas. Brian Vinney Jr. broke bringing out our first caution. After the restart a driver spun in turn 2 resulting in mayhem, five drivers involved. Maas was hoping Sorce would make a slip up allowing him an opportunity to pass. Fifth place Jeff Lammers tried to hold off competition. Sorce Jr. (West Allis) had a few car lengths lead on Maas (Cascade) as he crossed the checkers. Third went to James Pagel (St. Cloud) contested by Lammers (Plymouth) and Stolp (Milwaukee). Hard charger passing 13 cars was Jeff Lammers.
Heat Winners: James Pagel (St. Cloud), Aaron Stolp (Milwaukee) and Scott Houpt (Begium)

Tyler Fisher and James Johnson set the pace for Outlaw Compacts feature. Cars were four wide going into turn 3 for the first lap. Jon Hitsman gained control of the field with Patrick Ciske closing in. First caution was for Johnson and Scott Schlafke tangling in turn 2. Jonathon Otte took control until two more quick cautions resulted in James Rautmann going to the attention of his crew and Ciske retiring to the pits. Otte regained control until Schlafke passed him followed by Brody Rivst. Schlafke came upon lapped traffic on lap 13, almost allowing Rivst to get past. When the checkers flew it was Schlafke (Cleveland), Rivst (Sheboygan), Otte (Cedar Grove), Brian Chiminatti (Manitowac) and Justin Erickson (Plymouth). Hard chargers were Scott Schlafke and Brody Rivst both passing 8 cars.
Heat Winner: Brody Rivest (Sheboygan)

Super Mods were last for the evening with Johnny Fahl and Leroy Ostrowski pacing the field. Fahl jumped out to lead over Ostrowski. Dennis Klumb slid past Ostrwoski to take over second. Dan Kruschke passed Butchie Hafemann after he got high in turn 1. Double checkers waved for Fahl (Brown Deer), followed by Klumb (Adell), Ostrowski, Kruschke, Hafemann (Campbellsport) and Lemkuil (Adell).
Heat Winner: Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer)

Special thank you to RC Custom Design for being the evening trophy sponsor. Please join us next week for a full PDTR program and extra purse for the outlaw compacts.


Letizia and Mother Nature Win at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Fans and drivers braved the elements for a few rounds of weather roulette.  A few short showers and two delays PDTR finally lost to Mother Nature after our Johnsonville Sausage Late Model Feature. PDTR has decided to increase purse 50% for a different division the next four weeks starting with Late Models next week along with extended features.

 Johnsonville Sausage Late Models rolled trackside first with Eric Michaels and Turk Letizia setting the pace. Letizia nestled in behind a very fast Michaels with Kyle Odekirk and Mitch McGrath trailing. Letizia passed Michaels on lap 8 to gain control of the field. Tim Buhler and McGrath swapped positions a few times on an extremely smooth and fast track. Rick Scheffler attempted to close in on Odekirck for second. Brad Mueller and Justin Schmidt battled for sixth position. Mechanical issues sent Craig Scheffner, Jim Schmidt, Ron Stroika and Eric Michaels to the pits early. When the double checkers waived Letizia (Milwaukee) soared past first trailed by Odekirk (Plymouth), Rick Scheffler (Waukesha), Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah) and Mitch McGrath (Waukesha). Letizia set a new track record of 6:05; also choose the trophy that included a crisp $100 bill. Thank you to RC Custom Design for being the evening Trophy Sponsor.

Heat Winners: Rick and Russ Scheffler (both of Waukesha)

 Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprint Cars took the green flag until an immediate caution for Kevin Karnitz who flipped into the catch wall between turns 1 and 2. As lineup was complete for the restart, rain started to fall heavier and after a few laps the show was cancelled for the evening.

B-Main Feature Winner: Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake)

Heat Winners: Donny Goeden, Shane Wenninger (both from Kewaskum), Ken Jay Fiedler and Kyle Marten (both of Sheboygan Falls).

 Feldmann Sales and Service Grand National heat winners: James Pagel (St. Cloud), Jeff Lammers (Plymouth) and Barry Maas (Cascade).

 Outlaw Compacts heat winner: Chris Maas (Oakfield)

 Big thanks to Johnsonville Sausage for coming on as a Late Model sponsor. Without all the drivers, crews, fans, sponsors and employees throughout the year the PDTR program would not be a success. Please join us next week for a full PDTR program.

McGrath, Melis, Maas, Arenz and Fahl Conquer Rough Track
By: Amy Juech

Spectators that blew in with the wind watched drivers try and survive a rough track. As stated earlier in the season; new clay in the off season after track reconfiguration and recent moisture left PDTR with a bumpy track even after grader work at intermission.

Late Models rolled out first for driver introductions and a 30 lap feature event. Drivers all safely buckled into their cars received drivers start your engines command from the fans. Turk Letizia and Brad Mueller set the pace for the green flag. Mueller quickly gained the lead contested by Letizia before Letizia passed Mueller on lap 2. Quick caution for Justin Schmidt breaking between turns 1 and 2, retiring to the pits with mechanical issues. Letizia controlled the field challenged by Mitch McGrath for two more laps until McGrath passed him. Meanwhile TJ Dolhun, Mueller and Kyle Odekirk battle for fifth position. Tim Buhler passed Letizia acquiring second place. Lap 17 McGrath and Buhler started to pull away eventually running into lapped traffic of Ted Dolhun. Brian Gilles driving a Late Model for the first time unfortunately became the next lapped car. McGrath and Buhler developed a half track lead over the field, came into more lapped traffic. Traffic cleared for a flying McGrath, Buhler seemed to slowly reel in McGrath until a final lapped car of Billy Rezutek appeared on the final lap. Buhler (Glenbeulah) finishes second to Hopf Farms Trophy Winner McGrath (Waukesha), this is also how they fall in the point race. Letizia (Milwaukee), Dolhun (Milwaukee) and Mueller (Random Lake) rounded out the top five. Hard Charger was a tie both passing 3 cars: Brian Gilles and Tim Buhler.
Heat Winners: TJ Dolhun, Mitch McGrath

Aldag-Honald Mechanical Sprint Cars pushed off next. Tim Haddy and Doug Wondra set the pace, at the start line an unfortunate start for Haddy as his car misfired. Wondra captured the lead as Melis brothers trailed behind. Jim Melis passed Tim Melis in his mission for Wondra. Jim Melis grasped the lead from Wondra until a quick caution for Yurmanovich stopping in turns 1 and 2. Jim Melis regained control on the restart with last week winner Jason Johnson on his back bumper and Donny Goeden following. Johnson tried to hold off Goeden resulting in Johnson spinning and going to the back of the pack on the restart. Drivers in the middle of the pack raced two and almost three wide on their search for the leader. Justin Miller and Matt Van Wyk touched resulting in Miller flipping in turn 1. Third place Kurt Davis slowed on the back stretch after motor issues, Danny Schlafer slowed as the caution waved and was sucked in the turn 1 fence and slide along fence causing a tommy tip over. All drivers climbed from their cars and retired to the pits. Tick tock went the clock and drivers were notified of a green, white, checkered finish. Jim Melis still controled the lead through all the restarts; Goeden close behind and Shane Wenninger closing in as well. Last lap incident in turn 3 results in Josh Walters being a pin ball and coming to rest facing the wrong direction on the start finish line. Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) crossed double checkers first shadowed by Goeden (Kewaskum), Wenninger (Kewaskum), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) and Al Schlaefer (Sussex). Hard Charger passing a total 13 cars was Kyle Marten.
B-Main Finish: Kyle Marten, Josh Walters, Chris Clayton, Randy Walter and Justin Miller
Heat Winners: Kurt Davis, Shane Wenninger, Jim Melis

Feldman Sales and Service Grand National driver introductions and 30 lap main event. Dan Sorce broke during his heat victory lap and was unable to get out for the feature event. Alternate Jimmie Evans made the call to participate. Tim Simon and Don Sorce Jr. were the pole cars setting the pace. Dave Diecher waved a quick caution for a complete restart not liking what he saw. Sorce jumped out to an early lead over Simon and Barry Maas was quickly behind as well. Simon and Maas battle a few laps until Maas took over second. Jonathon Singer and Mark Fieber both black flagged mechanical, pulling into the pits to the attention of their pit crews. Brothers Brad and Kevin Lubach battled with Nick Strobbe Jr., for fifth position. Maas finally passed Don Sorce for the lead and caught lapped traffic around the same time. While Maas and Sorce battled and tried to trade spots a few changes took place behind: Steven Weber left for a flat left front tire, Simon drops back to 8 position before retiring to the pits with mechanical issues and Lubach brothers finally shook Strobbe to take over third and fourth while Strobbe fell to sixth. Barry Maas (Cascade) wins his first Feldman Sales and Service Grand National race, followed by Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Brad Lubach (Kiel), Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake) and Matt Yancy (Sheboygan). Hard Charger passing 10 cars: Nick Strobbe Jr.
B-Main Finish: Nick Strobbe Jr. with a new track record 3:14, Brandon Frank, Josh Pierce, Will Sorce and Jimmie Evans
Heat Winners: Steven Weber, Brad Lubach, Dan Sorce

Outlaw Compacts out next with Scott Schlafke and Travis Arenz setting the pace. Coming to lap one Bordy Rivst blows a tire causing him to flip between turns 3 and 4. As the field restarted Arenz wasted no time to pass Schlafke for the lead. Jonathon Otte passed Randy Ostermann on his journey to catch the leader. Chris Maas retired to the pits early with mechanical issues. Otte and Arenz tangle to allow Otte to lead lap 10, Arenz was not about to go down without a fight, he passed back a lap later. As the checkers waved it was Arenz (Sheboygan), Otte (Cedar Grove), Ostermann (Howards Grove), Justin Erickson (Plymouth) and Schlafke (Cleveland). Hard Charger undetermined as 6 drivers passed 3 cars each.
Heat Winners: Chris Maas, Scott Schlafke

Final feature of the evening was the Super Mods with Johnny Fahl and Dennis Klumb setting the pace. Fahl jumped out to an early lead, while Klumb and Butchie Hafemann battle back and forth for second. A caution free feature made for a quick race with Fahl (Brown Deer) winning over Klumb (Adell), followed by Hafemann (Cambellsport) and Ervin Helms.
Heat Winner: Johnny Fahl.
Significant Car Count, Ambitious Drivers & Experience at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Considering the cancelation of last week’s race program due to weather and track conditions, PDTR put on a lengthy program Saturday. Our evening consisted of our normal PDTR program; adding Sport Mods, spectator races and ending with autograph night. Pleasant weather greeted fans along with over 100 cars in the pits for enjoyable racing.

Rick Scheffler and Kyle Odekirk made up the front row of Late Models feature. Fast and Fierce Dave Deicher waved the green and Russ Scheffler seized first place closely contested by Rick Scheffler. Mitch McGrath, Jim Schmidt and Billy Rezutek attempted to settle sixth position. Schefflers led the field as they started to run into lapped traffic by lap 12. Dave Thomas had some misfortune retiring to the pits early. Mitch McGrath and Tim Buhler weaved their way around experienced drivers as they searched for the leader. Russ led at halfway with a lapped car separating him from second place. Schefflers continued to control the field as Buhler started to close in now in third place. Billy Rezutek retired to the pits with mechanical issues. Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) crosses the checkers first with a new track record of 6:14, contested by Rick Scheffler (Waukesha), Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah), Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth) and Mitch McGrath (Waukesha). Hard Charger was Tim Buhler passing 6.
Heat Winners: Rick Scheffler, Brad Mueller

Don Sorce Jr. who has won the last three features and Tim Simon set the pace for our Feldman Sales and Service Grand National Feature. Bad luck for Simon occurred on lap one when he jumped a tire breaking steering equipment retiring to the pits. Source regained control on the restart followed closely by Dick Hed Sr. and Tyler Kulow. Roger Lee was picking off one car at a time, quietly moving his way forward. Hed took a nasty, wild ride in turn 3 after tangling with another driver. Spectators were relieved to see veteran Dick Hed climb from his wreaked car needing a tandem tow into the pits and onto his trailer. Roger Lee restarted second behind Sorce who was trying for his fourth consecutive win. Source took off on the restart but Lee was not letting up, he caught Sorce and passed for the lead only to have a final caution wave. Roger Lee crossed double checkers first shadowed by Don Sorce Jr., Tyler Kulow, Aaron Stolp and Brad Lubach. Ambitious Roger Lee not only won Feldman Sales and Service Grand National Feature but was hard charger passing 16.
B Main won by Roger Lee, Nick Strobbe Jr., Steven Weber and Josh Pierce transferred to the main event.
Heat Winners: Aaron Hauck, James Pagel, Tyler Kulow and Tim Simon.

Sport Mods were new to the track this evening including a few past PDTR drivers. Gary Glander and Jesse Brey were your pole cars. Brey jumped out to any early lead with Colten Van Heirden closing in. Eric Schriber started to close in on the leaders eventually taking over the lead for a lap. Van Heiden battled back until a caution for Travis Arenz running double duty spun in turn 2. Steve Schneider remained ahead of Schriber until spinning and being sent to the back. Schriber restarted first until our final caution waved for two cars colliding. Van Heirden regained control of the field after some high and low racing to keep Schriber on his back bumper with a little paint trading as well. Checkers flew for Van Heirden followed by Schriber, Brandon Berth, Steve Schneider and Jesse Brey. Hard Charger was a tie between Brandon Berth and Colten Van Heirden passing 6 each.
Heat Winners: Nick Schultz, Eric Schriber

Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprint Cars were up next with Justin Miller and Tim Haddy setting the pace. Haddy grabbed the lead and Jason Johnson closed in quickly. Lap 5 came with excitement as Dannon Tessman and Matt Van Wyk ran into each other sending both to the pits. On the restart Josh Walters tangled with Kyle Marten causing Walters to flip and Chris Clayton catching the wing as he was trying to avoid the incident. Clayton came to rest on the infield tires. Jason Johnson acquired the lead on the restart. Donny Goeden was amongst competition on his search of a fourth win. Johnson put the hammer down trying to stretch the lead over second place Haddy. Haddy reeled Johnson back in to lead lap 16, only to be passed back. Johnson and Haddy had company Donny Goeden. Lapped traffic would play into Johnsons lead with talented competition close behind. Goeden passed Haddy for second with two laps to go. Johnson (Campbellsport) won his first feature this year with Goeden (Kewaskum) right behind, followed by Haddy (Waupun), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) and Justin Miller (Plymouth). Hard Charger was Shane Wenninger passing 6.
B Main won by Tim Melis, followed by Josh Walter, Chris Clayton, Matt Van Wyk, Nick Melis and Dannon Tessmer transferred to the main event.
Heat Winners: Kyle Marten, Jim Melis and Doug Wondra

Sixteen Outlaw Compacts made up the feature. Prior to the green flag waiving Patrick Ciske broke a tire right off. After realigning the field a quick caution came out for another tire breaking off, unfortunately happened a few more time before the checkers waived early do to time limit. Brody Rivest (Sheboygan) who started mid pack crossed first followed by Scott Schlafke (Cleveland), Ben Meyerhofer (Menasha), Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) and Shaun Bangart (Chilton). Hard Charger was James Rautmann passing 8.
Heat Winners: Shaun Bangart, Travis Arenz

IRA Outlaws Conquer Reconfigured Track

By: Amy Juech


 PDTR welcomed IRA Outlaw 410 Sprints back with a reconfigured track. Spectators witnessed outstanding performances by both divisions with over sixty sprints signed in.  

 “By virtue of a shallow invert, Balog and Mock comprised the front for the start of the 30 lap A-main contest. Mock’s spot on the pole gave him prime view of starter Jim Barr’s green flag, as the field came up to speed. Balog, starting outside of Mock, drove deep into the first two turns, and powered ahead with the lead down the backstretch. It was lead he would never give up, but one which was never entirely secure.
The lead pair of Balog and Mock put some distance on the rest of the field. Behind the pair, third place was hotly contested between young charger Blake Nimee and former, World of Outlaw regular Bill Rose. The battle between youth, and wisdom would see Nimee’s hard charging driving style score one for the youth, at least temporarily, as he worked under Rose for the third spot.
By lap seven the leaders, Balog, and Mock were already encountering lapped traffic with Balog making decisive moves to stretch his lead.
Looking behind the front running duo, the wisdom gained by years of traveling to tracks back and forth across the country, allowed Rose to find a groove to gain momentum, and he soon surpassed the youthful Nimee for the third spot. Chalk one up for wisdom.
Unfortunately for Nimee his shot at a podium finish came to an end a few laps later after clipping a tire in turn two which damaged his front end. He soon parked his ride in the infield and dropped from the chase.
By the halfway point Balog, Mock, Rose, had settled into the top three slot. Behind this group fans were witnessing two other storylines.
One, was the battle between last season’s Rookie of the Year, Jeremy Schultz, and this season’s rookie title contender Ben Schmidt. Both drivers were extremely popular with fans at the Plymouth Dirt Track as both had earned championships in the weekly 360 class before joining the IRA Sprints.
The second focus of attention was Goldesberry who began to rim ride around the outside edge of the track and he began to steadily pick off cars in the process.
Goldesberry dove past cars in rapid succession including both Schultz and Schmidt placing himself in the fourth spot. He then ran down Rose and moments later placed himself into third in the running order, proving he had one of the fastest rides on the track.
By lap 20 Balog saw his gap over Mock slowly shrink and Mock’s pace began to allow him to reel in Balog, closing within six car lengths in heavy lapped traffic.
It was lap 24 that would produce a major change in the contest. The rivalry between Schultz, and Schmidt had progressed to the point where they ran out of racing room and the pair tangled heading for turn one. Schultz became airborne taking a tumble before landing back on his wheels. He emerged from his heavily damaged machine unhurt but obviously done for the evening. Schmidt meanwhile, was able to head to the work area and rejoin the field. Dave Uttech, who had also been doing battle for the fifth spot had received some damage, and also headed to pit lane for some quick service.
With a mere six laps to the finish, and Mock closed in on his tail tank, the pressure was now on Balog to hold on for the win. As action resumed Balog pulled off a near perfect restart, powering away from Mock. Over the final laps Balog had a clear track in front of him and in driving an error free sprint to the finish, he won the event comfortably over Mock. Goldesberry managed to clear the lapped machines that had been between himself and Mock after the final restart, but had to settle for third two car lengths behind Mock’s #1m machine.
Rose held fast to fourth with Steve Meyer quietly working into the fifth spot by the finish.”  -

B-Main winner: Scott Uttech
Heats were won by: Steve Meyer, Ben Schmidt and Dave Uttech
Qualifying Fast Time went to Brian Kristan with a time and new track record of 12.137 seconds. 
Second year driver Chris Clayton and last week winner Josh Walter were your front row cars for the Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprints Feature Event. Clayton wasted little time as the green flag waived jumping out to an early lead over Donny Goeden who started third with Travis Luedke close behind. Only caution was on lap 7 for Josh Walters spinning in turn 4. Clayton propelled himself out into the lead again with Goeden a few car lengths behind. Tim Haddy and Kurt Davis were battling over eighth place. Goeden was reeling in Clayton and on lap nineteen he drove right past, Danny Schlafer was aggressively moving in as well. As the checkers waived Goeden (Kewaskum) crossed first followed by Schlafer (Sussex), Clayton (Waldo), Travis Luedke (Plymouth) and Jason Johnson (Campbellsport). Goeden set a new track record of 9 minutes and 28 seconds. Hard Charger: Kurt Davis passing 10 cars.
Thirty three sprints made for 2 B-main events: Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake) and Al Schlafer (Sussex)
Heat winners: Travis Luedke (Plymouth), Donny Goeden (Kewaskum), Paul Pokorski (West Bend) and Doug Wondra (Oakfield)
Travis Luedke is running for Autism Awareness this year will all proceeds going to Children’s Hospital.
Huge thanks to all the track and safety teams for their dedication to the sport and being the first on scene to assist drivers.
Trophy Sponsorships available contact Rob or Barb Eisentraut at RC Custom Design for details.


McGrath, Walter, Sorce Jr., Rivest and Klumb win at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Potential rain causes PDTR to delay Sprint Car driver introductions and extended features for a few weeks. Thank you to drivers and crews for their participation in making the evening a successful show before the rain drops descended.

Fans heard the rumbling of the 800 horse powered late models up first. Kyle Odekirk and Dave Thomas making up the front row side by side as the green flag waived. Odekirk took charge and stayed out front until Mitch McGrath grasped the lead. Rick Scheffler creatively worked his way through traffic unnoticed until a caution realigned the field, when he was already up to second. Odekirk, Jim Schmidt and Brad Mueller were engaged in their own competition for fifth place. McGrath had company close behind, unable to shake Scheffler lap after lap even through lapped traffic. Checkers flew for McGrath over Scheffler (both Waukesha) and Buhler (Glenbeulah) took home third followed by Jim Schmidt (Cleveland) and Brad Mueller (Random Lake). Hard Charger: Rick Scheffler passing 5 cars.
Heat Winners: Jim Schmidt, Rick Scheffler

Four wheelers brought out our Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprint Cars to be pushed off, discovering we had four sets of father/son racing teams all in the main event; Josh and Randy Walter, Danny and Al Schlafer, Mike and Mitch Yurmanovich and Tim and Nick Melis. Front row consisted of Chris Clayton our pole car followed by Josh Walter. Flagman waived the green and Josh Walter promptly pulled into the lead. Last week winner Donny Goeden, Kyle Marten and Danny Schlafer challenged one another for seventh place as a caution for Mitch Yurmanovich waived. Another quick caution, pace set by Walters out front with Paul Pokorski in his shadow. Jim Melis and Donny Goeden swapped positions until the checkers flew for Josh Walters (Plymouth) trailed by Pokorski (West Bend), Jim Melis (Glenbaulah), Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) and Tim Haddy (Waupan). Hard Charger: Donny Goeden passing 7 cars.
Heat Winners: Jim Melis, Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Danny Schlafer

Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals out next with a very fast front row, Nick Strobbe Jr. and last week winner Don Sorce Jr. Sorce jumped out to an early lead with Strobbe tight behind. Aaron Stolp spun out bring out a caution, after realigning the field James Pagel who started nineteenth was currently twelfth. By lap thirteen Strobbe was around Sorce for a corner until Sorce powered back. Tim Simon was matching Brad Lubach lap for lap, even switch positions for a lap. Lap fifteen brought lapped traffic with it, nothing Sorce wasn’t able to handle. Dan Sorce was only in third but his brother Don Sorce Jr. and Strobbe continued to pull away from the pack. Fans thought as more lapped traffic came into play that Strobbe may have a chance. Double checkers waived for Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) with a three week winning streak and a new track record 10 minutes and 14 seconds with one caution. Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown) crossed second followed by Dan Sorce (Franklin), Mark Fieber (Cascade) and Brad Lubach (Kiel). Hard Charger: James Pagel passing 11 cars.
B Main top five were Kevin Lubach with a track record 3 minutes 26 seconds for twelve laps, Jonathon Singer (Random Lake), James Pagel (St. Cloud), Brandon Frank and Matt Yancy (both Sheboygan).
Heat Winners: Aaron Hauck (Plymouth), Brad Lubach (Kiel), Aaron Stolp (Milwaukee)

The competitive group of Outlaw Compacts up next with Brian Chiminatti and James Rautmann setting the pace for this fifteen lap feature. Rautmann controlled the field for only a lap until the Brody Rivest knocked on his back bumper eventually resulting in a swap for the lead. Meyerhofer charged hard to pass Rivest on lap seven. Travis Arenz and Jonathon Otte engaged in settling fifth position. Rivest did a little bump and run on Meyerhofer to take over the lead as the white flag waived. Checkers flew for Rivest (Sheboygan) for a second week, followed by Meyerhofer (Menasha), Justin Erickson (Plymouth), Chiminatti (Manitowac) and Arenz (Sheboygan).
Heat Winners: Ben Meyerhofer (Menasha), Brody Rivest (Sheboygan) with a track record 1 minute 46 seconds.

A very distinct sound creates tension as fans wait to see the Super Mods. Familiar cars, drivers and history with hand clutches in some of these cars. Two very experienced drivers on the front row Butchy Hafemann and Dennis Klumb. Hafemann sprang in the lead over Klumb, holding these spots until an unfortunate brake sending Hafemann into the infield. Klumb took control of the field and lapped cars. Johnny Fahl tried to get past Klumb a few times with no success. As the checkers waived for Klumb (Adell), Fahl (Browndeer) finished second followed by Mark Klumb, Dan Kruschke and Roy Stern (Hustisford).
Heat Winner: Butch Hafemann (Campbellsport)

Trophy Sponsorships available contact Rob or Barb Eisentraut at RC Custom Design for details.
Please join us next week for IRA and 360 Sprint Show. For more information please check out our website at

Track Records and Repeat Winners
By: Amy Juech

Sun and warmth greeted fans and drivers for a great night of racing. C & S Construction sponsored our National Anthem bus rides for kids. A rule change this evening decided on by drivers, means that last week’s winner no longer need to start 11th in the feature, driver will start where there heat points put them.

Aldag Honald Mecanical Sprints roll trackside first with Chris Clayton and Donny Goeden setting the pace for the 25 lap feature. Goeden instantaneously controlled the lead after the green flag waved. Jim Melis and Paul Pokorski filed in right behind with Kyle Marten gaining. Lap 7 Goeden encountered his first lapped car of Kevin Seidler who caught a lucky break when an uncommon error occurred, a “Flagman Yellow” (flagman saw a sprint sideways expecting a spin). Sprint rule “any 360 spin results in a yellow”. Driver was not penalized since he regained control and did not spin out. Green flag waved again, Pokorski passed Melis for second in his hunt for Goeden. Josh Walter, Shane Wenninger and Justin Miller had their own little show going on battling out sixth position. Goeden encountered lapped traffic again on lap 14 and started to put more time and cars between him and fellow contenders. Goeden (Kewaskum) crossed the double checkers first, followed by Pokorski (West Bend), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) and Josh Walter (Plymouth). Donny Goeden is a partner in the Hood Motorsports Car, which has won all three feature events so far at Plymouth Dirt Track. Hard Charger: Josh Walter passing 7 cars.
Heat Winners: Kevin Karnitz (West Bend) and Jim Melis (Glenbeulah).

Mark Fieber and Tim Simon made up the front row of the Feldmann Sales and Service Grand Nationals feature event. Fiedler took the lead immediately followed by Simon and Tyler Kulow. Quick caution occurred for Aaron Hauck and Melissa Singer tangling. Kulow pulled behind Fieber on the restart, followed by highly contested Sorce brothers. Matt Yancey and Josh Pierce both retired to the pits for mechanical issues. Don Sorce Jr. split the dominant pack and his brother Dan Sorce encroaching on Kulow. Last week winner Don Sorce Jr. and Fieber battled back and forth lap after lap trying to maintain the lead, eventually Don Source Jr. did, putting Fieber back to second. Two more quick cautions generated a tight field, resulting in a green, white and checkered finish. Nick Strobbe Jr. was now part of the mix after starting fifteenth. As the checkers flew for Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) a second week in a row, followed by Mark Fieber (Cascade), Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown), Dan Sorce (Franklin) and Brad Lubach (Kiel). Hard Charger: Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown) passing 12 cars
B-Main Winner: Dick Hed (Plymouth), followed by Barry Maas (Cascade), Josh Pierce (Fredonia), Brad Juckem (Chilton) and Ben Konen (Richfield)
Heat Winners: Tyler Kulow (New Holstein), Tim Simon (Fond du Lac) and Dan Sorce (Franklin) tying track record 2 minutes 47 seconds.

Outlaw Compacts surprised fans coming out next. Fans had their eyes on the new comer Brody Rivest who went from last to second in his heat, which also started last in the feature being a rookie. Travis Arenz and Brain Chiminatti roll trackside setting the pace for the 15 lap feature. Arenz stretched his lead over Chiminatti, until a caution for a car hitting the backstretch wall. Field realigned tightly and highly competitive Rivest now fourth, after the green Arenz had control of the field again. Lap 12 Arenz relinquished the lead to rookie Rivest. Brody Rivest (Sheboygan) did not look back at the field crossing the checkers first, followed by Travis Arenz (Sheboygan), Justin Erickson (Plymouth), Brian Chiminatti (Manitowac) and Chris Maas (Oakfield).
Heat Winners: Scott Schlafke (Cleveland) 6 lap track record 1 minute 49 seconds, and Justin Erickson (Plymouth)

Last feature to roll trackside were Late Models with TJ Dolhun and Brad Mueller making up the front row. Brad Mueller wasted no time acquiring the lead with Dolhun and Russ Scheffler settling in behind. Kyle Odekirk, Justin Schmidt and Todd Jensema were in there own little world competing for sixth position. Mitch McGrath seized the lead from Mueller until a caution on lap 8 came out. Brad Mueller made a mistake causing him to get crossed up in front of the field and take a few drivers out with him. Realigning the field were McGrath and Tim Buhler your new contenders. Debris brings out another caution on lap 14. McGrath had new company in his mirror that of Todd Jensema who just passed Buhler. While there was a few activities going on up front not many noticed that Dave Thomas as already up to fourth after starting fourteenth. Final caution waved for Buhler getting a flat tire. McGrath (Waukesha) held on to win followed by Todd Jensema (Sheboygan Falls), Dave Thomas (Franklin), Billy Rezutek (Big Bend) and Tim Carmen (Sheboygan Falls). Hard Charger: Dave Thomas (Franklin) passing 11 cars
Heat Winners: Mitch McGrath (Waukesha) and Brad Mueller (Random Lake) 10 lap track record 2 minutes 27 seconds.

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Please join us next week for a full race program including Super Modifieds, Sprint Car driver introductions and extended feature.


Plymouth Dirt Track Racing begins its tenth season!
Saturday, May 10, 2014
By George Baumann

Plymouth, WI: A week late but opening night arrived at the expanded racetrack in the Fair Park. A warm and sunny Saturday brought out a large field of cars and an enthusiastic crowd tired of the long winter.

The track which was lengthened and widened for the start of the season featured fast racing, but a large rut that developed in turn three resulted in the final two races of the night being cancelled for safety reasons.

In the Sprint car division veteran driver Scotty Neitzel took full advantage of his pole-position start to capture the checkered flag. Behind Neitzel the racing was two and three wide with drivers looking to move through the field.

A caution flag on lap seven tightened the field with Kurt Davis, T.J. Luedke and Jim Melis chasing Neitzel. After another caution, the race ran to the finish with Davis holding on to second just ahead of Melis, Luedke and Kyle Martin.

Randy Sippel who led all 12-laps won the B-Main. Heat winners were Davis, Marten, Ken Jay Fiedler and Danny Schlafer. A heat race crash resulted in Justin Millers mount flipping. Uninjured, he and his crew repaired the car before his next race Later in the same race Spider Akright’s car crashed very hard into the turn three wall, he was also not injured.

The Grand National A-main saw Tyler Kulow pick up his first career win in this competitive division. Don Sorce passed five cars to get the lead on lap seven and appeared headed to victory lane before a mechanical issue sent him to the pits on lap thirteen.

Kulow then was in first with Matt Jackson and Kevin Lubach in tow. Nick Strobbe Jr. worked his way forward and was second on lap 19 but couldn’t get past Kulow. Lubach was third with Jackson and Brad Lubach finishing in the top-5.

Mark Fieber won the B-Main and heat races winners were Dick Hed, Brad Lubach, Strobbe and Sorce.

In the Super Modified division Johnny Fahl was the dominant car winning both the heat race and A-Main. Dennis Klumb was runner-up in both.

The Late Model and Outlaw Compact A-Mains were cancelled after the track could not be repaired

The Late Model heat races were very competitive with Mitch McGrath winning the first and Todd Jensema the second. In the first heat Russ Scheffler came from the back to finish second with Tim Buhler third.

Kyle Stark and Jonathan Otte won outlaw compact heat races.

More race results are available on the PDTR website. This coming week spectator races will be included, interested drivers should contact the fair office.
Remarkable Weather Results in Incredible Racing at PDTR

By: Amy Juech

Remarkable weather generated a large crowd for an eventful night of racing. Plymouth Dirt Track had a full program scheduled including Milwaukee Stock Car Club visiting and first ever spectator racing. Fans who participated in 50/50 were surprised with payout and children entered to win a bike from Kim’s Five Corners.

Exotic Tans and Spas 360 Sprint Cars rolled trackside in the first 25 lap feature event. Danny Schlaefer (Sussex) picked up the tail of the field after having mechanical issues and needing a second push. Scotty Thiel (Sheboygan) moved the inside row up to take the pole position with Kurt Davis (West Allis) on the outside. Thiel jumped out to an early lead over Davis on the start with Josh Walter and Justin Miller (both of Plymouth) trailing closely. Red flag waved on lap 8 for Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) backed into the front stretch fence after flipping. Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake) and Tony Wondra (Campbellsport) filled in the back of the field as they were going to be lapped traffic. Thiel continued to hold off Davis on the restart. Al Schlaefer crept to thirteenth after starting twenty second on the restart. Justin Miller and Kevin Karnitz (West Bend) battled over fifth position many laps until Miller pulled ahead. A few drivers became victims of Thiel as he began to lap traffic. Anything Thiel tried Davis was shadowing to not lose any ground. Davis and Thiel pulled a few slide jobs amongst themselves until Davis used lapped traffic to gain a three car length lead. Davis led the field to the checkers followed closely by Scotty Thiel, Justin Miller, Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) and Josh Walter. Al Schlaefer (Sussex) was hard charger passing twelve cars.
B-Main Transfer cars: Ken Jay Fielder (Sheboygan Falls), John Krebsbach (Cascade), Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake), Erin Winscher (Plymouth), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport) and Al Schlaefer (Sussex)
Heat Winners: Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Tim Haddy (Waupun) and Bradon McMullen (Plymouth).

Warren Luedke Auctioneering Grand Nationals were out next with twenty cars making the call. Front row consisted of Dan Sorce (Franklin) inside of James Pagel (St. Cloud) leading the field to the green. Sorce jumped out with the lead over Pagel and it stayed that way till they came upon slowed traffic on lap 10. During this time Mark Fieber (Cascade), Sean Mueller (Plymouth) and last week’s winner Brad Lubach (Kiel) were mid pack swapping positions lap after lap. Sorce now in hot pursuit from teammate Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown). Two cautions plagued lap 12; first for Sean Mueller (Plymouth) and Josh Pierce (Fredonia) colliding in turn 3 both unable to return, and then Travis Moehring (Town of Mosel) spun. Sorce relinquished the lead for a lap, only to be short lived with the final caution for Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake) spun on backstretch. Field realigned with teammates first and second and another strong competitor on Strobbe’s tail waiting for a chance to pass. By lap 18 it was permanent; Strobbe Jr. put the throttle down. Checkers flew for Strobbe Jr. followed by Sorce, Tyler Kulow (New Holstein), Aaron Hauck (Plymouth) and Brad Lubach (Kiel). Hard charger Scott Houpt (Belgium) passing eight cars.
B-Main transfer cars: Josh Pierce (Fredonia), Scott Houpt (Belgium), Matt Loehr (East Dottyville), Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake)
Heat Winners: Aaron Hauck (Plymouth), Sean Mueller (Plymouth) and Donny Kulow (Plymouth)

Third feature to roll trackside were the Sadoff Iron and Metal Late Models with the front row consisting of Billy Rezitek (Big Bend) and Brad Mueller (Random Lake). Unfortunately an immediate caution after Cody Eickberg (Plymouth) spun after taking the green. Field realigned and Mitch McGrath passed Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth) for third. Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) started twelfth and was working his way through traffic. Second and final caution for Tim Carmen (Sheboygan Falls) spun and moved tires in turn one. McGrath was all over Mueller’s back bumper on the restart and took the lead away on lap 12. Rick and Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) work together in their mission towards the front. McGrath kept momentum as he began to lap traffic putting five cars between him and second place Brad Mueller. McGrath crossed the double checker first followed by Brad Mueller, Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah), Kyle Odekirk, and Billy Rezitek. Russ Scheffler passed five cars to be the hard charger.
Heat Winners: Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah), Mitch McGrath and Paul Parker (Kaukauna)

Sheboygan County Fair Association Outlaw Compacts were up next with sixteen cars taking the green. Patrick Ciske and Curt Teunissen (both Sheboygan Falls) lead the field to the green. Ciske spun catching the berm and the field passed him. Travis Arenz (Sheboygan Falls) took advantage of the situation and passed a few cars. Ciske brought out our first caution spinning again in turn 1. On the restart Chris Maas (Oakfield) passed Teunissen for the lead. Justin Brown (Oakfield) spun and collected Jordan Miklas (Pewaukee) in turn 4 to bring out our last caution. Maas kept the lead on the restart and gained on the field while Ben Meyerhofer (Menasha), Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) and Curt Teunissen battled second through fourth. Brian Chiminatti (Manitowac) and Jonathon Otte (Cedar Grove) put a show on back in the pack. When the checkers fell it was Chris Maas over Travis Arenz followed by Ben Meyerhofer, Curt Teunissen and Shaun Bangart (Chilton). Hard charger going to Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) and Donnie Welch (Saukville) both passing six cars.
Heat Winners: Chris Maas (Oakfield) and Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls)

Milwaukee Stock Car Club made their first appearance this year with eleven cars participating. As the vintage mods approached the track numerous memories were revisited. Fans react differently to the distinct sounds and styles of these cars. Some of the cars are reproductions and others are original. Each heat was 8 laps and feature was 15 laps. Milwaukee Stock Car Club holds a tradition of the winner giving the trophy away to some lucky fan. For more information please visit
Feature winner was Charlie Bergdorf (Kewaskum) followed by Dave Walen (Waupun)
Heat Winners: Charlie Bergdorf (Kewaskum) and Bruce Podlich (Sheboygan)

Spectator racing caught the attention of fans. Variety of vehicles participated in the events including: 89-92 Chevy Truck, Camaro, Trans Am, El Camino and Nissan Sentra. There were four heat races each one lap, followed by 2 semi features each one lap and the feature was 2 laps won by Scott Schlafke in a Nissan Sentra.
Semi features won by: Todd Andrus and Scott Schlafke
Heat Winners: Mark Veraneck, Todd Andrus, Scott Schlafke and Adam Brasser.

Special thank you to our trophy sponsors Moore Quality Exteriors LLC of Sheboygan and C.S. Construction of Saukville and our nightly sponsor duties were fulfilled by Meadowlark Credit Union.
Schmidt, Lubach, Erickson and Marten win at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

An evening full of memories and new adventures included introductions of past track champions during intermission. A few were selected to wave the green and checker flags for the features. A ground fireworks display brought the evening to a close.

First feature to roll trackside was Sadoff Iron and Metal Late Models. Charlie Schmidt (Oostburg) and Billy Rezitek (Big Bend) set the pace leading the field to the green. Justin Schmidt (Cleveland) wasted no time taking over the lead on lap one after starting third followed by Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) who started fifth. Last week’s winner Brad Mueller (Random Lake) battled a few drivers in pursuit of the leader after starting eleventh. Jim Schmidt (Cleveland) and Tim Carmen (Sheboygan Falls) encounter traffic as they continue to swap positions. Justin Schmidt managed to keep momentum on the fast and dry track as he held off Russ Scheffler lap after lap and managed to even pull further away. Justin Schmidt crossed the checkers in this caution free feature, winning his first feature event. Russ Scheffler finished second followed by Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth), Brad Mueller and Billy Rezitek. Green and checker flag was waived by past track champion Willie Goeden (Kewaskum). Hard charger was Brad Mueller (Random Lake) passing 7 cars.
Heat Winners: Todd Jensema (Sheboygan Falls), Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah)

Warren Luedke Auctioneering Grand Nationals were up next with twenty cars taking the green. Tyler Kulow (New Holstein) brought the field to the green setting the pace with Chris Baumann (Plymouth) driving for Donny Kulow. Josh Pierce (Fredonia) brought out the first caution on lap 1 after spinning in turn 2. Second caution came out for Jonathon Singer (Random Lake) spinning. Dan Sorce (Franklin) took full advantage of the restart passing Kulow to take the lead. Brad Lubach (Kiel) took over second with Tim Thompson (Campbellsport) shadowing in pursue of the leader. A few drivers had mechanical issues pulling into the pits. Lap thirteen brought out our last caution for Chris Bauman tangling with Steven Weber (Plymouth) on the front stretch. Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown) efficiently and quietly was working his way to the front. Lubach seized the lead from Sorce after trailing for eight laps. Second through seventh exasperated all efforts trying to pass fellow competitors. When the checkers fell it was Brad Lubach, Dan Sorce, Tim Thompson, Nick Strobbe Jr. and Mark Fieber (Cascade). Green and checker flag was waived by past track champion Ron Luedtke. Passing 13 cars your hard charger was Nick Strobbe Jr.
Heat Winners: Sean Mueller (Plymouth), Tim Thompson (Campbellsport), Aaron Hauck (Plymouth)

Sheboygan County Fair Association Outlaw Compacts rolled trackside with Corey Martin (Sheboygan) and Jonathon Otte (Cedar Grove) setting the pace. On the first lap drivers discovered that going four wide down the front stretch and into turn one wasn’t going to be successful. Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) ended up stuck on the berm bringing out our first and only caution. Jonathon Otte captured the lead on the restart, followed by Justin Erickson (Plymouth) and Brian Chiminatti (Manitowac). Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls) and Jarred Rautmann (Plymouth) both retired to the pits with mechanical issues. Curtis Humphrey (Sheboygan Falls) and Brandon Frank (Sheboygan) battle for fifth position. Justin Erickson (Plymouth) passes Jonathon Otte and stays in the lead till the checkers fly. Third place goes to Curt Teunissen (Sheboygan Falls) followed by Brian Chiminatti and Brandon Frank. Green and checker flag was waived by past track champion Scott Vollbricht. Hard charger passing 7 cars was Justin Erickson.
Heat Winners: Justin Erickson (Plymouth), Travis Arenz (Sheboygan)

Last feature of the evening were the Exotic Tans and Spas 360 Sprints. Green flag was waived for John Krebsbach (Cascade) leading the field. Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) acquired the lead for a few laps from Kresbach until relinquishing the lead. Starting thirteen and fifteenth Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) and Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) both steadily passed cars in quest of the leader. Lee Schroeder (Plymouth) becomes our first lapped car on lap 10. Tim Haddy (Waupun) was our first of two cautions for spinning alone on the backstretch. Field realigns and Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls) spins and faced majority of the field. Fiedler was untouched an able to resume racing. Kyle Marten restarted fifth and was on a mission to catch the leaders. Danny Schlafer (Sussex) became second over McMullen. Kyle Marten made a bold move in passing Schlafer and McMullen to seize the lead. Kyle Marten was first to cross the double checkers followed by Danny Schlafer, Brandon McMullen, Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) and John Krebsbach. Green and checker flag was waived by past track champion Bradley Ruh (Elkhart Lake). Hard chargers both passing 12 cars were Kyle Marten and Jason Johnson.
B-Main feature transfer cars were Tim Melis (Plymouth), Scott Conger (Eagle), Jason Johnson (Campbellsport), Justin Miller (Plymouth), and Mike Yurmanovich (Cascade)
Heat Winners: Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls), Kevin Karnitz (West Bend), John Krebsbach (Cascade)

Special thank you to our trophy sponsor Mayer Automotive.
Please join us next week for Milwaukee Stock Car Club and first ever spectator races.
Schmidt, Strobbe, Mueller and Maas win at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Quick racing on a heavy track warmed the fans on this chilly night.

Fans were thrilled to see the Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprint driver introductions and a four wide solute. Excitement prevailed throughout the 30 lap feature going green to checker in less than 8 minutes. Front row started with Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake) and Kevin Karnitz (West Bend). Sippel began to pull away from the field until jumping a berm, where fast paced cars caught up. A few slide jobs between Karnitz, Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) and Danny Schlafer (Sussex) gave fans there monies worth. Schmidt to0ok over the lead on lap 11, only to have Schlafer tight on his bumper. They ran into lapped traffic on lap 12 that placed a few drivers between them for a short time. Mechanical issues brought a close to Karnitz night after running third. Tim Haddy (Waupun) fought Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) for third. Sippel tried to gain another position back from Marten to no prevail. Schlafer grabbed the lead from Schmidt on lap 26, only for Ben Schmidt to take back and clench the win. Second went to Danny Schlafer, followed by Tim Haddy, Kyle Marten and Randy Sippel. Hard charger passing eight cars was Donny Goeden (Kewaskum).
B-Main transfer cars to main event: Donny Goeden (Kewaskum), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Lee Schroeder (Plymouth), Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Al Schlafer (Sussex) and John Kresbach (Cascade)
Heat Winners: Travis Luedke (Plymouth), Danny Schlafer (Sussex), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) and Scott Conger (Eagle)

Pole sitter Nick Strobbe Jr. brought the field to the green for the Warren Luedke Auctioneering Grand Nationals feature event. Strobbe jumped out to an early lead over Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan). Goetsch pursued Strobbe for sixteen laps until Tim Thompson (Campbellsport) slid past Brian Goetsch. Meanwhile Dan Sorce (Franklin) was steadily picking off cars in search of the leader. With a few drivers in the chase for the leader, many drivers swapped positions throughout the pack. Lap 20 drew our first caution flag for James Pagel (St. Cloud) spinning in turn 1. Lap 22 was our last caution for several cars tangling on the back stretch trying to avoid a car spinning. Drop of the checker left Dan Sorce a few car lengths behind winner Nick Strobbe Jr. Third went to Tim Thompson followed by Kevin Luback (Elkhart Lake) and Brian Goetsch. Hard Charger was Dave Holm (West Bend) passing nine cars.
B-Main transfer cars to main event: Josh Pierce (Fredonia), Matt Jackson (Sheboygan), Ron Paulick Jr. (Fond du Lac) and Dave Holm (West Bend)
Heat Winners: Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake), Brad Lubach (Kiel) and Dan Sorce (Franklin)

Brad Mueller (Random Lake) and Todd Jensema (Sheboygan Falls) start the front row of the Sadoff Iron & Metal Late Models feature event. After the drop of the green flag our pole sitter Brad Mueller got crossed up in turn two facing the field and lost several positions. All drivers seemed to be equal contenders creating tight racing. Scheffler boys worked as a team in their quest to pass cars in search of the leader. Brad Mueller successfully worked his way back to second only to be raced hard and passed by hard charging Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah). At the strip it was Brad Mueller, Todd Jensema, Tim Buhler, Tom Naeyaert (Shawano) and Justin Hirt (Tigerton). Hard Charger was Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) passing 6 cars. Brad Mueller pulled off a clean sweep of the evening and extended his point lead.
Heat Winners: Brad Mueller (Random Lake) and Todd Jensema (Sheboygan Falls)

Last up was Sheboygan County Fair Association Outlaw Compacts feature event. Jonathon Otte (Cedar Grove) set the pace for the field coming to the green. Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls) jumped out to an early lead followed by Otte and Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls). Our first caution was for third place Curt Teunissen being turned by Bill Edler (Sheboygan) resulting in black flag for Edler. Same lap another caution after the restart for Otte snapping his front tire off on the back stretch. Chris Maas (Oakfield) passed Schultz for the lead. Ciske passed Schultz only to be passed back a few laps later. When the checkers flew Chris Maas won followed by Mike Schultz, Patrick Ciske, Justin Erickson (Plymouth) and Brandon Frank (Sheboygan). Hard Charger was Curtiss Humphrey (Sheboygan Falls) passing six cars.
Heat Winners: Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls) and Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls)

Special thank you to Plymouth Dirt Track for being the evening Trophy Sponsor.
Please join us next week for Champions Night – Introduction of past Sheboygan County Fair Park champions with a fireworks saluting in their honor.
Point Chase Tightens Throughout Divisions at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

After a heat wave this week the cooler weather and breeze was appreciated by the fans.

Fans were given an opportunity to meet their favorite drivers during driver introductions in the Warren Luedke Auctioneering Grand Nationals. Drivers competed in a 30 lap feature full of entertainment. Aaron Hauck (Plymouth) started inside the second row and led lap one, while original front row Steven Weber (Plymouth) and Tim Thompson (Campbellsport) were both passed on the first lap sending them both back about five positions. Chris and Michael Gilson (Elkhart Lake) both retire early with mechanical issues. Brad Lubach (Kiel) passed Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake) for second place and in hunt of the leader Hauck. Yellow flag waived on lap 14 for James Pagel spinning and hooking the tires in turn 2. Kevin Lubach also pitted for a flat tire, both drivers able to return on the lead lap. Brad Lubach passed Hauck to lead the field into lap 17. Second caution on lap 27 was for Dan Sorce (Franklin) with a flat tire and Matt Jackson (Sheboygan) unable to return with mechanical issues. Drivers battling for position coming to the checker flag touch and spin in final corner changing finish results. Brad Lubach was across the finish first followed by Mark Fieber (Cascade), Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan), Steven Weber and Kevin Lubach.
Heat Winners: Tim Thompson (Campbellsport), Aaron Hauck (Plymouth), Mark Fieber (Cascade)

Twenty two Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints rolled trackside for their main event. First row consists of brothers Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) and Tim Melis (Plymouth). Jim Melis wasted no time leading the field to lap 1. Josh Walter (Plymouth) racing too hard tapped the wall and flipped in turn 2 during lap 6. Kyle Marten (Sheboygan) may have started seventh until he passed Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) for second. Few laps later Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake) and Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum) tangle on the backstretch, both unable to return. Jim Melis slowly starts to lap traffic on lap 16. Final cautions took place on lap 21; first was Kyle Marten jumping the berm in turn 4. Next was Doug Wondra (Oakfield) colliding with Ken Jay Fielder (Sheboygan Falls) and flipping after his brakes went out. On the last restart Kurt Davis (West Allis) took over second place after starting thirteenth. As the checkers fell Jim Melis won, followed by Kurt Davis. Danny Schlafer finishes third who started in his dad’s car after having motor issues earlier. Fourth and fifth went to Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) and Brandon McMullen.
B-Main Transfer cars: Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Erin Winscher (Plymouth), Justin Miller (Plymouth), Jason Johnson (Campbellsport), Doug Wondra (Oakfield) and Tim Haddy (Waupan).
Heat Winners: Brandon McMullen (Plymouth), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake), John Krebsbach (Cascade)

Ben Meyerhofer (Menasha) and Brandon Frank (Sheboygan) brought the field to the green for the Sheboygan County Fair Association Outlaw Compacts feature event. Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) starts feature last due to a car change; driving Mike Schultz car after having mechanical issues in his heat. Brandon Frank led lap one, then Meyerhofer took over and didn’t look back. Tim Simon (Fond du Lac) pulled into the infield with mechanical issues. Arenz lost his tire on the front stretch sending debris towards the stands. Jeff Brendel (Sheboygan Falls) retired to the pits. Ben Meyerhofer won followed by Brandon Frank, Jonathon Otte (Cedar Grove), Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls) and Justin Erickson (Plymouth).
Heat Winners: Travis Arenz (Sheboygan), Justin Erickson (Plymouth)

Sadoff Iron & Metal Late Models were last up with your front row Rick Scheffler (Waukesha) and Ted Dolhun Sr. (Franklin). Justin Schmidt (Ceveland) jumped into second on lap 1 behind Scheffler. Eric Michaels (Cleveland) spun facing the backstretch wall in turn 2 bringing out the only caution. On the restart Brad Mueller (Random Lake) passes Dolhun for third. Michaels retires to pits with mechanical issues. With a dry track the outside line wasn’t coming in for some drivers. Justin Hirt (Tigerton) likes the high side; he had nowhere to go. Charlie Schmidt made his 2013 debut driving for Codey Eickberg. Eight laps to go Scheffler had a front stretch lead over Justin Schmidt; with four laps to go the lead was almost half a track. Checkers came out for Rick Scheffler for a second time this year followed by Justin Schmidt, Brad Mueller, Russ Scheffler, and Justin Hirt.
Heat Winners: Ted Dolhun Sr. (Franklin), Rick Scheffler (Waukesha)

Safety precautions made it possible for all drivers to walk away from accidents.
Special thank you to Frank Motorsports for being the evening trophy sponsor, check them out at
Turn 4 Determines Winner
By: Amy Juech

Warm evening with a fast and dry track made for exciting racing, followed by autograph night.

Sheboygan County Fair Association Outlaw Compacts started out the evening with driver introductions and an extended feature. Jonathan Otte and Curt Teunissen (Sheboygan Falls) led the field to the green flag. Patrick Ciske wasted no time to pass both cars to lead lap one. Justin Erickson steadily passed cars each lap while holding off Travis Arenz who started last being previous week’s winner. Erickson still unable to shake Arenz both passed Otte on lap 17 to take over 2nd and 3rd position. A last lap tire issue for Arenz allowed other drivers to pass coming to the checkers. Coming out of turn 4 Erickson pressured Ciske to take over the lead. A playful tap from Ciske caused Erikson to cross the finish line sideways. Your winner Justin Erickson (Plymouth) followed by Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls), Donnie Welch (Saukville), Brandon Frank (Sheboygan), Jonathon Otte (Cedar Grove).
Heat Winners: Justin Erickson (Plymouth), Travis Arenz (Sheboygan)

Starting front row for our Warren Luedke Auctioneering Grand National main event were Tyler Kulow and Nick Strobbe Jr. Kulow pulled out ahead of Strobbe and Source. Brad Lubach worked on passing Strobbe for third over several laps, eventually slipping past Strobbe, Dan Sorce, and Kulow. A soon to be lapped car slowed the leader allowing this pass. Lubach, Sorce and Strobbe broke away from the field putting lapped cars between themselves and remainder of the field for quite a few laps. With the door open Dan Sorce took his car the bottom to make a last corner pass to claim the win followed by Brad Lubach (Kiel), Nick Strobbe Jr.(Germantown), Tyler Kulow (New Holstein), Aaron Hauck (Plymouth).
B-Main: Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan), Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvary), Jonathon Singer (Random Lake), Samantha Singer (Waldo), Josh Pierce (Fredonia)
Heat Winners: Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown), Sean Mueller (Plymouth)

Sadoff Iron & Metal Late Models were up next with driver introductions and an extended feature. Only thirteen cars in the main event with our pole leader being Tim Buhler. Buhler, Rick Scheffler, Brad Mueller and Russ Scheffler seemed to be equal contenders. All cars were extremely fast, swapping very few positions, all in chase of the leader. Green to checker race never allowed field to realign. Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah) crossed the checkers first followed by Rick Scheffler (Waukesha), Brad Mueller (Random Lake), Russ Scheffler (Waukesha), Kyle Odekirck (Plymouth). Justin Hirt started eleventh trying all groves unable to finish better then sixth. Thirty lap feature completed in 7 minutes and 37 seconds setting a new 30 lap record.
Heat Winners: Justin Hirt (Tigerton), Brad Mueller (Random Lake)

Twenty two Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints rolled trackside for our main event. Pole sitter Jason Johnson pulled out to an early lead over T.J. Luedke trailing close behind. Lap 10 T.J. Luedke slid past Johnson for the top spot. Lap 15 brought out two cautions, all drivers except Tim Melis (Plymouth) able to return. Shane Wenninger who transferred from the B-main and started seventeenth was on a mission on the top side already in the top five. Transfer car of Brandon McMullen who had a severely torn up car in his heat, started dead last and battled his way into the top ten. On lap 20 a second unassisted spin by Donny Goeden retired him to the pits. Travis Luedke (Plymouth) takes the win, hard charger Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum) finishes second followed by Tim Haddy (Waupun), Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove), Jason Johnson (Campbellsport).
B-Main: Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Doug Wondra (Oakfield), Josh Walter (Plymouth) and Brandon McMullen (Plymouth).
Heat Winners: Tim Haddy (Waupun), Kevin Karnitz (West Bend), Donny Goeden (Kewaskum), Tim Melis (Glenbeulah)

Thank you to our Night Sponsor Schoen’s Wildlife Removal and our Trophy Sponsor John Crane Engineered Bearing out of Grafton. For more information please check out our website at
Corn Belt Clash Invaded Plymouth Dirt Track Saturday
By: Amy Juech

Racing resumed at Plymouth Dirt Track after last week’s inclement weather. Fans packed the stands and drivers filled the pits for the Corn Belt Clash Series.

Sheboygan County Fair Outlaw Compacts rolled trackside first this evening. Starting mid pack was Travis Arenz after being affected by mechanical issues two weeks ago. Drivers were three and four wide in a few turns until they settled into position. A caution would come out for Justin Erickson (Plymouth) after losing a wheel in turn 2. After fifteen laps the checkers flew for Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) followed by Brandon Frank (Sheboygan), Curt Teunissen (Hingham), Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls), Brian Chiminatti (Manitowac).
Heat Winner: Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls)

Corn Belt Clash Late Models were in for a challenge going 30 laps on a dry black track. Fans were saluted with a four wide parade lap prior to the green. Drop of the green flag was short lived with an immediate caution out for A.J. Dimel (Nichols, WI) spinning and collecting a few other drivers in turn 4, all drivers able to continue. On the restart Chad Simpson (Mt. Vernon, IA) had his hands full with Jason Feger (Bloomington, IL) as they battled on the low side until running into lapped traffic. Simpson put several lapped cars between himself and second place Feger. Unfortunate luck for Doug Herrick (West Concord, MN) and Dave Echrick (Oxford, IA) as they both pulled into the infield with mechanical problems. Eight cars remained on the lead lap as double checkers flew for your winner Chad Simpson, followed by Jason Feger, Russ Scheffler (Waukesha), Jason Utter (Columbus Junction, IA), Brad Mueller (Random Lake).
B-Main Winner: Mike Fryer (Freeport, IL) followed by Bret Seivert (Mukownago), Bill Rezutek (Big Bend) and Justin Schmidt (Cleveland) all transfer to the main event leaving Dave Eckrich (Oxford, IA) as an alternate.
Dash Winner: Chad Simpson (Mount Vernon, IA). Dash race consists of six cars to determine position in the main event.
Heat Winners: Doug Herrick (West Concord, MN), Jason Feger (Bloomington, IL), Jason Utter (Columbus Junction, IA) and Russ Scheffler (Waukesha, WI).

King of the Hill Winner: Dave Eckrich (Oxford, IA). Corn Belt Clash rounded out a three day show at Plymouth Saturday. Sponsors threw in extra money to determine the best of best with a King of the Hill Race and winner took home $700. Race consisted of Thursday, Friday and Saturday Feature Winners and five other lucky draw drivers for eight laps.

Warren Luedke Auctioneering Grand Nationals were last up. Setting the pace was Tim Thompson (Campbellsport) and outside front row Tyler Kulow (New Holstein). Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) wasted no time and battled Kulow until passing him on lap 5; now having his sights on Tim Thompson. Lap 12 brought out a caution for Justin Green (Sheboygan Falls) after spinning in Turn 4. Sorce would reel Tompson in a few times never close enough to make a move. Cruise control must have been on in Thompson’s car never missing a beat to take the checkers followed by Don Sorce Jr., Brad Lubach (Kiel), Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown), Dan Sorce (Franklin).
B-Main Winner: Jeff Lammers (Plymouth) followed by Ron Paulick Jr. (Fond du Lac), Luke Scholten (Plymouth) driving Sean Muellers car and Steven Weber (Plymouth) who all transferred to the main event.
Heat Winners: Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Scott Houpt (Belgium), Brad Lubach (Kiel)

For more information on the Corn Belt Clash Series please visit
Hirt, Meyerhofer, Strobbe and Schlafer win at PDTR
By: Amy Juech

Great evening for racing was accompanied with all heats going green to checker without any cautions and slightly off from tying track records.

Sadoff Iron & Metal Late Models main event was first up with Bob Cullen (Chilton) and Ted Dolhun Sr. (Franklin) leading the field to the green. Cullen pulled out to an early lead over Jim Letizia (Milwaukee); Todd Jensema (Sheboygan Falls) in second after starting fifth. Justin Hirt (Tigerton) faced a challenge if he wanted another win staring eleventh after winning two weeks ago. Rick Scheffler (Waukesha), Brad Mueller (Random Lake), Kyle Odekirck (Plymouth) continued to swap positions until Hirt pulled to the outside line and slowly passed each of them. On lap 19 Hirt stayed on the high side to pass Jensema and then Cullen for the lead. Hirt stayed out front till the checkers flew in a caution free feature followed by Bob Cullen, Todd Jensema, Jim Letizia and Rick Scheffler. Hirt not only had a clean sweep but was hard charger.
Heat Winners: Rick Scheffler (Waukesha), Justin Hirt (Tigerton)

Sheboygan County Fair Association Outlaw Compacts were out next. Jeff Brendel (Sheboygan Falls) and Donnie Welch (Saukville) brought the field to the green. Travis Arenz started eleventh after winning two weeks ago. Ben Meyerhofer (Menasha) took over the lead after Jeff Brendel retired to the pits with a flat tire. Meyerhofer stayed in the gas pulling away from the field lap after lap. Arenz was in second until he slowed on the back stretch for mechanical issues. Welch was passed by Brandon Frank (Sheboygan) for third position after a few laps. Meyerhofer pulls off his first win at PDTR followed by Curt Teunissen (Hingham), Brian Chiminatti (Manitowoc), Brandon Frank and Donnie Welch.
Heat Winner: Justin Erickson

20 cars rolled trackside for Luedke Auctioneering Grand Nationals feature with your pole leader Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake). Lubach jumped out to an early lead; highly contested by Tyler Kulow (New Holstein) until a caution waved on lap 4. Kevin Luback, Sean Mueller (Plymouth) and Brad Lubach (Kiel) were all involved. Kulow took advantage of the caution taking over the lead. Dan Sorce (Franklin), Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown), and Matt Jackson (Sheboygan) swapped positions until Strobbe took over the lead on lap 19. Final caution came out for Kevin Lubach stopped on the backstretch. Brad Lubach couldn’t be happier that a caution came out; with the field realigned he passed four cars to be up to 4th after going to the back in an earlier caution. Nick Strobbe Jr. held on to win again, rounding out the top 5 were Dan Sorce, Brad Lubach and Mark Fieber (Cascade) and Tyler Kulow.
B-Main was won by James Pagel (St. Cloud) followed by remaining transfer cars of Dave Holm (West Bend), Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvary) and Josh Pierce (Fredonia).
Heat Winners: Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown), Dan Sorce (Franklin), Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan)

Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints are the final event going 30 laps. Danny Schlafer (Sussex) started on the pole with Travis Luedke to the outside. Danny Schlafer led lap one till the first caution waved for Lee Schroeder (Plymouth) and Jeff Wilke (Genoa) after tangling in turn 4. Scotty Neitzel (Beaver Dam) took over second until Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) passed him in his hunt for the leader. On lap 10 Danny Schlafer was upon the rear of the field and worked his way through traffic, at times there were 3 cars between him and second place. Kurt Davis (West Allis) pulled into the infield with mechanical problems. Erin Winscher (Plymouth) brought out the last caution after spinning. The field realigned with all lapped cars moved to the back. Danny Schlafer takes home the checker followed by Ben Schmidt, Travis Luedke, Scotty Neitzel and Tim Haddy.
B-Main winner Nick Krebsbach (Cascade), Justin Miller (Plymouth), Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake), Al Schlafer (Sussex), Scott Conger (Eagle) and final transfer car of Tony Wondra (Campbellsport).
Heat Winners: Travis Luedke (Plymouth), Danny Schlafer (Sussex), Tim Haddy (Waupun), Scotty Neitzel (Beaver Dam)

Thank you to Culvers for being the trophy sponsor.
Please join us next week for autograph night. For more information please check out our website at
Thunder Rolls as “Smoke” Rolls into Victory Lane at PDTR!
By: Amy Juech

Standing room only left for the Tony Stewart Spectacular on Saturday. Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw 410 Sprints and PDTR Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints made for an event filled doubleheader. If you weren’t in attendance you missed the greatest dirt tracking racing in the area.

Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Car Series started off the evening with 32 cars to qualify with Tony Stewart “Smoke” (Columbus, IN) up first. Stewart’s flawless driving around the quarter mile gave him quick time of 12.194 seconds about 98 miles per hour to win qualifying. Rounding out the top 5 was: Phillip Mock (Pleasant Prairie), Bill Balog (Brookfield), Mike Reinke (Howards Grove) and Tommy Sexton (Antioch, IL).
Heat Winners: Tony Stewart, Dave Uttech (Kenosha), Bill Balog, and Michael Decker (Silver Lake)

Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints followed without one caution in any of the four heat races.
Heat Winners: Tim Haddy (Waupun), Erin Winscher (Plymouth), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) and Scotty Neitzel (Beaver Dam).

Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw 410 Sprint B-Main top six to transfer was: Scott Uttech (New Berlin), Ryan Irwin (McHenry, IL), Kris Spitz (Salem), Todd Daun (Pleasant Prairie), Michael Decker, and Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove).

Fourteen Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints rolled trackside for our B-main event. Justin Miller took the lead over pole sitter Al Schlafer on lap one. First and only caution flew on lap 9 when Mike Yurmanovich (Cascade), Kurt Davis (West Allis) and Lee Schroeder (Plymouth) tangle in turns three and four. Everyone returned except Yurmanovich. Randy Sippel passed Tony Wondra on the restart. Miller motored around the track not allowing others to pass and go on to win over Al Schlafer (Sussex), followed by remaining transfer cars of Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Josh Walter (Plymouth) and Jeff Wilke (Genoa).

Stewart started the feature 2 for 2 on the night could he pull off a “hat trick”. Stewart started outside the fourth row which was a quick groove all night. Anybody’s game with 30 laps until the checkers. Bill Balog “North Pole Nightmare” captured the lead on lap 3. First caution involved Lance Fassbender (Burnett), Robbie Pribnow (Lomira), and Mike Kertscher (Fillmore). Kertscher was able to return as others retired to the pits for the evening. Moments later second and final caution flew for Ryan Irwin and Kris Spitz both unable to return. Excitement abounds in lap 10 as Stewart expels Steve Meyer of second spot. In the meantime Balog held a healthy lead on the field running into lapped traffic. Third and fourth spots were being battled out between Meyer, Scotty Nitzel, Tommy Sexton and Jeremy Schultz. Lap 17 Stewart took advantage of a lapped car holding up the leader Balog. Stewart had no intention on looking back as he gained the lead. Just two laps to go Balog was back up driving wheel to wheel with Stewart swapping positions on opposite ends of the track with slide jobs. Drop of the checker left Balog about a car length behind Stewart. Tommy Sexton (Antioch, IL) finishes third followed by Jeremy Schultz (Beaver Dam) and Steve Meyer (Sheboygan Falls).

As Stewart pulls into victory lane the sky opens up and rain pours down, Stewart climbs from his car to enthusiastic crowd cheering him. Amidst the rain photos and interviews still proceed. Fans are notified that with the cancellation of the Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints Stewart will go down below the grandstand for autographs.

Mother Nature washed out Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints Feature again this season giving all qualified drivers equal pay and points.



Stewart Victory Breaks Balog Win Streak!

   Plymouth, WI; June 15, 2013 – Hollywood would be hard pressed to write a better drama than the events which took place on Saturday evening at the Plymouth Dirt Track as Tony Stewart made a guest appearance in the Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint program. While “Smoke” may have swept the program, the final laps of the feature contest showcased the talent of the “North Pole Nightmare” Bill Balog who stole the lead with a pair of laps to go in the 30 lap A-main then then went wheel to wheel with Stewart to the checkered flag. In the end Stewart would edge Balog by a car length to take the victory but the battle left an impression on Stewart who commented to an official that the closing laps of the race was the best sprint car event he had participated in this year making referring to the battle with the #17 machine of Balog.
   Stewart then climbed to the back of his car to thunderous approval from the crowd and the victory celebration began. As victory lane ceremonies got underway even more thunder took over, as approaching storms which had been threatening the race program all evening finally arrived at the raceway with a downpour which would eventually cancel the main event for the 360 sprints which were also on hand.
   Stewart would stick around for hours after the event signing autographs and posing for pictures creating memories which will last a lifetime for many of the fans in attendance.
   Tommy Sexton would join Stewart and Balog on the podium after capturing a hard fought third place finish out dueling several drivers for the spot and then fending off a late race charge by series point leader and leading rookie Jeremy Schultz.
   The 30 lap A-main took to the track with drivers and fans well aware of approaching rain. With some 62 sprint cars in the pits between the two classes on hand, drivers had done their part running all the heats races with no cautions and keeping slowdowns to a minimum in the B-main events allowing for the featured event to take place ahead of the approaching weather.
   Stewart would start eight on the grid with polesitter Steve Meyer getting the jump on Lance Fassbender to take the opening lead. Mike Kertscher eager to get back to victory lane charged into the second spot by lap two but was overhauled for the position by Balog on the next circuit around the racy quarter-mile oval.
   Balog wasted little time reaching the lead using the high line heading down the backstretch on lap three. Stewart was also on the move as he had been picking off cars since the drop of the green flag reaching the top five.
   Balog began to encounter lapped traffic by lap seven, moments later the first slowdown occurred when Fassbender rolled to a stop in the third turn. The cars of Robbie Pribnow and Kertscher became involved in the incident with Kertscher getting assistance to the pit area to work on his car. Fassbender and Pribnow were unfortunately done for the evening.
   The events was about to go back to green when the yellow flag was extended to hustle a safety vehicle off the racing surface. The additional time allowed Kertscher to return to the track at the tail of the field.
    One more lap went in the books when Ryan Irwin lost power in turn one and was clipped by Kris Spritz who was unable to avoid him. Both drivers would retire to the pit area and the incident was the last slowdown of the contest.
   Balog would lead Meyer and Stewart back to the green flag and fans would be treated to an amazing show for the final 21 laps of the event.
   Balog bolted away from the pack at the return of the green flag while Stewart went to work on Meyer for second. Stewart would sweep to the outside of Meyer down the backstretch on lap ten powering ahead to grab the second spot.
   Balog began to encounter lapped traffic at the halfway point but he maintained a six car length gap on Stewart. While fans were focused on the impending battle between Balog and Stewart an impressive duel for third place was taking place between Meyer, Scott Neitzel, Sexton and Schultz as the quartet of drivers tossed the third spot back and forth.
   On lap 17, Balog briefly got caught behind a lapped car and Stewart was quick to take advantage of the opportunity powering past Balog for the lead through turns three and four. At the same time Sexton swept to the outside of Neitzel to garner the third position.
   Stewart would extend his lead to a full straightaway by lap 20 leaving many to believe the race was well in hand, that however was far from what took place. Balog would rally and slowly reel in Stewart closing within a couple car lengths by lap 25. Diving to the bottom of the track on lap 26 Balog was able to slice ahead of Stewart to retake the lead, leading at the line on lap 27.
   For the next two laps Balog and Stewart would exchange the lead at opposite ends of the track with well timed sliders. As the white flag flew Stewart managed to get enough traction to fend off the passing attempt by Balog holding a narrow lead to the final two turns of the contest. Balog made one last ditch passing attempt to try and steal the top spot but the effort came up short with Stewart scoring the win. Balog’s efforts were rewarded with a second place finish with the roar of the crowd nearly approaching that of the cars on the racing surface.
    Third place was hotly contested to the wire with Sexton managing to fend off Schultz for the final podium position. Schultz the leading series rookie and point leader recorded a fourth place finish extending his streak of finishing in the top ten in every A-main this season in the Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprints.
   Meyer would complete the top five finishing just ahead of Neitzel who held down the sixth spot. Nick Alden was the final car on the lead lap recording a seventh place finish after starting in the 17th spot advancing the most positions of any driver in the A-main.
   Kertscher rebounded from his problems early in the contest to finish eighth. Phillip Mock and Wayne Modjeski completed the top ten.
   17 of the 22 starters still on the track when the checkered flag fell.
   All totaled 33 drivers were on hand for qualifying tonight. Stewart by virtue of his draw would be the first car to take to the track in qualifying and he laid down the fast time of the evening. Phillip Mock would set the second fastest qualifying time and Balog was third quick on the evening.
   Several drivers were still haunted by mechanical ills in tonight’s program including Mike Reinke who had started out the evening in strong with a fourth place qualifying effort and later earning a starting spot in the main event through his heat. In the A-main however engine problems sidelined the heavy hitter early in the contest. Engine problems also continued to plague rookie of the year candidate Bryon Walters who was unable to participate in any events this evening.
   The B-main would see Scott Uttech run away from the field winning the contest handedly. Ryan Irwin would finish second followed by Kris Spitz, Todd Daun, Michael Decker and multi time track champion Ben Schmidt who had numerous titles to his name in 360 action at Plymouth Dirt Track. The top six advanced to the feature from the contest which had 15 starters. The event would be a heartbreaker for Brian Kristan who was making his first start of 2013 as he was in a transfer position until encountering mechanical difficulties with a handful of laps to go.
   Heat race victories were captured by Stewart, Dave Uttech, Balog and Schultz.
Event: # 8 – Plymouth Dirt Track – Plymouth, WI - June 15, 2013
Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Cars
A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 14-Tony Stewart[8]; 2. 17B-Bill Balog[6]; 3. 83-Tommy Sexton[4]; 4. 5J-Jeremy Schultz[9]; 5. 85M-Steve Meyer[1]; 6. 2W-Scott Neitzel[13]; 7. 8A-Nick Alden[17]; 8. 80K-Mike Kertscher[3]; 9. 1M-Phillip Mock[7]; 10. 14AJ-Wayne Modjeski[14]; 11. 53W-Bill Wirth[15]; 12. 19-Todd Daun[20]; 13. 12-Michael Decker[21]; 14. 7-Scott Uttech[12]; 15. 97-Todd King[18]; 16. 35-Ben Schmidt[22]; 17. 68-Dave Uttech[10]; DNF 02-Mike Reinke[5]; DNF 56-Ryan Irwin[11]; DNF 4K-Kris Spitz[19]; DNF 20R-Rob Pribnow[16]; DNF 7F-Lance Fassbender[2]

B Feature (15 Laps): 1. 7-Scott Uttech[2]; 2. 56-Ryan Irwin[1]; 3. 4K-Kris Spitz[3]; 4. 19-Todd Daun[4]; 5. 12-Michael Decker[8]; 6. 35-Ben Schmidt[10]; 7. 23-Russell Borland[11]; 8. 11-Darrell Dodd[12]; 9. 94-Brandon Thone[13]; 10. 95A-Ken Jay Fiedler[9]; 11. 38-Allen Hafford[16]; 12. 43-Jereme Schroeder[15]; 13. 41-Dennis Spitz[6]; DNF 01-Brian Kristan[5]; DNF 4-Paul Pokorski[7]; DNS 5-Bryon Walters

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 14-Tony Stewart[6]; 2. 14AJ-Wayne Modjeski[3]; 3. 20R-Rob Pribnow[2]; 4. 83-Tommy Sexton[5]; 5. 56-Ryan Irwin[4]; 6. 95A-Ken Jay Fiedler[7]; 7. 94-Brandon Thone[8]; DNF 01-Brian Kristan[1]

Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 68-Dave Uttech[3]; 2. 80K-Mike Kertscher[5]; 3. 8A-Nick Alden[2]; 4. 1M-Phillip Mock[6]; 5. 7-Scott Uttech[4]; 6. 35-Ben Schmidt[7]; DNF 41-Dennis Spitz[1]; DNS 5-Bryon Walters

Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. 17B-Bill Balog[6]; 2. 97-Todd King[2]; 3. 7F-Lance Fassbender[5]; 4. 2W-Scott Neitzel[4]; 5. 4-Paul Pokorski[1]; 6. 19-Todd Daun[3]; 7. 43-Jereme Schroeder[8]; DNF 23-Russell Borland[7]

Heat 4 (10 Laps): 1. 5J-Jeremy Schultz[2]; 2. 53W-Bill Wirth[3]; 3. 85M-Steve Meyer[5]; 4. 02-Mike Reinke[6]; 5. 4K-Kris Spitz[4]; 6. 12-Michael Decker[1]; 7. 11-Darrell Dodd[7]; 8. 38-Allen Hafford[8]

Qualifying: 1. 14-Tony Stewart[1]; 2. 1M-Phillip Mock[25]; 3. 17B-Bill Balog[11]; 4. 02-Mike Reinke[10]; 5. 83-Tommy Sexton[2]; 6. 80K-Mike Kertscher[7]; 7. 7F-Lance Fassbender[12]; 8. 85M-Steve Meyer[9]; 9. 56-Ryan Irwin[18]; 10. 7-Scott Uttech[13]; 11. 2W-Scott Neitzel[16]; 12. 4K-Kris Spitz[6]; 13. 14AJ-Wayne Modjeski[5]; 14. 68-Dave Uttech[31]; 15. 19-Todd Daun[26]; 16. 53W-Bill Wirth[32]; 17. 20R-Rob Pribnow[17]; 18. 8A-Nick Alden[15]; 19. 97-Todd King[19]; 20. 5J-Jeremy Schultz[24]; 21. 01-Brian Kristan[14]; 22. 41-Dennis Spitz[21]; 23. 4-Paul Pokorski[4]; 24. 12-Michael Decker[8]; 25. 95A-Ken Jay Fiedler[22]; 26. 35-Ben Schmidt[20]; 27. 23-Russell Borland[30]; 28. 11-Darrell Dodd[28]; 29. 94-Brandon Thone[3]; 30. 5-Bryon Walters[27]; 31. 43-Jereme Schroeder[29]; 32. 38-Allen Hafford[23]

Melis, Fieber, Hirt and Arenz win at PDTR
Plymouth, WI 6-8-2013
By: Amy Juech

After rained shortened last week’s program, races resumed on the dirt oval at PDTR.

Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprints were first up with 23 cars rolling trackside after a cancellation of the B-Main. Danny Schlafer (Sussex) led lap one until being passed by Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake) who led until the field was plagued with cautions. Randy Walter (Cascade) spun in turn 2 then broke one lap later and unable to return. Danny Schlafer took the lead back on the restart. Tim Haddy (Waupun), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Lee Schroeder (Plymouth) and Brain Johnson (Kewaskum) all tangle on the front stretch on a restart. Jim Melis (Glenbeulah) captured the lead on the final restart which brought the field to a green, white, checkered finish on lap 16 after hitting time limit. Danny Schlafer finished second followed by Brandon McMullen (Plymouth), Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls) and Justin Miller (Plymouth).
Heat Winners: Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls), Brian Johnson (Kewaskum), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth)

Luedtke Auctioneering Grand Nationals were up next and the first few rows consist of some experienced contenders. Pole leader Mark Fieber (Cascade) led lap one over Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis) only to realign after Scott Houpt (Belgium) and James Pagel (St. Cloud) collide in turn 4. Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake) was black flagged. Dick Hed and Paul Perronne (both of Plymouth) retired to the pits with mechanical issues. Mark Fieber set a pretty hefty pace with good reason he had Don Sorce Jr. and Dan Sorce on his bumper itching to pass. Brad Lubach battled high and low in his journey to pass Dan Sorce. With all the position swapping up front where did Aaron Hauck (Plymouth) come from he started 19 and was in the top 10 already. Brad Lubach passed Don Sorce Jr. for second with 2 laps remaining. Mark Fieber took home the checkered after leading all 25 laps and his first clean sweep winning his heat earlier. Rounding out the top 5 was Brad Lubach, Don Sorce Jr., Matt Jackson (Sheboygan), and Dan Sorce.
B-Main Winner: Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown) also made a three way tie for a track record for 15 laps.
Heat Winners: Mark Fieber (Cascade), Brad Lubach (Kiel), Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis)

Sixteen cars started the Sadoff Iron & Metal Late Models feature. Pole position was held by Aaron Bennett (Appleton) who led 2 laps until being passed by Jim Letizia (Milwaukee). After debris brought out the first caution Justin Hirt (Tigerton) jumped into second by lap 6 after starting seventh. Eric Michaels (Cleveland) retires to the pits with Tim Bennet. Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah) swapped positions with Justin Hirt. Hirt succeeds in lap 15 taking over the lead from Jim Letizia. A few cars collide in turn 2 and a red comes out for Cody Eickberg (Plymouth) after getting his hand stuck in his steering wheel. On the last restart Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) challenges Buhler to take over second. Hirt tries to gain a larger lead by putting lapped cars between himself and Russ Scheffler. When the checkers flew Justin Hirt wins his first feature win at PDTR followed by Russ Scheffler, Rick Scheffler, Tim Buhler and Brad Mueller (Random Lake).
Heat Winners: Turk Letizia (Milwaukee), Brad Mueller (Random Lake)

Sheboygan County Fair Association Outlaw Compacts are the last main event of the evening. Travis Arenz who started second took an early lead. Brian Chiminatti (Manitowoc) and Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls) both exited on lap 3 with mechanical issues. Donnie Welch (Saukville) was back after flipping 2 weeks ago and battled Brandon Frank (Sheboygan) for second. Jeff Brendel (Sheboygan) and Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls) also retired to the pits. Travis Arenz would put distance on the field as he started to lap traffic. Arenz went on to win his third feature of the year followed by Brandon Frank, Donnie Welch, Justin Erickson (Plymouth) and Jonathon Otte (Cedar Grove).
Heat Winners: Travis Arenz (Sheboygan), Brian Chiminatti (Manitowoc)

Thank you to Eisentraut Agricultural Services for being the evening trophy sponsor.
Please join us next week for Tony Stewart Night and IRA’s. For more information please check out our website at
Rain Shortens Race Program at PDTR
Plymouth, WI 6-1-2013
By: Amy Juech

Races progress quickly with uninvited clouds lingering in the distance. Unfortunately weather does prevail and we are rained out of the Luedtke Auctioneering Grand Nationals and Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprint Features. In these two divisions points and pay are distributed evenly among all feature participants. Thank you to all drivers and teams for your hard work and dedication to try and get the show in for the fans.

Sheboygan County Fair Association Outlaw Compacts are first feature out as the clouds roll in. All too familiar Patrick Ciske your pole leader a stunning three weeks in a row and last week’s winner Travis Arenz starts tenth. Jonathon Otte (Cedar Grove) unable to make the call after having car troubles in the heat. When the green flag flew many drivers swapped positions while battling to the front. Arenz battled Corey Martin (Sheboygan) and Justin Erickson (Plymouth) in his chase to the front. Brandon Frank (Sheboygan) challenges and passes Ciske on lap 12. Ciske makes a last lap pass to win his first feature of the year. Justin Erickson also snuck back past Arenz for third. Results of the green to checkered feature were Patrick Ciske, Brandon Frank, Justin Erickson, Travis Arenz and Brian Chiminatti (Manitowac). Ciske makes his first clean sweep of the year.
Heat Winner: Patrick Ciske(Sheboygan Falls)

Up next are the Sadoff Iron and Metal Late Models. Front row consisted of Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah) and Turk Letizia (Milwaukee). By lap one Buhler was being chased by Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) who started fifth. Lap 5 brought out a caution involving Brad Mueller (Random Lake), Justin Schmidt (Cleveland), Dave Thomas (Franklin), Todd Jensema (Sheboygan Falls) and Rick Scheffler (Waukesha). All drivers involved in caution were able to continue. Cody Eickberg (Plymouth) was experiencing an ill running car and retired to the pits on lap 9. Russ Scheffler challenged Buhler and took the top spot. Russ Scheffler won his first feature at PDTR this year, followed by Tim Buhler, Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth), Justin Hirt (Tigerton), Justin Schmidt (Cleveland).
Heat Winners: Justin Schmidt(Cleveland), Justin Hirt(Tigerton)

Luedtke Auctioneering Grand Nationals start their feature event only to be stopped by Mother Nature on lap 10.
B-Main Winner: Sean Mueller(Plymouth)
Heat Winners: Luke Scholten(Oostburg), Mark Fieber(Cascade), Nick Strobbe Jr.(Germantown)

Exotic Tans & Spas 360 Sprint were unable to start feature activity as the races were cancelled during the previous race.
B-Main starts off with Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) starting eighth since leaving during the heat with mechanical problems. Schmidt managed to pull off a win and transfer to the A-Main.
Heat Winners: Travis Luedtke(Plymouth), Josh Walter(Plymouth), Danny Schlafer(Sussex)

Thank you to Hopf Farms from Sheboygan for being the evening trophy sponsor.
Mueller, Strobbe, Schlafer and Arenz win at PDTR
Plymouth, WI 5-18-2013
By: Amy Juech

Memorial Day Weekend of racing at PDTR started with an observance playing all military anthems. Weather not as nice as last week and a few light work sessions made for amazing racing.

Meyer Motors pace car lead 18 Sadoff Iron & Metal Late Models to the green flag. Brad Mueller (Random Lake) pulled out to an early lead over Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) and Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth). Turk and Jim Letizia (Milwaukee) unfortunately both brought out cautions for spins on lap 12 and 17 in turns 3 & 4. On the restart Justin Hirt (Tigerton) became a fierce contender charging past a few cars to battle with and eventually wins over Brad Mueller for the lead for a short lap until another caution sent him to second position. This caution was for Billy Rezutek (Big Bend) after spinning in turn 1 & 2, who was informed a few laps prior that he was leaking oil. Brad Mueller started out front with Justin Hirt on the inside line and Russ Scheffler on the outside in row 2. With the last green flag of the event, Brad jumped ahead of Russ and Justin followed in third unable to pass. This is how the race ended followed by Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah) who pasted Kyle Odekirk on the last lap.
Heat Winners: Russ Scheffler (Waukesha), Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah)

Twenty cars rolled trackside for the Grand National main event, when the green flag flew Nick Strobbe Jr. (Germantown) put his foot down on the throttle and didn’t look back gaining a greater lead lap after lap. Halfway in Justin Green (Sheboygan Falls) and Paul Perronne (Plymouth) pulled off with mechanical issues. On lap 15 Nick lead the pack through lapped traffic. Mesmerized fans watched many seasoned veterans switch positions lap after lap. Nick had six cars lapped by the time the checkers flew. Remaining top five were Donny Kulow (Plymouth), Brad Lubach (Kiel), Dan Sorce (Franklin) and Aaron Hauck (Plymouth). Nick Strobbe Jr. set a new track record for 25 laps of 6 minutes 47 seconds; old record was set by Richard Hed at 6 minutes 52 seconds. Dan Sorce was hard charger.
B-Main Winner: Steven Weber (Plymouth)
Heat Winners: Donny Kulow (Plymouth), Aaron Hauck (Plymouth), Matt Jackson (Sheboygan)

Six cars transferred out of the B-main to participate in the Sprint Feature. Lap 2 Brandon McMulllen (Plymouth) drove right past Jason Johnson (Campbellsport) and continued to pull away. Debris caution on lap 10, realigning the field Danny Schlafer (Sussex) was second after starting 5th. Tim Haddy (Waupan) had his hands full when Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) who started 17th was battling him for 3rd position. Lap 19 Brandon showed signs of slowing and pulled into the infield with motor issues two weeks in a row. Danny took full advantage of the lead letting others trade positions behind. When the checkers flew Danny Schlafer won (48 wins at PDTR giving fans a wave while standing on his wing). Second through fifth went to Ben Schmidt, Tim Haddy, Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls) followed by Jason Johnson.
B-Main Winner: Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) who started out the evening having to unload his backup car.
Heat Winners: Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), Tim Haddy (Waupun)

Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls) started on the pole for a second week, last week winner Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) had to start eleventh or further back after invert. Red flag appeared after lap one for Donnie Welch (Saukville) flipping in turn 2. Donnie escaped uninjured but unable to continue. By lap 2 Travis had worked his way through traffic to be in 6th place. Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls) left on lap 4 with a flat tire. Jonathon Otte (Gedar Grove) brought out a caution on lap 6. Travis could not be more excited to see the caution as he would start behind the leader Ciske. Using every inch of the track Ciske tried holding Travis behind until a repeat of last week when Travis passed with 2 laps to go. Travis had a clean sweep of the evening. Ben Meyerhofer (Menasha), Curtiss Humphrey (Sheboygan Falls) and Justin Erickson (Plymouth) round out our top five.
Heat Winners: Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls), Travis Arenz (Sheboygan)

Thank you to Breast Cancer Foundation for being the evening Trophy Sponsor.
Patience Pays Off for Melius, Scheffler, Sorce and Arenz with Wins at PDTR

Plymouth, WI 5-18-2013
By: Amy Juech

Opening night of Plymouth Dirt Track Racing may have started two weeks later than scheduled do to some uncooperative weather. Patiently waiting spectators and drivers were greeted with nice weather and great racing.
Sprint Cars would be the first feature to role trackside with an extended 30 lap feature. Our pole car Josh Walter (Plymouth) withdrew from the main event to be with his wife delivering a child. Our alternate Brian Johnson (Kewaskum) makes the field complete with 22 cars. Jim Melius (Glenbeulah) and Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) lead the field to the green flag; Melius jumped out into the lead. Lap 2 brought out our first and only caution causing Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum) to be unable to return. Melius again jumped out into the lead not looking back and starts to battle lapped traffic on lap 9. In the continuing laps Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) retired to the pits early with an overheating car, Randy Sippel (Elkart Lake) also retired the pits, and with 3 laps left Brandon McMullen pulled into the infield with motor issues as well. Jim Melius wins with a few car length advantage over Tim Haddy (Waupun), followed by Kurt Davis (West Allis), Danny Schlafer (Sussex), and Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls).
B Main Feature Winners: Randy Sippel (Elkart Lake) and Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls)
Heat Winners: Danny Schlafer (Sussex), Kurt Davis (West Allis), Tim Haddy (Waupun) and Erin Winscher (Plymouth)

Rick and Russ Scheffler (Waukesha) lead the Sadoff Late Model Feature to the green flag. Rick grabbed the lead and stayed there until lap 10 when a serious of cautions plaque this lap. Ted Dolhun (Franklin), Tirk and Jim Letizia (Milwaukee) and Eric Michaels (Cleveland) all had extensive damage not allowing them to return. Rick then checked out on the restart and Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth) and Brad Mueller (Random Lake) continually battled back and forth for second position reeling in the leader. Justin Schmidt (Cleveland) had worked his way from sixteenth to fifth until passing his father Jim Schmidt (Cleveland) on lap sixteen for fourth position. Rick won his first feature of the season, followed by Brad Mueller, Kyle Odekirk, Justin Schmidt and Jim Schmidt.
Heat Winners: Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth) and Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah)

A few scratches in the Grand National A-Main meant 6 cars transferred from the B-Main. Kevin Lubach (Elkart Lake) and James Pagel (St. Cloud) were the front row. Sean Mueller (Plymouth) brought out the caution on lap 5. Lubach then lead until lap 7 after being challenged and passed by Dan Sorce (Franklin) who started seventh. Lubach then retired to the pits on lap 12. Lap 16 Sorce started weaving through lapped traffic. When the checkers flew Dan Source won followed by Tyler Kulow (New Holstein), Brad Lubach (Kiel), Matt Jackson (Sheboygan), and Donny Kulow (Plymouth).
B Main Feature Winner: Luke Scholten (Oostburg)
Heat Winners: Matt Jackson (Sheboygan), Mark Fieber (Cascade) and Brad Lubach (Kiel)

Outlaw Compacts would be our final feature of the evening. Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls) and Jason Fairbank (Van Dyne) lead the field to the green flag. Lap 8 caution Curt Teunissen (Hingham) lost a tire. Field realigned and Ciske wasn’t willing to give up the lead to Travis Arenz (Sheboygan). Arenz gained the lead going into the white flag lap. Thirteen cars brought fans to their feet with door to door and wheel to wheel racing with only one caution. Crossing the checkered flag first was Travis Arenz followed by Patrick Ciske, Jason Fairbank, Mike Shultz (Sheboygan Falls), and Ben Meyerhofer (Menasha).
Heat Winners: Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) and Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls)

Thanks to our Trophy Sponsor RC Custom Design.
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Plymouth, WI August 25, 2012
By: Amy Juech

Letizia, Schlafer, Thompson and Arenz Win at PDTR

Great night for racing, weather finally cooperated with minimum track prep needed during the evening.

 Beginning the night were the Late Models. Pete Parker and Charlie Schmidt would be your front row. Turk Letizia jumped out to an early lead on lap 1. Pete Parker and Brad Mueller swapped positions a few times in the battle for second. Michael Stangl (Marshfield) and Charlie Schmidt (Oostburg) unfortunately retired to the pits early. Jim Letizia (Milwaukee), Jim Schmidt (Cleveland) and Craig Schueffner (Sheboygan Falls) battled back and forth in the middle of the pack. Outstanding talent provided spectators another week of a caution free feature. 8 seconds faster than last week, only 3 seconds off the track record. Ecstatic Turk Letizia (Milwaukee) pulls off his first feature win of the season followed by Pete Parker (Kaukauna), Brad Mueller (Random Lake), Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth) and Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah). Hard chargers would be Kyle Odekirk and Craig Schueffner.

Heat Winners: Pete Parker (Kaukauna), Craig Schueffner (Sheboygan Falls).

 Sprint Car B-Main for the evening starts three cars short; Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Tom Kreutz (Sheboygan) and Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum) unable to get their cars fixed and make the call. Kevin Karnitz (West Bend) pulled off on lap 1 with car trouble. A red flag waved on Lap 3 when Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls) and Mark Krueger (Green Bay) tangle in turn 4 causing both cars to flip. Both drivers were uninjured and neither driver was able to continue. The race would then go caution free until the checkered flew. Tony Wondra (Campbellsport) wins over pole sitter Brian Johnson (Kewaskum) followed by Justin Miller (Plymouth), Doug Wondra (Oakfield) and Jay Riemer (Sheboygan Falls). Hard charger was Doug Wondra.

 22 cars rolled trackside for the start of the 360 Sprint Car Feature. Danny Schlafer started outside the front row and took off like a rocket at the sight of the green flag. The field realigns after the spin of the pole leader Scotty Neitzel (Beaver Dam) on lap 1. Danny Schlafer and Jeremy Schultz start to battle with lap traffic on lap 11. Erin Winscher (Plymouth) brought out a caution on lap 13 when a tire broke loose, and unable to return to the feature. Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls) took second from Jeremy Schultz only to give it back a few laps later. Lap 21 proved challenging for a few drivers; Ben Schmidt (Howard Grove) took a tumble and brings out the second red for the evening. Randy Walter (Cascade) and Tony Wondra (Campbellsport) also tangle on the back stretch. All drivers uninjured and retired to the pits for the evening. Pulling off the win and a clean sweep for the evening was Danny Schlafer (Sussex) followed by point leader Jeremy Schultz (Beaver Dam), Kurt Davis (West Allis), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) and Jim Melis (Glenbeulah).  Hard charger was Doug Wondra.

Heat Winners: Danny Schlafer (Sussex), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Jeremy Schultz and Scotty Neitzel (both from Beaver Dam).

 Up next were the Grand Nationals, with a few scratches from the B-Main all cars transferred to the A. By lap 4 Luke Scholten took over the lead from pole sitter Steven Weber. One caution waved on lap 5 for debris. Philip Coppersmith and Kevin Lubach ran second and third till Tim Thompson divided them on lap 11. A few cars swapped positions in the middle and back of the pack to make for some interesting racing. Point leader Brad Lubach (Kiel) had some unfortunate luck retiring to the pits after his second flat tire. Luke Scholten tried many areas of the track to keep distance between him and second place Tim Thompson. They were close multiple times crossing the start finish line, but the last lap Tim Thompson (Campbellsport) beat out Luke Scholten (Oostburg) by half a car length followed by Loren Lubach (Plymouth), Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake) and Steven Weber (Plymouth).

Heat Winners: Mark Fieber (Cascade), Matt Yancey (Sheboygan) and Luke Scholten (Oostburg).

Outlaw Compacts round out the evening with some aggressive racing. Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls) took the lead early, followed by Travis Arenz. Our only caution flew on lap 2. Corey Martin (Sheboygan) retired to the pits early. Top five contenders ran in a tight pack making it difficult for fellow drivers to pass them. Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) won the last lap shootout followed by Tim Simon (Fond du Lac), Brandon Frank, Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls) and point leader Josh Pierce (Fredonia).

Heat Winners: Justin Erickson (Plymouth), Travis Arenz (Sheboygan).

 Special thanks to our Trophy Sponsor of the evening: Oskar Blues Brewery of Colorado.

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Plymouth, WI 8-18-2012
By: Amy Juech

WOW - Track Record, Clean Sweep and a First Time Feature Winner

 Excitement was evident among the spectators throughout the evening. Bill Michaels would only add with sharing flagman and announcing duties.

 First feature of the evening was the Grand Nationals with 21 cars rolling trackside. With a cancellation in the B-Main the remaining cars would fill in the feature. Starting on the outside of the front row was Luke Scholten he would take the lead on lap one and relinquish the lead to Mark Fieber during the first of three restarts. Chris Baumann and Michael Gilson (both of Elkhart Lake), Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan), Paul Perronne (Plymouth) would have unfortunate luck pulling off early. Mark Fieber (Cascade) would continue leading and win the feature followed by Luke Scholten (Oostburg), Tyler Kulow (New Holstein), Matt Jackson (Sheboygan) and James Pagel (St. Cloud). Steven Weber (Plymouth) would be our hard charger of the event.

Heat Winners: Brad Lubach (Kiel), Matt Yancey and Matt Jackson (both of Sheboygan).

 Sprint feature would include 6 transfer cars from the B-Main. Mesmerized fans would watch pole sitter Jim Melis not only keep his speed but accuracy hitting all the right spots and by lap 9 passing cars. Lapped traffic would prove a little challenging for fellow competitors. Danny Schlafer would start to pass 2 cars at a time to catch our leaders and would be our hard charger passing 12 cars. Jim Melis not only led all 25 caution free laps, but broke the track record with a time of 6 minutes and 1 second (old record was 6 minutes and 5 seconds). Mark Krueger (Green Bay) would retire early to the pits with car trouble. Our feature finish would be Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Jeremy Schultz (Beaver Dam), Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove), Danny Schlafer (Sussex) and Brandon McMullen (Plymouth).

B-Main Feature won by Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum) followed by Mark Krueger (Green Bay), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Doug Wondra (Oakfield), Justin Mueller and Brian Portschy (both of Plymouth).

Heat Winners: Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove), Tim Melis (Plymouth), Kurt Davis (West Allis) and Brandon McMullen (Plymouth).

 Retired Late Model driver Buck Carmen would return in his original car and lead a few pace laps with his son Tim Carmen (Sheboygan Falls) at his side. Craig Schueffner would start inside the second row and pull out to an early lead. Craig would start to lap cars on lap 11. Eric Michaels (Cleveland) and TJ Dolhun (Milwaukee) would both retire to the pits early. Enthusiastic Craig Schueffner would pull off the win and a clean sweep for the evening after another caution free race followed by Turk Letizia (Milwaukee), Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth), Pete Parker (Kaukauna) and Charlie Schmidt (Oostburg). Kyle Odekirk and Brad Mueller (Random Lake) would tie for hard charger both passing 8 cars. It was great to see Charlie Schmidt have a good feature run after some bad luck the last couple weeks. This feature was eleven seconds off the track record.

Heat Winners: Craig Schueffner (Sheboygan Falls) and Jim Schmidt (Cleveland).

 Final feature of the evening would be the outlaw compacts. There would be two minor cautions early from single cars spin outs. Patrick Ciske and Travis Arenz would battle traffic to close in on Josh Pierce. Travis Arenz would be our hard charger passing 8 cars. Brandon Frank and Justin Erickson (Plymouth) would pull off early with car trouble. Josh Pierce would start on the pole and lead all 15 laps to his first feature win followed by Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan Falls), Travis Arenz (Sheboygan), Mike Schultz and Brian Chiminatti (both of Sheboygan Falls).

Heat Winners: Mike Schultz (Sheboygan Falls) and Travis Arenz (Sheboygan).

Thanks to all that make PDTR what it is. Please join us next week. For more information please check out our website at

Plymouth, WI Saturday August 11, 2012
By: Amy Juech

Vintage Stock Cars – Milwaukee Stock Car Club Returned to PDTR along with Weekly Program

After Mother Nature won last week, racing resumed with cooler weather. Stands were filled with past track champions that would be acknowledged during intermission.

First event of the evening would be the Late Model Feature with 17 cars rolling trackside. Turk Letizia would start on the poll and lead the field through four scattered cautions for single car spin outs. Kyle Odekirk would help in keeping the Scheffler boys in there shadow. Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah) and Justin Schmidt (Cleveland) would unfortunately pull off with car trouble. Everything in the front of the pack would change during the white flag lap when Letizia and Odekirk touch. Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth) would pull off the win followed by Rich Scheffler, Russ Scheffler (both of Waukesha), Craig Schueffner (Sheboygan Falls) and Brad Mueller (Random Lake).
Late Model Heat Winners Craig Schueffner (Sheboygan Falls), Turk Letizia (Milwaukee).

Up next was the Grand National Feature with four transfer cars filling in the back of the field from the B Main. Lap 2 would bring us our first caution Glen Blanke (Sheboygan Falls) spinning. Lap 4 Brad Lubach would take the lead from Brian Goetsch. The field would realign on lap 5 after Philip Coppersmith spun, and then race till the checkered. Brian Cesar and Tim Thompson made their first appearance of the year and gave the field a run. Tim Thompson would be your hard charger of the event passing nine cars. Brad Lubach (Elkhart Lake) would lead the field and start lapping cars on lap 15 and not stop till the checkered followed by Brian Cesar (Sheboygan), Tim Thompson (Campbellsport), James Pagel (St. Cloud), and Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan).
B Main Feature Winner Gary Glander (Sheboygan Falls).
Grand National Heat Winners James Pagel (St. Cloud), Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan), Brian Cesar (Sheboygan).

Starting on the pole of the Sprint Car Feature was Ken Jay Fiedler who would lead the pack on a dry and slick track until the turn 2 tires would creep onto the track and a caution would come out. Kyle Marten and Ben Schmidt were battling for fifth on lap 18 when they touched and Ben Schmidt spun to bring out the second caution. Final caution would be on lap 21 Erin Winscher (Plymouth) would spin. Brian Portschy would be in fifth until he broke on the white flag lap. Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls) would go on to win, Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Josh Walter (Sheboygan Falls), Doug Wondra (Oakfield).
B Main Feature Winner Jim Melis (Glenbeulah).
Sprint Heat Winners Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls), Brian Portschy (Plymouth), Kurt Davis (West Allis) and Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove).

Second last Feature was the Outlaw Compacts; with a first lap caution in turn 2 where Justin Erickson (Plymouth) and Travis Wehrmann (Howards Grove) would tangle. Lap 6 would bring out our final caution. All the cars would restart and one lap later Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) would take over the lead from Josh Pierce (Fredonia) and continue till the finish, followed by Curtiss Humphrey, Michael Strean (Sheboygan), Brandon Frank.
Outlaw Compact Heat Winners Michael Strean (Sheboygan), Travis Arenz (Sheboygan).

Final event of the evening would be the Vintage Stock Cars - Milwaukee Stock Car Club. They would run 15 fun filled laps with one unfortunate red. Turn one would prove challenging for 2 cars that would bring out the red. All drivers were uninjured. Winner gave his trophy to a lucky fan that visited him in the pits at the end of the night.

More excitement in August … Make sure to stop in next week for Bill Michaels Night. For more information make sure to check out our website

Plymouth WI July 28. 2012

Jim Letizia, Josh Walter, Matt Yancey and Travis Arenz Win at PDTR

After some well needed rain this past week there was some additional track work throughout the night that made for some great racing on a wide and very fast track. Spectators also saw drivers during Driver Introductions in the Late Models and Sprint Car Divisions.

First Feature of the evening was Late Models with Jim Letizia pulling ahead of the pole leader Charlie Schmidt (Cleveland). One caution for debris would bring the filed back together on lap 8. Jim Schmidt (Cleveland) would take over second with Tirk Letizia moving through traffic. Charlie Schmidt would pull off the track on lap 14 giving third place to Tirk. Tirk then battled back and forth with Jim until Jim would pull off. In the last 4 laps it would be a father son battle for the lead. Jim Letizia (Milwaukee) would go on to win his First Late Model Feature ever. Second would be Tirk Letizia (Milwaukee), Brad Mueller (Random Lake), Justin Schmidt (Cleveland), and Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth). Late Model Heat Winners Kyle Odekirk (Plymouth), Craig Schueffner (Sheboygan Falls)

Sprint Feature event started with Josh Walter outside first row and would pull to an early lead only to have a red flag thrown immediately. Dan Schlafer (Sussex) and John Krebsbach (Cascade) would both be turned upside down in turns 1 and 2 and Tim Haddy (Waupun) with Wing Damage. Schlafer and Krebsbach both uninjured. This would cause the field to realign. On the restart Josh Walter jumped back in to the lead and steadily lap cars by lap 8, Josh was unchallenged as the race had no more cautions and would checker 24 laps later.  Jeremy Schultz started 11th and would battle traffic on the high and low side to put pressure on Randy Sippel and Kurt Davis to finish second, then Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake), Kurt Davis (West Allis), Ken Jay Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls) rounding out the top five.

B Main started with 14 cars rolling trackside with some seasoned veterans shuffled within the field. Unfortunately Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove) broke and pulled off on lap 5. Paul Pokorski (West Bend) and Doug Wondra (Oakfield) collided on lap 11 and they would both retire to the pits. Pole starter Al Schlaffer pulled out into in early lead and never looked back. Meanwhile Travis Luedtke and Kevin Karnitz put on a show battling for second. The Finish with the top six cars transferring into the Main Event were as follows: Al Schlafer (Sussex), Travis Luedtke (Plymouth), Kevin Karnitz (West Bend), Scotty Thiel (Sheboygan), Jay Riemer (Sheboygan Falls), Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum), and our alternate Brian Johnson (Kewaskum). Sprints Heat Winners Tim Haddy (Waupun), Jim Melis (Glenbeulah), Danny Schlafer (Sussex), Tim Melis (Plymouth).

Grand National Feature event would be action packed with Dan Source taking an early lead after starting outside the first row, with Steven Weber and Mark Fieber(Cascade) switching positions early on until caution on lap 9. Then a flat tire would take second place Mark Fieber to the pits on lap 15. Lap 16 Dan Source would pull into the infield unable to return, Matt Yancey would take over the lead and have Steven Weber and Brad Lubach battle out second and third and hold off the Kulow Boys behind them. During the last few laps quite a few cars left the track because of flat tires. Only 7 Cars finished on the lead lap. Results were Matt Yancy (Sheboygan), Brad Lubach (Kiel), Steven Weber (Plymouth), Tyler Kulow and Donny Kulow (both of New Holstein). Grand National Heat Winners Steven Weber (Plymouth), Brad Lubach (Kiel).

In the final feature of the evening Travis Arenz started outside first row would take the lead by lap 1.  Travis set a fast pace where Josh Pierce and Jonathan Otte would battle off cars to stay caught up with Travis.  Michael Strean (Sheboygan) would go from 14th to 6th where he would finish. Travis Arenz (Sheboygan) would not look back and win followed by Josh Pierce (Fredonia), Jonathan Otte (Cedar Grove), Trevor Wehrmann (Howards Grove), Brian Chiminatti (Manitowac). Outlaw Compact Heat Winners Josh Pierce (Fredonia), Jonathan Otte (Cedar Grove)

Thank you to our Trophy Sponsor Sheboygan County Softball Association. Thanks to the drivers and spectators for your patience this evening with the delays for track work.


Frank, Marten, & Mueller First Time Winners at PDTR

Plymouth, WI [July 21, 2012]

On a hot and humid Saturday evening, Brandon Frank, Kyle Marten, & Brad Mueller win their first A-mains of the season at PDTR.

With the cancellation due to rain last week, the Outlaw Compact A-main was up first.  Using his outside pole starting position, Brandon Frank took the lead and would go unchallenged to win his first feature of the season.  Travis Arenz, Sheboygan, would battle his way through the field to finish second after starting last in the twelve car field. Donnie Welch, Saukville, finished third followed by Josh Pierce, Fredonia; and Brian Chiminatti, Manitowoc. Heat race winners were Welch and Patrick Ciske, Sheboygan Falls.

The 21H of Tim Haddy, Waupun, and the 99 of Kyle Marten, Sheboygan Falls, led the twenty-three car field to the green flag of the Sprint car A-main.  Marten took the lead only to be slowed by caution on lap two for a car stopped in turn two.  With the field reset, Marten continued to lead followed by Haddy, Josh Krebsbach, Cascade, and Kurt Davis, West Allis.  A red flag stopped the race on lap nine for the 22 car of Dale Peters, Plymouth, who rolled hard after coming in contact with the front stretch wall.  Peters was not injured and, following the removal of his car, the race continued. Marten, once again, jumped into the lead.  Davis challenged Haddy for second place and would take the position on lap seventeen.  Davis closed in on Marten and, using lap traffic to his advantage, took the lead in turn two on lap twenty-three.  Marten battled back for the first position but the two would make contact in turn four causing Davis’ car to roll.  Damage would retire Davis to the pits.  With only two laps remaining in the race, Marten  restarted at the point with Haddy and Ken Jay Fiedler, Sheboygan Falls, lined up behind him.  Marten would go on to finish first followed by Fiedler and Haddy. Ben Schmidt, Howards Grove finished fourth after starting fifteenth. Travis Luedke, Plymouth, rounded out the top five.  Brandon McMullen, Plymouth won the Sprint car B-main.  Mark Krueger, Green Bay; Davis; and Luedke were heat race winners.

Following the Sprint car feature was the Grand National A-main. Paul Perronne, Plymouth, took the early lead over the Plymouth drivers Donny Kulow and Kevin Lubach.  Dick Hed, Plymouth, using the outside groove of the track, moved into the second position on lap eight.  Continuing his run on the high side, Hed began challenging Perronne for the lead.  Hed successfully took the lead on lap eleven. Hed and Perronne began pulling away from the rest of the field only to be slowed by caution on lap sixteen.  Hed would line up with the rest of the field double file behind him for the restart.  Using the low grove, Brad Lubach, Kiel, took the lead from Hed on lap seventeen.  Another caution for a car facing the wrong way in turn four on lap twenty-two would, again, slow the field.  On the restart, Brad Lubach would continue to lead as Hed and Perronne battled for second. At the checkers it was Brad Lubach followed by Perronne, Hed, Kulow, and Kevin Lubach.  Winning the Grand National heats were: Matt Yancey, Sheboygan, and Tyler Kulow, New Holstein.

Rounding out the evening was the Late Model A-main. Brad Mueller, Random Lake, led all twenty-five laps of the late model feature event, surviving two cautions.  Rick Scheffler, Waukesha, and Kyle Odekirk, Plymouth were locked in a heated battle for second place.  In the end, it was Mueller who took the win followed by Odekirk, Rick Scheffler, Jim Schmidt, Cleveland; and Russ Scheffler, Waukesha.  Late model heat race winners were: Turk Letizia, Milwaukee and Tim Buhler, Glenbeulah.


Scheffler, Yancey, and Melis Victorious at PDTR

Plymouth, WI [July 14, 2012]

With rain in the forecast, three of the four A-mains were completed with repeat winners  at PDTR.

The Late Model A-main was up first.  Ted Dolhun Sr., Franklin, and Jim Rychtik, Port Washington, led the fifteen car field to the line.  Dolhun led the first three laps.  On lap four, Craig Schueffner, Sheboygan Falls, would grab the lead from Dolhun. The caution flag would fly on lap four for the 57 car of Eric Michaels, Cleveland, who spun in turn four.  It would take two more tries to get the race back under way.  Schueffner would lead, with Tom Naeyaert, Shawano, and Russ Scheffler, Waukesha in hot pursuit.  On lap thirteen, a red flag would stop the race for a fire under Dolhun’s car.  When the race resumed, Scheffler, using the outside groove, would take the lead.  The checkered flag would fly with Scheffler taking the win followed by Schueffner.  Naeyaert, Turk Letizia, Milwaukee; and Tim Buhler, Glenbeulah, who started last in the field, would round out the top five.  Heat winners were: Russ Scheffler and Naeyaert.

Starting on the outside of the front row, Matt Yancey, Sheboygan, took the lead at the drop of the green flag for the Grand National A-main.  A lone caution would fly on lap six for two cars that spun in turn four. Yancey would maintain the lead on the restart followed by Aaron Hauck and Jeff Lammers, both of Plymouth.  On Lap seven, Luke Scholten, Oostburg, would move into the second position.  Dan Sorce of Franklin began his charge toward the front using the outside groove of the track.  With Scholten on the bumper of Yancey, the top four cars   pulled  away from the rest of the field.  Sorce passed Lammers for third on lap twenty-one. Yancey would cross the finish line in first followed by Scholten, Sorce, Lammers, and Hauck.  Chris Baumann of Elkhart Lake was the Grand National  B-main winner. Scholten, Sorce, and James Pagel, St. Cloud, were heat race winners.

The Sprint Car A-main followed the Grand National feature.  With Randy Brunette, Chilton and Jim Melis, Glenbeulah on the front row, the Sprint Car feature got under way.  Melis, using the high groove, took the early lead.  The first caution flag of the race would fly on lap five for two cars that spun in turn two.  With the field reset, Melis would keep his lead followed closely by Danny Schlafer, Sussex; Ken Jay Fiedler, Sheboygan; and Jeremy Schultz, Beaver Dam.  A car spinning in turn four would bring out the second caution flag of the race.  On the restart, Schultz spun in turn two collecting several cars.  With Melis at the point and Schlafer and Fiedler in the second row, the race resumed.  With the time limit nearing, Melis would survive two more cautions to win the shorten Sprint Car A-main. Fiedler finished second followed by Ben Schmidt, Howards Grove; Danny Schlafer, and Kyle Marten, Sheboygan Falls. The Sprint Car B-main winner was Brandon McMullen of Plymouth. Heat race winners were Doug Wondra, Oakfield; Brunette, Schultz, and Marten.

 With the cars lined up and ready to go, rain started to fall causing the cancellation of the Outlaw Compact feature event.  Brandon Frank and Travis Arenz were the Outlaw Compact heat race winners.


Extended Features Challenge Drivers at PDTR

Plymouth, WI [July 7, 2012]

With mid season championships on the line, drivers battle in extended features at PDTR.

The sprint car feature was up first.` Tim Melis of Plymouth and Al Schlafer of Sussex led the twenty-two car field to the green flag.   The caution flag was displayed for Tim Haddy, Waupun, who stopped on the back stretch.  Back to the top of the order on the restart, Melis would take the lead.  On lap seven, Kurt Davis, West Allis, slid into the wall coming out of turn four and rolled on his side bringing out another caution.  The field was reset only to be slowed again for the 44B of Brian Johnson of Kewaskum, who spun to the infield in turn one.  Once back to the green,  Danny Schlafer, Sussex, would shoot out into the lead and would survive two more cautions and lap traffic to take home the win and the sprint car mid season championship trophy.  Brandon McMullen, Plymouth, would take second followed by Al Schlafer, Ben Schmidt, Howards Grove, and Jim Melis, Glenbeulah.    The B-main winner was Randy Walter of Cascade.  Heat race winners were: Tim Melis, Jay Riemer, Sheboygan Falls; and Danny Schlafer.

Following the sprint cars, the grand nationals rolled track side, ready to start their 30 lap A-main event. Off to an early lead was the 95K of Donny Kulow, Plymouth.  After a caution on lap two involving several cars, Kulow felt the pressure of the 4 car of Glen Blanke, Sheboygan Falls.  Another caution on lap five bunched the field. Upon the restart, Kulow was passed by the 54 of Matt Yancy, Sheboygan, who held the lead for a total of eight laps until the 37 of Brad Lubach, Kiel, who started twelfth, took the lead. Meanwhile, the B-main winner, Dick Hed of Plymouth, who started seventeenth , made his way through the field to join the top five. Brad Lubach would ultimately become successful in earning the win followed by Mark Fieber, Cascade; Aaron Hauck, Plymouth; Hed; and Luke Scholten, Oostburg. The heat race winners were Brad Lubach; Brain Goetsch, Sheboygan; and James Pagel, St. Cloud.

The late models followed the grand nationals. After starting on the front row, the 89 of Brad Mueller, Random Lake, jumped out to an early lead followed closely by the 74P of Pete Parker, Kaukauna.  Parker took the lead on lap six from Mueller.  On lap 22, while challenging for the lead,  the D1 of Turk Letizia, Milwaukee, tangled with Parker coming out of turn four causing Parker to come to a stop by the wall on the front stretch. Both cars involved, were sent to restart at the back of the field. Mueller would inherit the lead on the restart but faded back as the 79 of Jim Schmidt, Cleveland, used the outside groove to his advantage.   Schmidt battled for the lead with Russ Scheffler, Waukesha, but would run out of laps. Scheffler would take the win while Schmidt would have to settle for second.   Craig Schueffner, Sheboygan Falls, finished in the third position followed by Rick Scheffler, Waukesha; and Mueller. Heat race winners were Charlie Schmidt, Oostburg, and Turk Letizia.

Lastly, the crowd went wild for the outlaw compacts as they made their way onto the track for their A-main event.  A constant battle for the lead ensued between the 17 of Donnie Welch, Saukville, and the 13 of Josh Pierce, Fredonia until lap twelve, when Pierce suddenly fell off pace in turn three bringing out the caution.  After restarting the race, the 25 of Travis Arenz, Sheboygan, would take the lead on lap sixteen and was first to cross the finish line on lap twenty, taking home his own mid season championship trophy.   Heat race winners were Arenz, and Pierce.

Sprint Cars Invade PDTR

Plymouth, WI [June 30, 2012]

Ben Schmidt was the winner in the PDTR 360 sprint car A-main.

 Kurt Davis of West Allis and Josh Walter of Sheboygan Falls led the twenty-two car field to the green flag at the start of the 360 sprint car A-main.  Davis would take an early lead over Ben Schmidt, Howards Grove, and Walter. Davis encountered lap traffic on lap seven with Schmidt closing in. The caution flag would fly on lap eight when the leader, Davis, tagged the wall in turn two, stopping on the track.  Schmidt would inherit the lead on the restart, followed by Walter.  Brandon McMullen of Plymouth, the B-main winner, would join the top ten after starting seventeenth.  A second caution would come on lap eighteen for the 1M car of Tim Melis, Plymouth,  who slowed to a stop in turn one.  Schmidt would go on to take the win followed by Jeremy Schultz, Beaver Dam; Ken Jay Fieldler, Sheboygan Falls; McMullen; and Doug Wondra, Oakfield.  The hard chargers of the race were Schultz and McMullen, who each passed thirteen cars. Heat race winners were Scotty Thiel, Sheboygan; Walter; Kyle Marten, Sheboygan Falls; and John Krebsbach, Cascade. 


Autograph Night A Hit As Season High 84 Cars Compete At PDTR

Plymouth, WI [June 23, 2012]

After Mother Nature won out last week, canceling June 16th race program, racing resumed at PDTR.   Rain over the last couple of days gave the drivers a fast racing surface. For autograph night, checkered flags were handed out to kids as they filed through the gate before the races.

The late models rolled track side for the first A-main of the evening. Turk Letizia of Milwaukee and Cleveland’s Eric Michaels led the field to the green flag.  The 89 of Brad Mueller, Random Lake, spun in turn two, collecting the 7B of Tim Buhler, Glenbeulah, and the 8R of Billy Rezutek, Big Bend bringing out the yellow flag. On the restart, Turk Letizia would take the early lead.  Rick Scheffler, Waukesha, running the high side, would grab the lead on lap five.  A stalled car in turn two would bring out another caution on lap eleven.  With the field bunched up, the cars restarted the race only to be stopped for the 21K of Kyle Odekirk, Plymouth, whose car rolled several times in turn three. Odekirk was not injured; however, his car sustained heavy damage and could not continue. Once the track was cleared, racing resumed with Rick Scheffler in the lead.  Late in the race, Russ Scheffler, Waukesha would pass his brother Rick and lead the remaining three laps to take the checkered flag.  Rick Scheffler was second, followed by Craig Schueffner, Sheboygan Falls; Turk Letizia, and Buhler. Heat winners were Russ Scheffler and Buhler.

Mark Fieber of Cascade used his front row starting spot to lead all twenty-five laps of the Grand National A-main.  Fieber survived three cautions to pick up his first feature win of the season at PDTR. Crossing the finish line in second was Scott Houpt of Belgium.  Brad Lubach, Kiel; Donny Kulow, Plymouth; and Chris Baumann, Elkhart Lake rounded out the top five.  The B-main winner was Glen Blanke of Sheboygan Falls. Winning the Grand National heats were Kulow; Luke Scholten, Oostburg; and Brad Lubach.

In the sprint car A-main, the 95 Ken Jay Fiedler, Sheboygan Falls took an early lead followed closely by the 64 of Scotty Thiel, Sheboygan, and the 39 of Randy Sippel, Elkhart Lake. Thiel would battle Fiedler for the lead until a lone caution on lap ten caused by the 21H of Tim Haddy, Waupun, and the 30 of Doug Wondra, Oakfield slowed the field. Upon restarting the race, Sippel, who had previously been running third, got the lead and gained distance from Fiedler and Thiel. Sippel would win his first PDTR A-main of the season followed by Fiedler; Jeremy Schultz, Beaver Dam; and Thiel. Ben Schmidt, Howards Grove, the b-main winner, finished fifth after starting deep in the field. Heat race winners were Doug Wondra; Fiedler; Josh Walter, Sheboygan Falls; and Schultz.

Patrick Ciske of Sheboygan Falls led all but two laps of the Outlaw Compact A-main. The only caution came on lap two when a car spun in turn four.  Ciske took the checkers followed by Josh Pierce, Fredonia; Michael Strean, Sheboygan; Mike Schultz, Sheboygan Falls; and Travis Arenz, Sheboygan.

Scheffler, Lubach, Schmidt, & Arenz All Repeat Winners at PDTR

Plymouth,  WI  [June 9, 2012}

On the warmest night of the season so far, 81 cars checked into the pit area to compete at PDTR.

The Late Model A-main was up first.  At the drop of the green flag the D1 of Turk Letizia of Milwaukee grabbed the lead from his pole starting position.  Pete Parker of Kaukauna would take the lead away from Letizia on lap three and would stay in front for the next eleven laps.  On Lap fifteen, Russ Scheffler of Waukesha would grab the lead after starting deep in the field.  Scheffler would go on to win the caution free Late Model A-main.  Billy Rezutek of Big Bend would finish second, followed by Brad Mueller, Random Lake; Parker; and Tim Buhler of Glenbeulah. Heat winners were Buhler and Kyle Odekirk of Plymouth.

In the Grand National A-main, Chris Baumann of Elkhart Lake would take an early lead over Tyler Kulow of New Holstein.  A caution on lap eight involving several cars slowed the field. On the restart, several of the front runners were involved an altercation bringing out the yellow flag again.  Kulow would inherit the lead following the caution.  Brad Lubach of Kiel began applying heavy pressure on Kulow on lap twelve and would take the lead on lap fourteen.  Another caution for a tire on the track on lap 21 slowed the field once more. Lubach would maintain his lead while cars battled for position behind him. At the checkers, it was Brad Lubach taking the win followed by Aaron Hauck of Plymouth. Kulow, Mark Fieber of Cascade, and Kevin Lubach of Elkhart Lake rounded out the top five. Luke Scholten, Oostburg; Fieber; and Brad Lubach were Grand National heat race winners. The B-main winner was Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls.

Next up was the Sprint Car A-Main. Kurt Davis of West Allis and Jeremy Schultz of Beaver Dam led the field to the green flag. Taking the high line, Ben Schmidt of Howards Grove would overtake the leader, Schultz, on lap seven.  On lap 18, Davis, while running third, spun in turn four bringing out the yellow flag. On the restart, the 3E of Erin Winscher of Plymouth got together with another car and rolled several times in turn one.  After a long caution, racing resumed with Schmidt in the lead followed by Schultz.  Schmidt and Schultz would pull away from the pack and cross the finish line first and second respectively.  They were followed by Scotty Thiel, Sheboygan; Donnie Goeden in the 51M car; and Shane Wenninger, Kewaskum. Heat race winners were Brandon McMullen, Plymouth; Thiel; Schmidt; and Schultz.  The B-main winner was Tony Wondra of Campbellsport.

The Outlaw Compacts rounded out the evening’s race program.  After running three wide in turn three on the opening lap of the Outlaw Compact A-main, the yellow flag flew for the 75 of Mike Schultz of Sheboygan Falls, who lost a tire in turn one.  The restart saw #55 Brian Chiminatti of Manitowoc in the lead.  Chiminatti was followed closely by Patrick Ciske of Sheboygan Falls who took the lead on lap six. Ciske would continue to lead following two more cautions.  Travis Arenz of Sheboygan moved into the second postion on lap eight after starting last in the field.  On lap twelve, Ciske and Arenz were even coming to the line. Arenz would take the lead coming out of turn two and would go on to win his second Outlaw Compact A-main of the season.  Josh Pierce of Fredonia ran the high side to pass Ciske for second. Ciske finished third followed by Trevor Wehrmann, Howards Grove; and Donnie Welch, Saukville.


Walter & Pierce First Time Winners This Season at PDTR

Plymouth,  WI [June 2, 2012]

 After rain cancelled Memorial weekend’s program, races resumed on the dirt oval at PDTR.

The sprint car A-main was up first. Josh Walter of Sheboygan and Brandon McMullen of Plymouth brought the 22 car field to the green flag. Walter would lead all 25 laps surviving a challenge for the lead late in the race by Danny Schlafer of Sussex.  Walter was followed to the checkers by Kurt Davis, West Allis; Jeremy Schultz, Beaver Dam; McMullen; and Jim Melis, Glenbeulah. The B-main was won by Ben Schmidt, Howards Grove. Schultz, Jim Melis, Scotty Thiel of Sheboygan, and Davis were all heat races winners

Due to several cautions, the Grand National A-main was shortened to 18 laps. Matt Jackson of Sheboygan would take an early lead from his front row starting position.  Brad Lubach of Kiel would challenge Jackson for the lead on lap 10, taking the lead on the following lap.  Following the final caution on lap 16, Lubach would win the shortened race.  Matt Yancy of Sheboygan would finish in the second position after starting 11th followed by Jackson, Luke Scholten, Oostburg; and Kevin Lubach of Elkhart Lake. Heat race wins were credited to Lubach and Mark Fieber of Cascade.

The Late Model A-main was up next.  Eric Michaels of Cleveland lead the opening six laps of the late model feature.  A caution on lap seven slowed the field.  On the restart Tim Buhler of Glenbeulah would grab the lead from Michaels.  Throughout several additional cautions, Buhler’s lead dwindled as the 74 of Russ Scheffler of Waukesha fought his way through the field. Scheffler battled with Buhler, eventually taking the lead on lap 18. Scheffler continued to win his second the A-main of season at PDTR, followed by Buhler, Kyle Odekirk of Plymouth, Rick Scheffler of Waukesha, and Craig Schueffner. Heat race winners were Schueffner and Buhler.

Finally, the Outlaw Compacts entered the track for their main event. Jeff Brendel of Sheboygan Falls led the first four laps. After several restarts, the lead was taken by Josh Pierce of Fredonia.  Travis Arenz of Sheboygan passed Pierce on lap seven; however, Arenz was forced to return to the pit area on the following lap. Pierced recaptured the lead and would ultimately be successful in earning his first A-main win of the season at PDTR. Pierce was followed closely by Scott Brendel of Cleveland, Patrick Ciske of Sheboygan Falls, Michael Strean of Sheboygan, and Mike Schultz of Sheboygan Falls. Arenz and Ciske were the heat races winners.


Schmidt, Yancey, Dolhun, and Strean Prevail at PDTR

Plymouth, WI [May 19, 2012]

Ben Schmidt, Matt Yancey, Ted Dolhun, and Michael Strean collect their first PDTR A-main wins of the season.

Twenty-two cars rolled out onto the track for the sprint car A-main. On the opening lap, outside pole sitter, #1 Tim Melis of Plymouth, got loose coming out of turn four and rolled, while the rest of the field attempted to avoid him.  Melis was then struck by the #39 of Randy Sippel, Elkhart Lake. The #08 John Krebsbach, Cascade, was also involved. All three drivers were okay. When the race resumed, #12 Josh Walter, Sheboygan Falls took the lead. On lap four, coming out of turn four, Walter, the leader, spins, bringing out a caution. On the next restart, the #35 Ben Schmidt, Howards Grove, took lead. Schmidt built a sizeable lead, until he encountered lap traffic. Running second, the #6 Kurt Davis, West Allis, used lap traffic to his advantage to take the lead from Schmidt on lap 13. Davis and Schmidt battled back and forth for three laps. Schmidt would ultimately prevail to win his first PDTR A-main of the season. Davis placed second followed by #95 Ken Jay Fiedler, Sheboygan Falls; #5J Jeremy Schultz, Beaver Dam; and #64 Scotty Thiel, Sheboygan. Heat races winners were #51 Jim Melis, Glenbeulah; Schultz; and Davis. The B-main winner was #63 Kevin Karnitz, West Bend.

The grand national A-main followed the sprint cars. #80 Luke Scholten, Oostburg and #28 Mark Fieber, Cascade, led the field to the green flag. Scholten took the lead only to be slowed by a caution on lap four.  On the restart, Scholten continued to lead while #54 Matt Yancey, Sheboygan, made his way through the pack using the outside lane. Following a caution on lap nine, Yancey would steal the lead away from Scholten.  Pulling away from the pack, Yancey built a straight away lead until a lap car re-entered the track in front of him on lap 21 causing him to lose the lead to Scholten.  Yancey battled back on the outside, and he regained the lead to win the A-main. Scholten placed second followed by Fieber; #6 Dick Hed, Plymouth; and #7 Chris Baumann, Elkhart Lake. Heat winners were #21 Kevin Lubach, Elkhart Lake; #37 Brad Lubach, Kiel; and Yancey. The B-Main winner was #12p James Pagel of St. Cloud.

Ted Dolhun, #21SR of Franklin, used his outside front row starting position to lead the opening two laps of the Late Model A-main.  After starting fourth, #79 Jim Schmidt of Cleveland took the lead. A lone caution for a spin on lap six bunched the field.  On the restart, Schmidt continued to lead until his car broke on lap 17, slowing him to a stop off the track in turn one.  Dolhun, who was running second, recaptured the lead, prevailing to win the Late Model A-main. #74P Pete Parker of Kaukauna  placed second followed by last week’s feature winner, #74 Russ Scheffler of Waukesha. #70 Craig Schueffner, Sheboygan Falls and #8R  Billy Rezutek, Big Bend rounded out the top five. Heat race winners were Rezutek and #89 Brad Mueller of Random Lake.

In the outlaw compact division, #54 Michael Strean, Sheboygan, pulled out to an early lead. Strean led all fifteen laps of the A-main, with only one caution on lap three, earning his first win of the season at PDTR. Strean was followed by #13 Josh Pierce, Fredonia; #29 Patrick Ciske, Sheboygan Falls; #32 Curtiss Humphrey, Sheboygan Falls; and #11Scott Brendel, Cleveland. The heat race winners were Ciske, and #25 Arenz, Sheboygan, last week’s A-main winner.


Scheffler,  Lubach, Melis, & Arenz Win Plymouth Dirt Track Season Opener

Plymouth, WI (May 12, 2012)

On Mother’s Day weekend, 82 cars checked into the pit area for the season opener of Plymouth Dirt Track Racing (PDTR).

The #97 Justin Schmidt of Cleveland and the 8R Billy Rezutek of Big Bend brought the late model field to the line to take the green flag in the first feature event of the evening.  Tim Buhler, #7B of Glenbeulah, would jump out to an early lead.  With the help of lap traffic, #74 Russ Scheffler of Waukesha would take the lead on lap 13. A lone caution for a spin in turn two would slow the field.  Scheffler maintained his lead on the re-start and would go on to win his first A-main of the season.  Buhler finished in second place, followed by Brad Mueller of Random Lake, Rick Scheffler of Waukesha, and Billy Rezutek of Big Bend.  Tim Carmen of Sheboygan Falls, Justin Schmidt, Craig Schueffner of Sheboygan Falls, and Kyle Odekirk of Plymouth rounded out the top ten.  Heat race winners were: Rick Scheffler and Brad Mueller.

The Grand National feature took the green flag with #34 Steve Weber of Plymouth and  #8J Matt Jackson of Sheboygan on the front row.  Jackson would lead lap one only to be slowed by a caution on lap two.  Jackson lead the race until another caution on lap 7.  On the restart the #37 of Brad Lubach of Kiel took the lead and would finish first followed by Jackson, Luke Scholten of  Oostburg, Brian Goetsch of Sheboygan, and Scott Houpt of Belgium. Rounding out the top ten were Aaron Hauck of Plymouth, Mark Fieber of Cascade, Donny Kulow of Plymouth, Dick Hed of Plymouth, and James Pagel of St. Cloud.  James Pagel won the Grand National B-main. Heat race winners were: Kulow, Scholten, and Houpt.

The Sprint car A-main was next.  The #51  Jim Melis of Glenbeulah would take the lead at the drop of the green flag followed by the #6K Kurt Davis of West Allis. A caution on lap 7 would slow the field. On the restart, a roll over accident would bring out the red flag. The field restarted with Melis alone in the front row followed by Davis and Ben Schmidt of Howards Grove. Schmidt got by Davis on lap 12 only to fall back after contact with Davis on lap 22.  Melis went on the win his first A-main of the season followed by Davis, Tim Haddy of Waupun, Jeremy Schultz of Beaver Dam, Randy Sippel of Elkhart Lake, Paul Pokorski of West Bend, Ben Schmidt, Al Schlafer of Sussex, Danny Schlafer of Sussex, and Shane Wenninger of Kewaskum.  Kyle Marten of Sheboygan Falls won the B-main.  Heat race winners were: Josh Walter of Sheboygan Falls, Danny Schlafer, Jeremy Schultz, and Ben Schmidt.

The Outlaw Compacts rolled trackside for the final event of the evening. The #25 of Travis Arenz, Sheboygan  would win the feature event, leading all but one of the 15 laps. Following Arenz to the finish line was Josh Pierce of Fredonia, Michael Strean of Sheboygan, Trevor Wehrmann of Howards Grove, Dickmann/Flunker of Cascade, Donnie Welch of Saukville, Corey Martin of Sheboygan, Curtiss Humphrey of Sheboygan Falls, Scott Brendel of Cleveland, and Patrick Ciske of Sheboygan Falls.  Heat race winners were:  Arenz and Strean.


2011 Year In Review     Submitted by George Baumann

Grand Nationals

Forty-nine drivers raced at least one night during the season.
Fifty-nine races were run, fourteen A-mains, seven B-mains and thirty-eight heat races.

The following drivers participated in all fourteen shows and made the A-main each time. #3H Aaron Hauck, #12 Brian Goetsch,  #24K Tyler Kulow, #28 Mark Fieber, #34 Steven Weber, #80 Luke Scholten and #95K Donny Kulow.

The following drivers raced every night and missed the A' only once: #55 Melissa Singer  (missed final night-broken axle)

Racing thirteen nights and making the A-main each night was  #37 Brad Lubach.

Most Top-Five finishes:  Fieber  9, B. Lubach 8, Singer 6, Jackson 6, Yancey 5.

Most Top-Ten finishes:  Fieber 14, Singer 13, B. Lubach 12,  Goetsch 9, Scholten 9, D. Kulow 9, Yancey 8, Jackson 8, K. Lubach 7.

Most Wins Wins No of A's
#80 Luke Scholten 6 2
#8 Matt Jackson 5 2
#28 Mark Fieber  5 2
#37 Brad Lubach  5 1
#67H Scott Houpt 5 1
#12 Brian Goetsch  4 1
 #R44 Dick Hed  4 1
#R44 Dick Hed 4  
#55 Melissa Singer 4 1

 * Also winning an A-main, #61C Loren Lubach, #R44 Rick Hed and #21 Kevin Lubach
 ** Twenty-one drivers won at least one race.

 Grand National All-Time wins with PDTR (top 15)

All Time Wins Wins No of A's
Luke Scholten 38 9
Brad Lubach  37 12
Brad Dahmer 27 9
Jeremy Sauter 26 4
Matt Yancey  26 1
Brian Kaat 22 2
Tim Thompson 19 2
Brad Mueller 19 8
Brian Genske  18 8
Loren Lubach  18 6
Scott Sohrweide 17 5
Brett Wenzel 16 2
Doug Teunissen 15 2
Mark Fieber 14 5
Brian Gilles 14 5

Grand Nationals have run 103 A-mains.

#R44 Rick Hed set a new 25-lap A-main track record (6:52) 


Fifty-seven drivers raced at least one night. (same as 2010)
Ninety-two races were run, 15 A's, 19 B's, 58 heats.

The following drivers participated in all fifteen shows and made the Feature each night: #25 Danny Schlafer and #35 Ben Schmidt.

The following raced all fifteen shows and missed the Feature only once: #4 Paul Pokorski, #26 Al Schlafer and #99K Kyle Marten

Racing fifteen nights and missing the Feature only twice was #53 Shane Wenninger

The following drivers also raced fifteen nights: #55P Brian Portschy and #97W Tony Wondra. 

Most Wins Wins No of A's
#35  Ben Schmidt 8 3
#5J  Jeremy Schultz 7 3
#51M  Jim Melis  7 3
#9  Tim Melis 6 2
#25  Danny Schlafer 6 2
#6K  Kurt Davis 6 1
#98M B. McMullen  5  
#7 Lance Fassbender 4  
#97W Tony Wondra4    

* Also winning an A-main was #10W Scotty Neitzel

Most Top-Five finishes: Schmidt 11; D. Schlafer 8; Schultz 7; J. Melis 7.

Most Top-Ten finishes: Schmidt 14, D. Schlafer 11; Schultz 10, J. Melis 9, Thiel 9, Davis 9, Fiedler 8.

Thirty-two drivers won at least one race

 Sprint All-Time wins with PDTR (top-16)

  Wins No of A's
T.J. Luedke 45 7
Lance Fassbender 37 5
Danny Schlafer  36 12
Kurt Davis 36 12
Earl Possi  24 6
Al Schlafer 24 1
Robbie Pribnow  22 3
Tim Melis 22 3
Brian Kristan  22 7
Jim Melis 20 7
Troy Wondra 20 4
Terry Marten 20 2
Ben Schmidt 19 3
Tim Haddy 19 2
Jason Johnson 18 5
Tony Wondra 18  

PDTR Sprints have run 99 A-mains

 Late Models

Thirty-six drivers raced at least one night
Fifty races were run: 15 A-mains, and 35 heats.

The following drivers participated in all fifteen programs:  #D1 Turk Letizia, #7B Tim Buhler, #21K Kyle Odekirk, #70 Craig Schueffner,  #79 Jim Schmidt and # 89 Brad Mueller.

Missing just one night were #34E Cody Eickberg and #57 Eric Michaels

Most Wins Wins No of A's
#74  Russ Scheffler  11 5
#15S  Rick Scheffler 8 3
#89 Brad Mueller  7 3
#7BH Tim Buhler 7 1
#79 Jim Schmidt  4  
#70 Craig Schueffner 3 1
#8R Bill Rezutek 3 1

* Tom Naeyaert also won one A-main

Most Top-Five finishes: Russ Scheffler 12, Buhler 9, Mueller 9, Rick Scheffler 8, Rezutek 7, Schmidt 6

Most Top-Ten finishes: Mueller 14, Buhler 12, Russ Scheffler 12, Schmidt 11, Rick Scheffler 11, Rezutek 11, Schueffner 1       

Thirteen drivers won at least one race.

 Late Model all-time wins with PDTR  (top15)

  Wins No of A's
Russ Scheffler 73 35
Rick Scheffler 44 9
Bill Rezutek 28 6
R. Markwardt 25 6
Scott Specht 24 6
Jim Schmidt 21 5
Tim Buhler 20 2
Brad Mueller  20 5
Bret Sievert 17 8
Turk Letizia   16  
Craig Schueffner  14 6
Dan Sorce  14 2
Al Atkinson 13 2
C. Schmidt 11  
Kyle Odekirk 11 1

 Late Models have run 99 A-mains

 Outlaw Compacts

Thirty-five drivers raced at least one night.
Forty-five races were run, fifteen A-mains and thirty heats.

The following drivers participated in all fifteen programs: #11 Scott Brendel,  #11B Jeff Brendel,  #17B Ben Van Wyke, #19J Justin Green,  and #34F Cole Fenske and #54 Chiminatti/Strean.

Missing one night were:  #17 Donnie Welch,  #25 Travis Arenz, #29 Patrick Ciske,  

Most Wins Wins No of A's
#25  Travis Arenz 10 4
#34F  Cole Fenske 8 1
#19J  Justin Green  7 3
#17B  Ben Van Wyk 5 3
#22 Andy Singer  4 2
#22 Kyle Singer 1  
#29 Patrick Ciske 1  

Thirteen drivers won at least one race.

Most Top-Fives: Green 14, Fenske 12, Van Wyk  10, Arenz 9, Ciske 6.

Most Top-Tens: Green 14, Fenske 14, Van Wyk 13, Ciske 13, S. Brendel 12, Arenz 12, Schmidt 11,  Chiminatti/Strean 11.

 Outlaw Compact top 15 in All-Times wins with PDTR

  Wins No of A's
Tim Simon 35 13
Jay Riemer 16 5
Travis Arenz 16 4
Aaron Stolp 15 5
Jake Meyer 13 3
Cory Edler 12 7
Jeremy Miller 11 5
Jason Juech  11 4
Josh Long 11 3
Cole Fenske 10 3
Justin Green 10 3
Chris Baumann 9 4
Mike Zitzer 8 2
Andy Singer 8 4
Ben Van Wyke 8 3

Six drivers with 6 wins

Outlaw Compacts have run 96 A-mains.



Season Finale at Plymouth Dirt Track
by Fay Hendrick

Scotty Neitzel returned to Plymouth Dirt Track Racing, the Beaver Dam racer winning the final PDTR sprint race of the season.  Both Neitzel and runner-up Ken Jay Fiedler of Sheboygan Falls also competed in the IRA Sprint Car field Saturday night.  Oakfield’s Doug Wondra crossed the finish line third, followed by Beaver Dam’s Jeremy Schultz and Kurt Davis of West Allis.  Sheboygan’s Scotty Thiel began in the last row of the 22-car field and finished seventh.  Newly-crowned PDTR champion Ben Schmidt ended up twelfth after problems in the feature.  The race was staged at 27 laps in memory of the late Frank Filskov, who lost his life in Michigan over a decade ago.

   The Bumper to Bumper IRA Sprint Car tour staged their 15th Filskov Memorial race, also set at 27 circuits, with another double-duty racer winning the event.  Brian Kristan, from Zion, Illinois, did not make the PDTR main, but made up for it by winning the IRA contest.  Passed earlier by Tommy Sexton in lapped traffic, Kristan quickly took back the lead and the duo finished in that order.  Fiedler began and ended in third place, followed by Dave Uttech and defending champion Billy Balog.  Completing the top ten were Wayne Modjeski, Neitzel, Mike Kertscher, and Travis Luedtke.

  The mini sprints joined the race car with Nick Petzka taking the checkered flag over Jim Scanlon, Bob Reichert, Todd Lehr, and John Garlock.  The race was completed under the caution when Rob Brannam’s car rolled following the white flag, but there were no injuries. 

 Plymouth Dirt Track Championships Decided
by Fay Hendrick

Plymouth Dirt Track had two of its four track championships decided on the last lap Saturday night.  Random Lake’s Brad Mueller earned the late model crown by a scant margin over Glenbeulah’s Tim Buhler.  The pair began in the sixth row and finished eighth and fifth, respectively, in a hard-fought feature that ended with Buhler’s car spun after the checkered flag.  Jim Rychtik of Port Washington led the 25-lap event until his car overheated during the sole caution period before the halfway mark.  Rychtik’s car slowed on the final circuit and Shawano’s Tom Naeyaert got past for the win.  Cleveland’s Jim Schmidt finished third in the Rick Scheffler car, with Ron Stroika of Mukwonago finishing fourth.

   With one week remaining until their championship, Ben Schmidt of Howards Grove leads the sprint car points by a healthy margin over Danny Schlafer of Sussex.  Schmidt topped his night with a second-place feature finish, while Schlafer began in the last row after transferring from the B main and finished a lap down in seventeenth place.  Kurt Davis of West Allis led every lap from the pole to notch his first win at  Plymouth this year.  Glenbeulah’s Jim Melis finished third and Burnett’s Lance Fassbender posted a fifth place at the end of 25 laps.  Beaver Dam’s Jeremy Schultz made the biggest gain, from twelfth to fourth place.

   Cascade’s Mark Fieber earned the Grand National crown by racing from the back of the pack to seventh place in twenty-five circuits.  Plymouth’s Loren Lubach began and ended at the front of the 20-car feature, challenged by Sheboygan’s Brian Cesar in his first race of the year.  Sheboygan racers Matt Jackson, Matt Yancey and Brian Goetsch followed across the finish line.  Goetsch made up the most ground after starting in the ninth row.

   The closest point chase of the night was in the Outlaw Compact field.  Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls began the night leading the point standings over Cascade’s Cole Fenske by a narrow margin.  Fenske used his front-row start to lead the 15-lap feature, but three laps later Green’s wheel came off.  Waldo’s Ben Van Wyk got past Fenske to post another win, followed by Sheboygan’s Travis Arenz and Plymouth’s Zach Dickie.  Fenske faded to fourth place at the end and Sheboygan’s Michael Zitzer improved to fifth place.   

  Next Saturday will be the last race of the year in a night of sprint cars.  The IRA Sprints return as Plymouth’s own sprint cars finish their championship season, with the mini-sprint class added as well.


The Sheboygan County Fair IRA Racing
by Fay Hendricks

The Sheboygan County Fair treated their patrons to racing Saturday night when a contingent of winged sprint cars put on a show.   Illinois veteran Tommy Sexton was at the front of the pack when the rain ended the Bumper to Bumper IRA feature four laps short of the end.  The second-generation winner began on the pole of the thirty-lap contest, not minding that the event was complete short of the distance.

Sexton was followed closely by West Bend’s Scott Biertzer as they weaved their way through lapped traffic.  Beaver Dam’s Scotty Neitzel quickly caught up to the front pair from his sixth-row start, reaching third place when the checkered flag waved.  Brownsville’s John Haeni finished fourth and Pleasant Prairie’s Phillip Mock completed the top five.

Plymouth Dirt Track regulars Lance Fassbender and Jim Melis made the feature field, Ken Jay Fiedler was the first alternate after preliminaries, and Ben Schmidt missed the main.

 Next Saturday is the season championship night for the late models, Grand Nationals, and Outlaw Compact divisions at PDTR, with the IRA sprint cars returning the following Saturday for PDTR’s sprint car championship finale.

Schlafer of Sussex In A Hurry To Notch His Second Win at PDTR
by Fay Hendricks

Expectant father Danny Schlafer of Sussex was in a hurry to notch his second win at Plymouth Dirt Track Saturday night.  Taking advantage of lapped traffic to get past leader Lance Fassbender of Burnett in the sprint car feature, the duo finished in reverse of their front row start at the end of twenty-five circuits.  Waupun’s Tim Haddy was fine after his mount rolled over in the opening circuit, and Mayville’s Robbie Pribnow had a wheel come off with five laps remaining.  The dash to the checkered flag resulted in Howards Grove’s Ben Schmidt close behind the front pair for third, Beaver Dam’s Jeremy Schultz in fourth, and Josh Walter of Sheboygan Falls earning a strong fifth place finish.  Schmidt’s point lead over Schlafer has narrowed with two more races remaining.

   Waukesha’s Rick Scheffler also used his second-place start to get past Sheboygan’s Randy Markwardt in the opening laps of the late model feature, posting his third win of the season.  Glenbeulah’s Tim Buhler improved to second at the end of the caution-free race, and Oostburg’s Craig Schueffner finished third.  Russ Scheffler of Waukesha came from eleventh to fourth at the end, and Markwardt hung on for fifth.  Random Lake’s Brad Mueller posted a sixth place finish to keep his name atop the point standings, with Buhler narrowing the gap.

   Plymouth’s Dick Hed scored a popular win in his son’s Grand National car.  The seventy-two year old raced alongside Sheboygan’s Matt Yancey for several laps before getting past for the lead with five laps remaining in the feature.  Yancey hung on for second ahead of a challenging Matt Jackson of Sheboygan.  Elkhart Lake’s Kevin Lubach improved to fourth at the end, followed by Cascade’s Mark Fieber.  Fieber’s point lead over Waldo’s Melissa Singer and Kiel’s Brad Lubach has also narrowed.

   Amber Schmidt of Howards Grove began the Outlaw Compact main on the pole, but her run ended after contact before one lap was complete.  The restart saw Sheboygan’s Travis Arenz come from the second row to the lead, surviving two more cautions for errant wheels.  Cascade’s Cole Fenske raced alongside Arenz to the checkered flag in a photo finish, the pair separated by inches at the stripe.  Point leader Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls got up to third place at the end.  Waldo’s Ben Van Wyk and Sheboygan’s Patrick Ciske completed the top five finishers.

   Next week the racers have a night off to enjoy the Sheboygan County Fair, but the IRA Sprint Car tour will be racing Saturday night.  The following week is championship night for all but the sprints, who will finish their season in tandem with the IRA program September 17.


Threatening Weather Stayed Away
by Fay Hendricks

Threatening weather stayed away from Plymouth Dirt Track Saturday night, the resulting races ending with repeat winners.  Fans enjoyed the bargain beer as the race program rolled to conclusion.

 Waukesha’s Russ Scheffler got past Glenbeulah’s Tim Buhler in lapped traffic with seven laps remaining in the late model feature.  Mukwonago’s Bret Sievert improved from sixth to third, followed by Chilton’s Bob Cullen.  Cleveland’s Jim Schmidt made up the most ground, coming from the ninth row to finish fifth in the 25-lap contest.  Point leader Brad Mueller of Random Lake had ignition problems slow his mount in the closing laps, allowing Buhler to catch up.

 Glenbeulah’s Jim Melis swept the sprint car class Saturday.  After his heat win, Melis drove from fifth to the lead in six laps, notching his third win in the sprint feature.  Al and son Danny Schlafer of Sussex followed Melis to the checkered flag, as Sheboygan’s Scotty Thiel maintained his fourth place.  Kurt Davis of West Allis improved from eleventh to fifth at the end of twenty-five laps.  Howards Grove’s Ben Schmidt had another top finish to pad his point total over the Schlafer duo.

Oostburg’s Luke Scholten took advantage of the pole position to lead every lap in the Grand National feature.  Sheboygan’s Matt Yancey improved to second place, with 72-year old Dick Hed racing to a third-place finish in his son’s car.  Plymouth’s Aaron Hauck raced from twelfth to fourth in twenty-five laps, and New Holstein’s Tyler Kulow completed the top five.

  Waldo’s Ben Van Wyk posted another Outlaw Compact win with a late-race pass.  Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls hung on for second and Cascade’s Cole Fenske was right behind.  Sheboygan’s Patrick Ciske and Scott Brendel of Sheboygan Falls followed at the conclusion of the fifteen-lap contest.  The point battle between Green and Fenske tightens up as the season winds down.


Jim Schmidt Ran His 100th Race at Plymouth Dirt Track
by Fay Hendricks

Plymouth Dirt Track’s Fan Appreciation Night offered half-price tickets to the fans and collected items to stock the food pantry.  The crowd witnessed history as Cleveland’s Jim Schmidt ran his 100th late model race at Plymouth Dirt Track Saturday night and three drivers posted their third wins of the season.

Late model point leader Brad Mueller of Random Lake had his engine expire the previous night, but returned to his winning ways in the borrowed Randy Markwardt mount from nearby Sheboygan, Beginning on the pole, Mueller led every lap to complete his sweep of the division as Big Bend’s Billy Rezutek was close behind.  Waukesha’s Russ Scheffler  roared up from the sixth row to pass his brother Rick for third as the checkered flag waved, and Glenbeulah’s Tim Buhler rounded out the top five.

 Ben Schmidt mirrored Mueller Saturday night.  Beginning with the point lead and posting his third win in the sprint car class, the Howards Grove racer also beginning the 25-lap contest on the pole.  Two cautions slowed the pace, but gave others a new opportunity.  Burnett’s Lance Fassbender moved past Danny Schlafer of Sussex as the race wound down.  Kurt Davis of West Allis and Waupun’s Tim Haddy completed the top five finishers.
Kiel’s Brad Lubach began on the pole of the Grand National feature to lead all twenty-five laps, posting his first win of the season.  Cascade’s Mark Fieber followed Lubach all the way and padded his point lead in the division.  Sheboygan’s Matt Jackson improved from eighth to third, followed by Elkhart Lake’s Kevin Lubach and Aaron Hauck from Plymouth.
Sheboygan’s Travis Arenz earned his third Outlaw Compact win Saturday, coming from the sixth row to the front in less than ten laps.  Early leader Ben Van Wyk from Waldo was close behind at the checkered flag, followed by Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls and Cascade’s Cole Fenske.


Jim Melis Began Saturday Night With a Memorial Lap
by Fay Hendricks

Glenbeulah’s Jim Melis began Saturday night with a memorial lap for a former crew member who had passed away and finished with his second sprint car win of the year at Plymouth Dirt Track.  Melis moved up from the third spot eight laps before the end of the 25-lap feature.   A fast-closing Ben Schmidt of Howards Grove ran out of time after starting the contest in eighth place, followed by Ken Jay Fiedler of Sheboygan Falls.  Danny Schlafer of Sussex improved from sixteenth to fourth place, followed by Campbellsport’s Jason Johnson across the finish line. 

  Waukesha’s Russ Scheffler swept the late model field, posting a heat win before starting the 25-lap feature in the fifth row.  It took seven circuits for Scheffler to gain the lead, finishing half a lap ahead of Glenbeulah’s Tim Buhler, who started in the front row.  Random Lake’s Brad Mueller came from seventh to challenge for the runner-up spot in the closing laps.  Big Bend’s Billy Rezutek and Craig Schueffner of Sheboygan Falls rounded out the top five after beginning in the third row.

  Oostburg’s Luke Scholten posted his first win of the year in a caution-filled feature that ran out of its allotted time.  Scholten had moved up from tenth to the lead after a dozen circuits, handily in charge when the sixth slowdown ended the feature four laps early.  Bob Peter of Howards Grove made his debut Saturday, leading early from the pole and finishing second.  Plymouth’s Steve Weber rallied from thirteenth to third, Kiel’s Brad Lubach came from twelfth for a fourth-place finish, and Plymouth’s Donny Kulow improved from ninth to fifth.

  Sheboygan’s Travis Arenz posted another win in the Outlaw Compact feature, leading the field when the last-lap caution for a lost wheel ended the event.  Following was Waldo’s Ben Van Wyk and Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls.  Fond du Lac’s Tim Simon faded to fourth, followed by Cleveland’s Scott Brendel.

  Next Saturday is Fan Appreciation Night with half-price tickets to begin the month of August.


 It was a good night for Cascade racers Saturday at Plymouth Dirt Track
by Fay Hendricks

 It was a good night for Cascade racers Saturday at Plymouth Dirt Track.  Mark Fieber had a heat race incident result in his car crashing into the concrete wall, then rebounded at feature time to win the Grand National feature.  Fieber was on a mission, beginning the 25-lap contest in fifth place and working past leader Melissa Singer of Waldo to take the point with four laps remaining.  Last week’s winner, Brian Goetsch from Sheboygan, came from eleventh to third and Plymouth’s Donny Kulow improved from tenth to fourth.  Steven Weber of Plymouth finished the top five in a race slowed by one caution.

  Cole Fenske posted his first win of the season in the Outlaw Compact feature, followed by another racer from Cascade, Andy Singer.  The 15-lap race started with Singer roaring up from mid-field to take the lead before Fenske moved up from his fifth-place start.  Sheboygan’s Travis Arenz crossed the line third, Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls fourth, and point leader Justin Green of Sheboygan fifth.

  Jeremy Schultz of Beaver Dam posted his third win in the sprint car feature and rewarded the audience with donuts on the dry, slick track.  Beginning on the pole, Schultz had to fend off challenges from Kurt Davis of West Allis for the entire 25 circuits.  An early incident brought out the red flag when Plymouth’s Brian Portschy and Al Schlafer of Sussex got together, flipping wildly and catching the fence in the backstretch.  Both climbed out unhurt, but their cars were unrecognizable.  Ben Schmidt of Howards Grove rallied from tenth to third, followed by Plymouth’s Travis Luedke, who began in fourteenth place.  Burnett’s Lance Fassbender made a good return by posting a fifth-place finish.

  Waukesha’s Scheffler brothers headed the late model field feature, Russ leading the way from the front row before Rick took the point with seven laps remaining.  The 25-lap ended with Franklin’s Ted Dolhun Sr. in third, Sheboygan’s Randy Markwardt and Milwaukee’s Al Atkinson closing out the top five.


Billy “The Kid” Rezutek of Big Bend Takes Home Win
by Fay Hendricks

Billy “The Kid” Rezutek of Big Bend took home his first late model win of the season at Plymouth Dirt Track Saturday night.  Beginning in sixth place, Rezutek took advantage of four cautions in the opening circuits to work his way to the front, taking over the point from Franklin’s Dan Sorce.  After spinning donuts on the track, taking a reverse victory lap, and climbing atop his car, Rezutek  exclaimed, “It was hard-fought,” adding, “I went up to the high side and it worked.  I changed gears five minutes before we got out here.”  Challenging at the end was Waukesha’s Russ Scheffler, Random Lake’s Brad Mueller, Sorce, and Cleveland’s Jim Schmidt.  The 30-lap event was slowed six times in the first half for minor spins.

  Danny Schlafer of Sussex vaulted from the pole to the win in the sprint feature, surviving six restarts in the time-shortened main.  Slowed by half a dozen caution periods, the thirty circuits were reduced when the race clock ran out, forcing a dash to the finish line.  Howard Grove’s Ben Schmidt came from thirteenth to challenge at the end, with Glenbeulah’s  Jim Melis improving from twelfth to third.  Schlafer’s father, Al, worked his way up from tenth to fourth place at the checkers as Plymouth’s Brian Portschy faded to fifth at the end.  Schlafer climbed atop his wing in victory circle, exclaiming, “Thanks for everybody cheering.  It makes it so nice when I hear it.”  Referring to Schmidt right behind him, Schlafer said, “That’s why we come here to race.  You never know.”

  Sheboygan’s Brian Goetsch led every lap in the Grand National feature to claim his first victory of the season.  “It was my birthday yesterday,so this was my birthday present,” declared Goetsch in victory lane.  The extended race went the distance at thirty laps, slowed only when second-starting Aaron Hauck of Plymouth spun.  Sheboygan’s Matt Jackson returned with his daughter, who had a blood vessel rupture in her brain and is on the road to recovery.  Jackson’s top five finish was erased when his car went over the cushion with two laps remaining, recovering for tenth place.  Kiel’s Brad Lubach got past Waldo’s Melissa Singer for second place at the end, with Cascade’s Mark Fieber and Belgium’s Scott Houpt in the top five.

  Sheboygan’s Patrick Ciske took home the trophy in the Outlaw Compact class in a challenging twenty-lap contest that saw three different leaders.  Waldo’s Ben Van Wyk led from the front row until retiring with problems six laps before the end.  Sheboygan’s Travis Arenz took the point next, then suffered a flat with two circuits remaining.  At the next green flag Ciske charged ahead of Sheboygan Falls’ Justin Green for the win.  Cleveland’s Scott Brendel was followed by Amber Schmidt of Howards Grove and Sheboygan’s Alex Wiesenberg.

  There were several custom and restored race cars on display before the race program.  A large field of restored vintage modified cars raced their vintage machines Saturday, ending the night with Dave Waldron piloting his creation to the final win of the evening.

Tim Melis On A Hot Streak
by Fay Hendricks

On a hot summer night Plymouth’s Tim Melis was on a hot streak at Plymouth Dirt Track Saturday night.  “We had a big crash three or four weeks ago,” claimed Melis, adding, “Now we won three of four mains.”  Melis made a special mention to his mother in the audience, who was recovering from heart problems.  Leading every lap, Melis started the 25-lap contest in the second row along with his brother Jim of Glenbeulah, and the pair finished in that order.  Sheboygan’s Scotty Thiel improved from tenth to third in the 22-car field, followed by point leader Ben Schmidt of Howards Grove.  A pair of Susssex racers followed as Danny Schlafer came from the eighth row to pass his father, Al Schlafer,  for fifth place as the laps wound down.  The race was slowed by three cautions, Beaver Dam’s Jeremy Schultz and Kewaskum’s Brian Johnson the only non-finishers.

  Waukesha’s Russ Scheffler returned to winner’s circle Saturday night, after a hard-fought battle using the high groove to get past Franklin’s Ted Dolhun in the late model feature.  Dolhun led from the pole, surviving one restart, when Scheffler worked past with five laps remaining in the 25-lap contest.  A second caution saw the field charge ahead for the final three laps, Random Lake’s Brad Mueller surging past Dolhun as the checkered flag waved.  Following the trio was Glenbeulah’s Tim Buhler and Rick Scheffler of Waukesha, who started in the last row.   Scheffler remarked, “I’m glad we started in the front.  Ted Dolhun did an outstanding job.  I was just glad we could hold on.”

  Kevin Lubach led every lap of the Grand National feature, exclaiming, “We didn’t expect to win that.”  With a smoking mount the entire race, Elkhart Lake’s Lubach led every lap, followed by Brad Lubach of Kiel.  The pair of front-row started lapped several others in the 25-lap main, followed by Waldo’s Melissa Singer and Plymouth’s Loren Lubach. 

  The Outlaw Compact contest closed the night with Shebygan’s Travis Arenz again in victory circle.  Beginning on the pole of the 15-lap contest, Arenz survived one restart and led every lap.  Ben Van Wyk of Waldo improved from fifth to runner-up, followed by Cascade’s Cole Fenske and Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls.  After his first win of the season, Arenz gave thanks to his family for their support.


The Prelude to July 4 Brings Out People
by Fay Hendricks

The prelude to July 4 brings out more people for the holiday weekend, and Saturday they came to Plymouth Dirt Track. Some extra cars in the pits helped fill the spots of those who were missing, as race budgets for a few were used up in the first two months. One of those missing was Grand National double winner Matt Jackson, whose daughter Courtney suffered a serious brain affliction, and latest news informs us that she needs all our good thoughts and prayers. We would add another to our prayers after an ill-fated sprint heat race. The fourth heat began with eight entries and ended with only four after Justin Miller's mount rolled with another, another doing the same later.

We watched as Miller's crew thrashed to make repairs, while Miller's wife left to get his spare wing from their nearby home. The work paid off with the car's front suspension fixed, then a wing from Scotty Thiel was mounted on Miller's car in preparation for the B main. What none of us knew at the time was that Miller's wife had gotten the spare, and was evidently holding it down while someone else drove the pickup truck, and a gust of wind launched the wing, and her, out of the vehicle. Miller must have gotten the call shortly after the car was ready to roll, for soon the wing came off and his car was put in the trailer. Plans of him being in the local parade the next day were no longer a priority as Miller left early. Our hearts went with him.

The Grand National field was first in feature rotation, having scratched entries cancel their B main earlier. The front row of Luke Scholten and Brad Lubach seemed to thwart chances of anyone else reaching the front, but racers never give up hope. Scholten handily took charge, surviving two restarts for minor spins, and Lubach retired before ten laps were complete. Mark Fieber began in eleventh place, but had been working his way to the front by the second caution on lap eleven. After that it only took three more circuits for Fieber to get past Scholten, surviving another restart with six laps remaining. Donny Kulow improved to third place and Melissa Singer came from ninth to fourth at the end. Fieber notched his first win of this season, and his fourth victory since beginning here five years ago. Fieber shared the moment by thanking his crew and sponsors.

Thesprint car field needed two B mains to complete the 22-car feature, and we felt badly for Michigan's Earl Possi, who missed a transfer position by one spot. Possi was the first alternate, but no one was missing when the field rolled in a four-wide salute to the fans. The 25-lap contest started with Kyle Marten and Paul Pokorski in front, Ken Jay Fiedler and point leader Ben Schmidt next. Marten took the point at the start, Pokorski working hard on the outer groove to get past. Pokorski's work paid off by staying ahead as they started the seventh lap, but was met by the yellow flag instead when Doug Wondra slowly rolled over in the backstretch. Wondra's damage was minimal, returning to the field without missing a lap, but Pokorski did not fare as well the next time the green flag waved.

Schmidt led the next time around as others also passed Pokorski and Marten, then B-main winner Brandon McMullen rolled over and forced another red flag. The audience applauded the safe exit of all drivers this night, appreciating the safety equipment that worked. Schmidt kept ahead past another restart before a dozen laps were complete, but the rest of the way was full speed ahead. Right behind was Jeremy Schultz, keeping Schmidt on alert, but when the checkered flag waved over the field it was Thiel who garnered second place instead. Schultz was followed by eleventh-place starter Tim Melis, who also had great success on the slick, black track. Schmidt spun donuts while holding his victory flag, quite a feat in itself, then came to victory circle. Schmidt began, "That was hard-fought. I didn't know where that number five(Schultz) was," then added thoughts of another girl who was in their thoughts and prayers.

The late model feature followed with Dave Thomas and Cody Eickberg followed by Eric Michaels and Randy Markwardt at the start of the 25-lap feature. Thomas soon had a large gap behind as the pack stayed in a cluster for many circuits. The race went nonstop until six laps remained. As they were trying to get past the slower vehicle driven by Roy Dahmer, contact was made and second-place Markwardt was spun. The restart resulted in Eickberg spinning, and three laps later he repeated the feat. The next time around saw Rick Scheffler take the point as the final three times around the oval were at speed. Russ Scheffler briefly surged ahead of his little brother, but couldn't hold the spot. Thomas staved off Jim Schmidt, who began in the fifth row, as the younger Scheffler earned his first win of the season at Plymouth. "The crew guys did an awesome job," Scheffler was heard to say later.

The Outlaw Compact field closed the night with their 15-lap main. Patrick Ciske and Mike Zitzer were followed by point leaders Cole Fenske and Justin Green at the start. Before a lap was scored Alex Wesenberg had spun to the wall and was out before the race began. The next attempt worked, Zitzer ahead on lap one, Green the rest of the way. A spun mount slowed the pace before ten laps, at which time Zitzer pitted with a flat tire and made a quick change. Three laps later Andy Singer's car seemed to be trying to explode, the vehicle lurching and spewing flames underneath, forcing the final yellow flag of the night with three laps remaining. The finish was unfettered as Green was followed by Fenske and Travis Arenz, who began in last place.

The warm night was complete just after ten o'clock, and were warmed even more when my husband won the 50/50 drawing for the first time in his life. Despite our joy, we hold several in our hearts this night.


By: Camisha Miller

   [PLYMOUTH, WIS.]- JUNE 26, 2011- The Interstate Racing Association 410 Winged Outlaw Sprint Cars were on the schedule at the Plymouth Dirt Track for Saturday night along with the PDTR Late Models and Outlaw Compacts.  The Late Models rolled trackside after the completion of the IRA A-main event and side-by-side they went green. The #74 of Russ Scheffler (Waukesha, WI) started working his way through the field on the top side of the race track.
   A yellow would wave and close up the field for Brad Mueller (Random Lake, WI) #89 found himself facing the wrong direction on the dry race track.  The field re-started and quick to the pedal was the #74 of Scheffler and on lap nine, he took over the lead and never looked back.  He had over a straight away lead over Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah, WI) #7B and the #19 of Dave Thomas.  At the line it would be the #19 of Thomas getting the 2nd spot over Buhler who was third, Jim Schmidt (Cleveland, WI) #79 would be fourth and #8 of Billy Rezutek (Big Bend, WI) rounded out your top five.
   Climbing from the car and met for an one track interview with Janet Haffman, Scheffler stated, "We were pretty good tonight and the track was wide which helped us out. It was a great night of racing and I want to thank the fans and my sponsors for their continued support every week!"
   The Outlaw compacts rolled trackside and off to an early lead for their A-main event was the #22 of Kyle Singer (Cascade, WI) and on lap eight there was a battle for the lead and at the line it would be Andy Singer and Cole Fenske (Cascade, WI) would be awarded second.

By: Camisha Miller

   [PLYMOUTH, WIS.]- JUNE 18, 2011- Father’s Day weekend welcomed 85 cars for tonight’s dirt track racing action.  The 360 sprint cars took to the track for 15 laps and the top six transfer to the A-main event.  Leading the way on the pole from Plymouth, Wisconsin was the #15M of Justin Miller. Yellow flew on lap one for two cars facing the wrong direction, Miller would take the field to the green once again and as they crossed the checkers it would be the #24 of Scott Conger taking the win and the top six that transferred would be the #53 of Shane Wenniger, #74V of Randy Brunette, #10W of Scotty Neitzel, #51M of Jim Melis and the #25 of Danny Schlafer.
   Late Model action rolled trackside and Brad Mueller (Random Lake, WI) led the field to the green flag for the 25 lap A-main event. Mueller out to an early lead and a caution waved on lap one.  Back to green and up to second was the #70 of Schueffner and he was running down Mueller on lap five. A battle for the third spot between the #95 Jestin Danes and the #15S of Rick Scheffler heated up on lap six and the #15S of Rick Scheffler fell into the third spot.  A yellow for three cars facing the wrong direction occurred on lap nine and the field would be halted once again and one more time quickly after the start- Tim Buhler from Glenbuelah, Wisconsin in the #7B was retired to the pit area under that caution.
   The top three of Mueller, Schueffner and Scheffler worked the bottom of the racing surface to extend their top three spots over the rest of the field.  On lap 15 Scheffnuer was closing the gap on Mueller and they were going to be heading into lap traffic on lap 17 but that was stopped short for another caution.  The field re-started for a green, white, checkered due to time constraints on the race and Mueller led the field once again.
   Coming for the checkered it would be Mueller capturing his second win of the season over Craig Scheffnuer #70 (Sheboygan Falls, WI), Rick Schleffer #15S (Waukesha, WI) and the #21SR of Ted Dolhun (Franklin, WI) rounding out the top four.  The crowd roared as he climbed from the #89 and mentioned, “I have a very good friend of mine who is not doing well and this win goes to him. My guys work so hard and all of my sponsors I thank them for their support. We did not get it done last week, but it felt like things unfolded this week!”
   The Grand Nationals were up next and for 25-laps the battle would heat-up for the top spot.  Leading the way on the pole was long time competitor Rick Hed in the #R44.  Side-by-side the battle for the lead with the #80 of Luke Scholten on lap three and once again underneath Hed on lap five.  Into lap traffic on lap eight, Hed led the way and continued to extend his lead.  A three way battle for the second spot between the #54 of Matt Yancey, #80 Luke Scholten, #28 of Mark Fieber  and #37 of Brad Lubach was heating up and the #54 of Yancey who captured the spot as the #28 was looking for the third spot around the top side of the race track over the #80 of Scholten.
   Lap 16 Hed was still out front over Yancey, however, Yancey caught Hed on lap 22 and he was working the bottom of the race track to try to get around Hed. The white flag flew and Hed had to hold one for a few more turns, side-by-side down the back stretch, Hed would come home victorious over Matt Yancy, Mark Fieber (Cascade, WI), Brad Lubach (Kiel, WI) and Luke Scholten (Oostburg, WI) rounding out the top five. Hed in the #R44 from Sheboygan Falls interviewed from victory lane mentioned, “Our car was worked great and we had to keep it up to get this win and thanks to everyone coming out and to my sponsors.  One of our friends we call the pit boss needs our thoughts and prayers and this victory is dedicated to him tonight.”
   The 360 Sprint Cars pushed off and for 25-laps and leading the way would be Plymouth native Tim Melis in the #9 on the pole. On lap six Melis still leading the way and was coming into lap traffic, #26 of Al Schlafer was closing in  working the bottom of the race track.  Coming through the field would be the #10W of Scotty Neitzel running the high line of the race track looking for a top ten spot behind the current point leader Jeremy Schultz, both drivers reside in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. 
   A yellow slowed the field for the #24 Scott Conger was facing the wrong direction in lap 11 out of corner two.  The field would close up and be set side-by-side coming for the green flag it would soon be slowed and a yellow thrown for the #5J of Jeremy Schultz who would have to go to the work area along with the #10W of Scotty Neitzel and the #24 of Scott Conger for repairs. Neitzel and Conger would re-start and tag the tail of the field and Schultz the current point leader would be unable to re-start, however Neitzel would retire quickly after the re-start to the pit area along with Randy Brunette in the #74V and pulling into the infield would be the #12W of Josh Walter.
   Coming for the green it would be Melis once again leading the field, and Schlafer would be chasing down the top spot followed by Scotty Thiel in the #64 who would take over the second spot on lap 14.  Ben Schmidt in the #35 would be working the bottom and come into the third spot around Schlafer. Melis would continue to extend his lead on lap 17 over Thiel and Schmidt. Melis would capture the checkered flag with #64 of Scott Thiel (Sheboygan, WI), Ben Schmidt #35 (Howards Grove, WI), #26 of Al Schlafer (Sussex, WI) and the #21H of Tim Haddy (Waupun, WI) rounding out your top five. A clean sweep for Melis and the crowd cheered loud as he was interviewed stating, “I want to thank my sponsors and I need thank my son for all of his help, and we have a lot to be thankful for tonight!”
   Outlaw Compact took trackside and leading the way on the pole would be the #3 Joe Miller (Plymouth, WI).  Cole Fenske in the #34F out to an early lead and the field would follow in behind and a yellow would wave on lap five for #22 of Andy Singer who slowed out of turn two. The field took the green flag with Fenske leading the way. On the back bumper of Fenske would be the #19J of Justin Green and up to the fifth spot would be the #5 of Amber Schmidt (Howards Grove, WI).  The #19J of Justin Green took the lead and would capture the win over Cole Fenske (Cascade, WI) #34F, #29 Patrick Ciske (Sheboygan, WI), #17B of Ben Van Wyk (Waldo, WI) and the #5 of Amber Schmidt (Howards Grove, WI).
   Heat race wins credited to: Late Models: Billy Rezutek (Big Bend, WI), Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah, WI) and Turk Letizia (Milwaukee, WI). Grand Nationals: Melissa Singer (Waldo, WI), Brad Lubach (Kiel, WI) and Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan, WI). Sprint Cars: Scotty Thiel (Sheboygan, WI), Brandon McMullen (Plymouth, WI), Tim Melis (Plymouth, WI) and Tim Haddy (Waupun, WI). Outlaw Compacts: Amber Schmidt (Howards Grove, WI) and Travis Arenz


By: Camisha Miller

[PLYMOUTH, WIS.]- JUNE 11, 2011- As the weather continued to cool down the races began to heat-up for the night as the 360 Sprint Car B-main made it trackside. The pole sitter #74V of Randy Brunette brought the field to the green flag as the midst was falling from the sky. Randy Sippel #39S (Elkhart Lake, WI) jumped to the early lead after lap three and would capture the victory in 12 laps and transfer to the night’s A-main event, finishing second would be the #44B of Brian Johnson (Kewaskum, WI) third #3E of Erin Winscher (Plymouth, WI)), fourth #74V of Randy Brunette (Chilton, WI), fifth #12W of Josh Walter (Sheboygan Falls, WI) and the sixth and final transfer spot going to the #92 of Pete Ostrowski (Milwaukee, WI).
   After track prep due to the midst that was lingering on the race track- and a quick intermission, the 360 Sprint Car A-main rolled trackside. On the pole and currently 2nd in points hailing from Beaver Dam, WI was the #5J of Jeremy Schultz; he brought the 22 car field to the start line for the 25- lap main event. Out to an early led was Schultz followed by top point runner in the #35 of Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove, WI). Schultz and Schmidt got to lap traffic on lap four and heading into traffic Schultz was leading the way. The field was halted due to a red flag brought out by the #39S of Randy Sippel and the #51M of Jim Melis (Glenbeulah, WI) on lap 14 both flipping over coming out of turn two. Both drivers walked away unharmed but were unable to re-start. Making a visit to the work area under the red flag conditions would be the #35 of Ben Schmidt giving up his 2nd running spot and would now have to tag the rear of the field.
   As they took the green there was 12 laps to go and Schultz would see contender Tim Haddy (Waupun, WI) in the #21H in the 2nd spot and the #53 of Shane Wenninger (Kewaskum, WI) in 3rd spot. Schultz jumped out to the early lead once again and had several car lengths put between 2nd and 3rd place quickly and now had his sights set on capturing his second checkered flag of the season. Schultz got to lap traffic again on lap 18 and that was soon slowed by a caution waving for the #08 of John Krebsbach was facing the wrong direction in turn two. As the field re-started Schultz taking his third and final re-start of the night found himself after the 25 laps in victory lane for the second time this season.
   The fans yelled as he climbed from the cock-pit and he stated, "The track was really fast tonight and I need to thank my crew who didn’t know much about sprint cars when we started but wow they have come a long way! I need to thank all my fans and sponsors too. That was really a lot of fun!” Finishing second from Waupun would be #21H Tim Haddy, third the #25 of Danny Schlafer (Sussex, WI) fourth the #26 of Al Schlafer (Sussex, WI) and fifth would go to the #97W of Tony Wondra (Campbellsport, WI).
   Grand National A-main rolled trackside and started on the pole would be the #34 of Steven Weber (Plymouth, WI). Wheel to wheel they took the green and the #8J of Matt Jackson on the outside took the lead coming out of turn four. A battle between the #95K of Donny Kulow (Plymouth, WI) and #28 of Mark Fieber (Cascade, WI) for the 3rd and forth spot was heating up as the #37 of Brad Lubach (Kiel, WI) was on the move around the top side of the race track working towards passing Jessen #55M, #28 Fieber and #95K Kulow. Lubach had his sights set on the top two and was chasing them down on lap eight. A yellow would wave on lap 10 for numerous cars getting together coming out of turn two.
   Coming for the green once again the #8J of Jackson would lead them across the start and Lubach picked-up where he left off and was quickly challenging the #34 of Weber for second place. Coming up through the field once again was the #28 of Fieber who fell back a few spots but now was working on Lubach for the 3rd spot. As the battles heated up for the top four spots, Jackson moved into lap traffic 18 and soon a yellow waved. As they re-stared, Jackson was feeling pressure again from Lubach on lap 20.
   Lubach was working the bottom of the race track and Jackson closed the door on him several times to capture his second victory of the season. Three wide coming out of turn three on the white flag lap would be Matt Jackson, Brad Lubach, Steven Weber, Kevin Lubach and rounding out the top five Mark Fieber. Jackson stated, "I can't believe that we are visiting victory lane once again this year. To get one win is awesome but to get two- I am shocked and so excited. I need to thank my crew, sponsors and the fans!"
   Late Models rolled track side and on the pole would be the #8R of Billy Rezutek and Kyle Ordekirk in the #21K would take them across the start line for the 25 lap A-main event. Up on his side would be last weeks winner Craig Schueffner in the #70 bringing out the red flag- he walked away unharmed and would be able to tag the back of the field.
   Closing in on lap 16 a caution would wave and button up the field with Brad Mueller #89 leading the way over Russ Scheffler #74 and Tim Buhler #7B. After another caution waved on lap 19 the field would be told that it would be a green, white, checkered finish due to time restraints on the race. Mueller would lead the field for the green flag re-start and quickly was challenged by the #74 of Scheffler. Side-by-side they would come down the back stretch and coming out of turn four coming for the checkers Scheffler would pick up the victory over Mueller at the line on the top side of the race track.
   Scheffler (Waukesha, WI) was met in victory lane with cheers from the crowd on autograph night and stated, “This is our first win of the season here at the Plymouth Dirt Track and I need to thank Brad for racing me clean and for the respect that we have for each other it makes it fun when guys race you clean. I need to thank my crew and my sponsors especially Bill Behling he is a super guy!”
Outlaw Compacts were last out in the rotation for the evening and the field was under a caution quickly for the #17B of Matt Van Wyk as he hit the wall coming out of turn two head on-he walked away unharmed and would not be unable to re-start. Coming down the back stretch with a battle on lap 12 with the #22 of Kyle Singer going for the lad on the bottom out of turn there and he would pick-up the victory over the #7of Tim Simon and the #19J of Justin Green on lap 15 and finish the night with a clean sweep. Singer (Cascade, WI) stated, “I need thank my sponsors and the fans for all of the support!"
By: Camisha Miller

[PLYMOUTH, WIS.]- JUNE 4, 2011- The sun was out and humidity was visiting the track along with 86 cars that pulled in to the Plymouth Dirt Track. The Late Model A-main had the #70 of Craig Schueffner (Sheboygan Falls, WI) name written all over it.  He jumped out to an early lead and on lap seven he had his sights set on lap traffic until a yellow waved on lap eight. Schueffner
re-started with a clean track took full advantage and pulled away from the field. A battle for the 2nd spot went to the #8R of Billy Rezutek (Big Bend, WI) and he was looking towards the top spot. 
Coming into lap 16 Schueffner was seeing laps cars once again ahead and began working through traffic on lap 18 and continued to extend his lead. Lap 21 was slowed by a caution and that would set-up a four lap dash for the lead between, Rezutek #8R, Tim Buhler #7B (Glenbeulah, WI) and #79 Jim Schmidt (Cleveland, WI). They took the green and Schueffner picked up where he left off and once again the yellow waved still at lap 21. Lap 22nd another caution waved and Schueffner would have to led the field to the green once again with the #8R of Rezutek in second and the #79 of Schmidt in third. 
With the checkered waving after several cautions, Schueffner from Sheboygan Falls would capture the victory and clean sweep the night.  He led respectively from the start of the race and through numerous cautions. After the crowd welcomed him with cheers to victory lane, he stated, "I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight and I need to really thank all of my
Grand National racing was next on the agenda and Melissa Singer (Waldo, WI) in the #55 led them to the green.  Singer was in the hot seat and in the hunt for the 2nd spot was the #12 of Brian Goetsch (Sheboygan, WI).  Singer down low and the #12 of Goetsch was battling on the top side of the race track.  Yellow waved the track on lap eight and that would tighten up the field.  Four-wide down the back stretch through three and four, however a caution waved on lap nine and the field once again had to re-start. We were green once again up until lap 12 the
dust flew as the field halted. 
Singer hailing from Waldo, Wis., led the way through numerous cautions and this was a hard one earned due to those cautions to capture the A-main victory.  She has over 13 years of experience in the division and the crowd jumped to their feet to cheer her on from victory lane; she mentioned, "This was one of the longest races in my life, but I need to thank all of my sponsors and my husband who builds my car every year- this is just a great win for us."
Finishing second would be Matt Jackson, Mark Fieber, Brad Lubach and rounding out the top five Chris Baumann.
As the dust continued to fly the 360 sprinters took to the track for their 25-lap A-main event.  Taking the field through corner four and setting the pace to the flag stand was the #55 of Brian Portschy (Plymouth, WI).   Threw the dust, Portschy continued to lead on lap eight running the bottom of the race track.  Jim Melis in the #51M was making his way from the 8th starting
spot to the front of the field on the top side of the race track running in fourth on lap 11.  Scotty Thiel would retire to the pit area with mechanical problem on lap 15 and that would diminish any chances of capturing back-to-back A-main wins.
Top point contenders the #5J of Jeremy Schultz (Beaver Dam, WI) was in 8th moving up from 11th and on lap 21 the #35 of Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove, WI) who started 15th was up to 10th. A caution waved on lap 20 as the #2 of Joe Wipperfurth was facing the wrong direction out of turn four.  The field would re-stack and with five more laps to go, Melis was up to the 3rd spot with the #26 of Al Schlafer (Sussex, WI) running second behind the "Tornado" Portschy.  Melis on the top side of the race track would challenge Portschy on lap 22 and coming out of four, Melis and Portschy side-by-side down the back stretch and on lap 23, Melis would come across as the new A-main leader.  Taking the checkers after 25-laps would be the native Jim Melis from Glenbeulah, Wis., who clean swept the night and he mentioned, "It was a pretty slick track and we went up to the top I had to make it work there.  It sure did work out for us and I want to thank my car owner and all of my sponsors.  It is fun to drive because they give me a good car."
Finishing 2nd was the #4 of Paul Pokorski, 3rd #55 Brian Portschy and fourth would be awarded to the #26 of Al Shlafer.
Outlaw Compacts took to the dry slick track Ben Van Wyk (Waldo, WI) led the way from the green to the checkers.  He got into lap traffic on lap nine of 15 and moved through lap traffic and following in 2nd would be the followed by the Cole Fenske (Plymouth, WI).  From victory lane,"I would like to thank my family, pit crew and sponsors and the fans" stated Van Wyk.
The B-main for the grand nationals went to from Fond du Lac, Wis., Ron Paulick Jr., driving the #20JR.  Second would be awarded to the #80 of Luke Scholten from Oostburg, Wis.
The 360 sprint car B-main was 15 laps and the top six cars transfer to the A-main event.  Scott Thiel #64 coming off last night’s A-main victory at Manitowoc took the early lead over Tim Melis in the #9.  Yellow flag waved the race track with no laps in- the field re-started.  The green flag waved and after 15 laps were in the books, the winner would be the #9 of Tim Melis
(Plymouth, WI) followed by the #99 of Kyle Marten (Sheboygan Falls, WI), #64 Scotty Thiel (Sheboygan, WI), #30P Doug Wondra (Oakfield, WI), #39 Randy Sippel (Elkhart Lake, WI) and the #7 of Lance Fassbender (Burnett, WI) in the sixth and final transfer spot.
The Late Models were first up in the rotation this week and taking heats wins were:  #79 of Jim Schmidt (Cleveland, WI), Craig Schueffner (Sheboygan Falls, WI). Grand Nationals were next and heat winners were as follows: Tim Simon (Fond du Lac, WI), Scott Houpt (Belgium, WI), Mark Fieber (Cascade, WI). Sprint heats were awarded to Al Shlafer (Sussex, WI), Jim Melis(Glenbeulah, WI), Ken Jay Fielder (Sheboygan Falls, WI) and Scott Conger.  Outlaw Compacts heats awarded


[PLYMOUTH, WIS.]- MAY 28, 2011
The sun shone bright on Saturday night at the Plymouth Dirt Track (Sheboygan County Fairgrounds) as we honored our Armed Forces who continue to serve this great Nation.  After a long wait due to rain washing out several shows, the fans, racers, pit crews and our honored Military that were present we ready for the 93 cars that checked-in to be trackside.

The 360 sprint cars pushed off for their four heats of the night.  Ten laps the distance for the first heat with seven cars in the field, the green flagged waved and the #9 of Tim Melis set the pace.  Melis lead all ten laps to capture heat race number one’s victory followed by #25 of Danny Schlafer, #39P of Earl Possi, #15m-Justin Miller and rounding out the top five #31R-Jay Riemer.  Heat two took the track and eight cars lined up side-by-side.  Tim Haddy jumped to the early lead in front of #69 of Eliot Kulow. On lap three, the field spread out and Haddy was leading the way over Eliot Kulow, Brian Johnson, Jim Melis, KenJay Fielder, Randy Sippel, Doug Wondra and rookie driver in the #37 Tim Argus.  That is how they would come across the checkers in that same order with Haddy taking home the win.  The line-up was set for heat race three as pole sitter Scott Conger took the green.  Tony Wondra and Scott Conger were battling hard for that top spot as Al Schlafer rolled underneath the #24 of Conger and had his sights set on the #97W until he found himself facing the other direction after contact with the inside berm bringing out a yellow on lap four.  Wondra re-started but was soon halted for another yellow for the #08 of John Krebsbach.  The field re-started and Jeremy Shultz in the #5J took the lead on lap six and another caution waved the raceway as the #08 who left on the wrecker. There was a good race for 2nd and 3rd between Wondra and Wenninger, and as the checkered flew Schultz would win followed by Wondra, Wenninger, Schlafer, Conger, the #2 Joe Wipperfurth, John Krebsbach in the #08 and #3E of Erin Winscher-DNS.  The field took form for the last and final heat race of the evening.  Ben Schmidt started out where he finished as he clean swept at the Manitowoc Expo on Friday evening.  A yellow on lap six slowed the field for the #98M of Brandon McMullen as he was pushed to the work area to change a right rear tire- he would re-start at the tail of the field.  Schmidt took the green and checked-out on the rest of the field and would capture the win followed by #4-Paul Pokorski, #21T- TJ Luedke, #55P-Brian Portschy and rounding out the top five the #7 of Lance Fassbender.

The Grand Nationals were next in rotation and heat one paced the raceway.  The #8J of Matt Jackson took an early lead and after a caution waved on lap two- the field re-started and he continued to lead the field and would capture the win over the #95K of Donny Kulow, the #37 Brad Lubach after a side-by-side finish with the #3H of Aaron Hauck at the line the 3rd spot was awarded to the #37 of Brad Lubach.  Heat two would be called back due to a bad start-and after the 2nd attempt the field took off and Melissa Singer in the #55 would take the lead.  The field spread out and the #68 rejoined the field after a brief visit to the infield.  Singer would come home with the victory followed by the #34 of Steven Weber, #55X-of Racer X, the #4 of Glen Blanke and rounding out the top five would be Ron Paulick in the #20JR.  The last and final heat was awarded to after an early battle to the #80 of Luke Scholten followed by the #7S of Tim Simon, #12 of Brian Goetsch would be scored 3rd after holding off the #28 of Mark Fieber who finished fourth.

Late Model heat one was trackside and the #8R of Billy Rezutek from the pole was racing the #7B of Tim Buhler for that top spot. Rezutek in the #8R battled the top side of the racetrack and lead the field on lap six.  The field would finish with Rezutek taking the win over #7B Buhler, the #5 of Bret Sievert, #15S of Rick Scheffler and the fifth spot would go to Ted Dolhun SR #21.  Making the trip from Iowa was the #12 Ron Klein of who would lead the field to the start line and wasting no time to get the lead would be the #89 of Brad Mueller.  Klein put pressure on the #89 of Mueller and closing the gap on lap six would be the #74 of Russ Scheffler. There was a three way battle for the lead on lap eight and Mueller would lead the field coming to the white flag.  He came down the back stretch quickly out of turn four; Mueller would capture the top spot over the #74 of Russ Scheffler and third would be awarded to Iowa driver visiting PDTR from Iowa the #12 of Ron Klein.  Heat three would have the #79 of Jim Schmidt take to the lead and checked-out on the field.  The #14 of Dan Sorce comfortably took over the second spot and the #21 of Kyle Ordekirk was third.  The yellow flag waved on lap eight for the #45 of Brad Dahmer who found himself facing the wrong way out of turn number four.  The field re-started and Schmidt would capture his 18th win on this track followed by Sorce #14 and Ordekirk #21K.

Outlaw Compacts had a battle for the top spot in heat race one but as the 11 cars finished the top spot would be awarded the #64 Michael Zitzer followed by the #11 of Scott Brendel and rounding out the top three would be Ben Van Wyk in the #17B.  Heat two would see a caution on lap number one and the field would re-set. 

The #25W of Alex Wesenberg had his hands full keeping the top spot from the #34 of Cole Fenske and on lap three Fenske would take the lead as the #25T capture the second spot.  Crossing the checkers would be Fenske for the top spot, the #00 of Sean Mueller second, the #25W of Wesenberg third, #5 Amber Schmidt in fourth, and fifth place was awarded to the Brandon Goeser.

The night moved along quickly as the sprint car b-main of 16 cars for 15 laps rolled trackside.  The battle began for the top six spots of which would transfer to the nights A-main event.  Fassbender took the early lead on lap number two and the battle for second was heating up between the #26 of Al Schlafer on the top side and #95 of KenJay Fielder.  Fielder would take the second spot and a caution waved the raceway on lap six for the #30P of Doug Wondra.  The field double filed and Fassbender would lead them to the green.  The #2 of Wipperfurth would work the bottom of the track in hot pursuit of the sixth and final transfer spot.  As they crossed the checkers it would be Fassbender, Fielder, Schlafer, Marten, Thiel and Sippel would finish 6th and capture the final transfer spot.

On Military night the 25-lap A-main for the sprinters pushed track side.  On the pole would be the #35 of Ben Schmidt to set the pace after a yellow waved for Brian Portschy who retired to the pit area before the field took the green and the alternate driving the #98M of Brandon McMullen would start.  Tim Melis jumped out the early lead but chasing him down would be Schmidt followed by Haddy in the #21H.  Danny Schlafer battled the top side of the track to capture the third spot from Haddy on lap seven.  Melis would find himself in lap traffic on lap nine and was riding the rail to pass several cars. On lap 13 the #44B of Brian Johnson retired to the pit area and was done for the evening.  Melis and Schmidt pulled away from the field on lap 16 and both were working the top side of the racetrack- Schmidt looked to the bottom on lap 17 and side-by-side down the back stretch he would take the lead on lap 19.  A yellow flagged the track as the #69 of Kulow faced the wrong direction in corner four and the #7 of Fassbender would be carried off the track on the hook during the same caution with front end damage but his team was able to fix the damage and he re-started at the tail. The field formed side-by-side and Melis and Schlafer were looking to put pressure on the leader Schmidt as they took the green with six to go but a yellow came quickly as Randy Sippel in the #39S was facing the wrong direction in turn four.  Schmidt set the pace and quickly Schlafer was battling for the lead on the bottom of the race track.  Schmidt and Schlafer came down the back stretch on lap 22 with Schmidt out front.  Schmidt would capture another clean sweep this weekend which makes two in a row.  Schlafer finished second followed by Tim Melis, Tim Haddy and coming from 14th to finish fifth would be Jim Melis.  Schmidt from Howards Grove, Wis., after celebrating with donuts stated in victory lane, “I can’t believe it!  I need to thank all my sponsors and my team and my cousin is serving oversees and these clean sweep wins are for him.”

Grand Nationals were up next and with the pole sitter in the #55 Melissa Singer setting the pace.  On lap 10 the field would slow for a yellow and be re-set while the #80 of Luke Scholten would retire to the pit area during the yellow.  As the field re-started it was once again halted on lap 13 and 14 for yellow flag conditions.  As the field came to the checkers after several cautions during the race, #8J of Matt Jackson would find himself for the first time visiting victory lane for a feature win.  Excited for his first victory, he stated, “I want to thank my sponsors and we have been racing a long time and finally got this win!”  Finishing in 2nd would be Steve Schneider, followed by Brad Lubach, Donny Kulow and Melissa Singer would round out your top five.

The 25-lap Late Model A-main event had fans off their seats.  An early battle for the lead with the #79 of Jim Schmidt and the #74 of Russ Scheffler began and on lap 12 Scheffler would take the lead out of turn four and would be headed into lap traffic. Brad Mueller was working the high side of the track and had his sights set on the #74.  Into lap traffic on lap 16 and coming out of turn four the crowd was on its feet as they were three wide coming to the flag stand.  The top runners continued to work through lap traffic and Mueller on lap 20 would take over the lead and a yellow would wave on lap 22.  The field re-set and there were no lap cars in sight.  It was an open track for Mueller for the green, white, checkered re-start.  The intensity rose throughout the grand stands as they re-started but Mueller was quick to the throttle and finished ahead of the field as the crowd stood on their feet cheering for the Random Lake, Wis., driver. He removed his helmet in victory lane and stated, “We needed this.  I told Russ that I wish I could drive like him he makes us all better racers, and for me to pass him to take the lead was really awesome.  Thank you to all the fans and to my family for coming out tonight!”  Finishing in the runner-up spot was the #5 of Bret Sievert followed by #79 of Jim Schmidt, #74 of Russ Scheffler and fifth would go to the #8R of Billy Rezutek.

To close out the fast-track racing of the evening the Outlaw Compacts took to the track for the A-main event. There was pressure throughout the entire race for the top three spots.  The #19J would capture the lead on lap 11 down the back stretch and capture his first win of his career.  He stated in victory lane, “My family is a huge part of my racing and my grandma is not here she had knee surgery but she would have loved to see this!”  Finishing second-Chris Maas, third-Ben Van Wyk, fourth-Sean Mueller and fifth would be awarded to Amber Schmidt.



[PLYMOUTH, WIS.]-May 8, 2011- Mother Nature has dictated the past few weeks of racing across the State, however being Mother’s Day weekend, she showed her kindness and allowed the 74 cars that checked-in to the Plymouth Dirt Track (PDTR) a chance to finally get on the track.

As hot-laps finished, the National Anthem sung and a moment of silence for late racer Bruce “The Homer” Holz, the Late Models made their way to staging for the first of two heat races of the evening. Anticipation of the first race on the newly configured race track had fans on the edge of their seats.  The first heat rolled track-side and as the green flag dropped, the “Tool Man” Tim Buhler in the #7B took the early lead and for the next 10 laps would go unchallenged to capture the top spot.  Dave Thomas in the #19 followed suit by finishing 2ndand capturing 3rdwould go to the #15S of Rick Scheffler.  Heat race number two of the night pulled trackside and as they took the green flag Brad Mueller piloting the #89 jumped to an early lead and the field would fall into place on lap #2.  Lap six should a battle for the 2ndspot between the #79 of Jim Schmidt and the #74 of Russ Scheffler.  Coming out of turn two Scheffler would take the 2ndspot and take the checkers finishing 2nd and Schmidt would finish in the 3rdposition.  Bradley “JJ” Mueller in the #89 led the entire race from green to checker in smooth fashion. 

The field was set after an invert of #2 was drawn for the night’s 25-lap A-main event.  The green flagged waved and the entire field would go green to checkers with no cautions.  The “Tool Man” Buhler of Glenbeulah, Wis., would capture a clean sweep for the evening and start off his season in winning fashion.  Rick Scheffler worked the high side of the race track for numerous laps to try to catch and pass the #7B through lap traffic but would come up short at the checkers and finish 2nd.  Mueller and the #15 of Rick Scheffler battled for the 3rdand 4thspot and at the finish the 3rdspot would be awarded to the #89 of Mueller.  Standing in victory lane receiving his trophy from RC Custom Design, Buhler stated, “This is an unbelievable start to the season.  I am glad we were able to go flag to flag tonight and the race track was extremely smooth tonight, which was great!”

Following the racing order the Grand Nationals scampered onto the track and as the field set in to place the green flag dropped and the #37of Brad Lubach would find himself capturing win #1 of the season crossing the checkers even after the field closed up on lap #5 when a caution waved the race track for #R44 of Rick Hed who found himself facing the wrong direction.  Second place in heat race #1 would go to the #7S of Tim Simon and 3rdwould go to #55 of Melissa Singer.  The program moving right along, had heat race two in line, the green flagged dropped and side-by-side the field went racing into turn one.  Battling for position side-by-side on lap 7 was the #28 of Mark Fieber and #34N of Brett Wenzel and Wenzel would take the lead on lap 8 and would capture the heat race #2 win.  As both drivers battled for the top spot, the #3H of Aaron Hauck closed the gap running in the 3rdposition and would take the checkers finishing there. 

As the 25-lap A-main was set for the 18 cars signed-in, the field took the green.  As the top 3 of Scott Houpt #67H, #7S of Tim Simon and the 3H of Aaron Hauck got to lap traffic and the move over was waving, the top 3 pulled away from the field. Several battles between the #28 of Mark Fieber and the #R44 of Rick Hed continued until the final lap where Fieber would capture 3rd.  The man from Belgium, WI, Scott Houpt would capture the A-main victory and stated as he received his RC Custom Design Trophy, “Tonight went pretty well for our team.  I need to thank my crew including my son who helps me work on the car and all of my sponsors!”

 It was now time for the 29- 360 sprint cars that checked-in to take to the track.  Pushing off for heat race #1 the 8 car field was set to go the 10 lap distance.  Spreading out as #35 Ben Schmidt took the lead, on lap #5 the red flag would wave for the #3E of Erin Winscher who had flipped coming out of turn #2.  Winscher’s team worked diligently in the work area and checked over the #3E sprinter, she was able to re-start at the tail of the field.  As the field went green, the next 5 laps proved to be victorious for the #35 team of Ben Schmidt. Finishing 2ndwould be the #26 of Al Schlafer and 3rdthe #09M of Scott Mohs.  Heat race #2 moved along as the “Little Farmer” TJ Luedke captured the top finishing spot even after a yellow on lap #7 for the #99K of Kyle Marten waved and the field had to re-start side-by-side.  Finishing 2ndwould go the #7 Lance Fassbender and third to the #5J of Jeremy Schultz.  At the start of heat race #3 there was a few cars collected coming out of turn #2 and several cars had to be placed in the work area.  The #12W of Josh Walter would re-start along with the #69 of Eliot Kulow and #9 of Tim Melis.  As the green flagged dropped once again, Robbie Pribnow in the #20R took the lead and a caution would come out for Melis as he retired to the pit area.  Re-starting heat race #3 again, Pribnow took over the top spot and would take the win, 2ndplace awarded to the #21H of Tim Haddy and 3rdto the #95 of Ken Jay Fiedler.  At the end of the race the #12W of Josh Walter would have top-wing problems and hit the wall coming out of turn #4.  He climbed un-harmed from the cock-pit but the #12W would be retired to the pit area for the rest of the evening. The last and final heat race for the 360 sprinters line-up and the #55P of Brian “The Tornado” Portschy would capture the top position and head to victory circle, 2ndwould go the #64 of Scotty Thiel and 3rdto the #4 of Paul Pokorski. 

The 15-lap B-main was awarded to the #97 of Tony Wondra, 2nd-#15M Justin Miller captured 2nd- 3rdwas Kyle Marten #99K-4th- #25 Danny Schlafer, 5th- Brandon McMullen #98M and the 6thand final transfer spot was awarded to the #3E of Erin Winscher.

The 25-lap A-main event moved track-side and Shane Wenninger jumped to an early lead, however a caution waved on lap #2 and several cars were involved coming down the front stretch.  The #51M driven tonight by Donnie Goeden would be retired to the pit area and the #26 and the #21T would re-start.  As the field began to separate and the #7 of Lance Fassbender took the lead, the #5J of Jeremy Schultz was on a mission to capture his first win of the season and of his career.  Schultz each lap was reeling in the #7 as they moved through lap traffic.  As the scoreboard read lap #18, Fassbender would be passed by Schultz for the lead and he would go on to capture his first A-main victory of his career.  After finishing his doughnuts for the fans on the front stretch, Schultz from Beaver Dam, WI, climbed from the car and stated, “I can’t even explain how awesome this is for our team right now.  I want to dedicate this win to my grandfather who passed away last week and thank my entire team for all of their hard work.  This is just great!” Rounding out the top five, #7 of Lance Fassbender, #35-Ben Schmidt, #95 Ken Jay Fielder and #53 of Shane Wenninger.

The Outlaw Compacts raced two heats of five laps each.  First heat race winner would be the #19J of Justin Green followed by 2ndof Sean Mueller in the #00.  Heat race two would be awarded to the #34F of Cole Fenske and 2ndto the #11 of Scott Brendel.  The 15 lap A-main rolled track-side and the #5 of Amber Schmidt worked hard in trying to catch the leader #22 of Kyle Singer.  Singer would capture the top spot and receive his first checkered flag win of the season.  Following in 2ndwas the #11 of Scott Brendel, #34F- Cole Fenske in 3rd- #5 of Amber Schmidt and 5th- #19J of Justin Green.